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Water Purifier Services

Quick and Instant water purifier service at your doorstep within 2 hours

  • Routine Service

    Regular service of your water purifier enhances its ability to clean your raw water.

  • Repair Service

    Continuous removal of impurities from water leads to the damaging of water filters.

  • Water Purifier AMC

    Regular water purifier service may destroy your monthly budget thus by AMC.

  • Installation & Uninstallation

    Installation of water purifier needs an expert hand.


Our Clients

With nearly 2 decades of presence, we are India’s leading e-commerce and service marketplace and offer B2B and B2C services in PAN India. We are currently actively working with more than 5,000 business partners, and our services are available in more than 1350 cities.

Water Purifier

One can buy all kinds and water purifier brands at the best and affordable prices at RO Care India. Being one of the highly searched e-commerce platforms, RO Care India enables every one whether water purifier manufacturer, retailers, service providers, and customer, to buy and sell water purifiers. We also offer water purifier installation, repair, and AMC services. Here you can purchase customized water purifier AMC plans for various water purifiers.

RO Plant

With more than one decade in this industry, we understand the market pain and offer top quality RO plant to the customer. Our quick and hassle free RO plant services are highly appreciated. Our e-commerce platform enables people to buy and sell the RO plant for all purposes.

Water ATM

Water ATM machine is an automatic vending machine which provides pure and contamination free water 24*7 at the lowest cost. We offer reliable and affordable water ATM installation, repair, and maintenance services in PAN India.

Spare Parts

High quality water purifier spare parts can make your water purifier long-lasting and efficient. We are one of the leading spare parts wholesale suppliers of domestic, industrial, and commercial water purifiers. Recently we have launched India's first spare parts wholesale store.

Water Softener

A water softener treats hard water and makes it soft. The excess concentration of Calcium and Magnesium in water makes water hard, and hard water is not safe for human use. At RO Care India e-commerce portal, you can buy all kinds of reliable and affordable water softener machine. We also enable the water softener manufacturer and service provider to sell their water softener.

Water Ionizer

A water ionizer is an advanced technology-based water purification system that maintains the pH of the water purifier. It separates the acidic and alkaline water and keeps the water safe for human purposes. At you RO Care India, we sell all brands of water ionizer. One can also book water ionizer installation, maintenance, and repair services at affordable prices.

Water Purifier Service

We aim to provide pure and healthy water for every person in India. RO Care India offers installation, repair, and maintenance services for various kinds of water purifiers. Our organization provides services for all brands of water purifiers.

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