3000 LPG RO Plant: Bring 3000 Litter Pure Water Per Hour

The Indian market is full of 3000 LPH RO plant manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and the shipper. Thus the selection of the best service provider becomes comparatively hard. Here we have listed a few top leading companies name which brings the best and reliable 3000 LPH RO plant for the human uses.

With increasing water pollution, it becomes necessary to design an RO plant based on advanced technology so that it can eliminate all kinds of water impurities present in water. Being natural solvent water contains several types of contaminants, such as heavy metals, various kinds of microbial contamination, and many others. These water impurities can be eliminated with the help of a 3000 LPH RO plant.

3000 LPH RO Plant Specification

A 3000 LPH RO plant is based on widely-accepted water purification technology such as RO technology. An RO technology uses the RO membrane, which contains several tiny pores in it. With the help of these small pores, water gets purifier. Here the separation of the water impurities takes place based on contaminants' molecular size. Along with this reverse osmosis technology, a 3000 LPH RO plant also contains other advanced stages of water purification. Here are the detail 3000 LPH RO plant specification

3000 LPH RO Plant Specification In Tabular Form

3000 LPH RO Plant Specification


Purification technology

RO, i.e., reverse osmosis, UV and Ozonizer is optional

Purification capacity

3000 LPH, i.e., Litter per Hours






Stainless Steel

Power Source





Domestic RO Plant, Industrial RO Plant, Institutional RO plant


3000 LPH RO Plant Uses And Application

  • For pure and healthy drinking water at large scale
  • Hospital, Laundries, and Laboratory
  • Swimming Pool and Beverage Industries
  • Textile and Wastewater recycle
  • In various chemical and pharmaceutical Industries
  • Semi-conductor washing machine and Ion exchange pre-treatment

How Many People Can Fed By Using 3000 LPH RO Plant

Most people are not aware of that for how many people 3000 LPH RO plant is perfect. But Don’t worry, here we are going to solve this mystery. But before calculating the number of people that can be fed this water purifier, you need to know the duty cycle and consumption of water by one person.

The consumption of water depends upon the age, gender, and size of the people. Generally, a healthy adult male drinks 3-4 liters of water in a day, whereas an adult healthy female drinks 2.5-3.5 liters of water daily. On average, 3 liter of water is an ideal water consumption per person. Now duty cycle of the 3000 LPH RO plant can be calculated by using purification of RO plant and total operation time.

Duty Cycle= Purification Capacity * Total Running Time Of The RO Plant

Generally, the whole running time of the RO plant varies on the requirements. But ideally, the maximum running should be 6 hours so that an RO plant can work for a long time.

Now Calculate the Total number of People can be Feb By 3000 LPH RO plant.

Number of People = Duty Cycle/ Consumption of water by one person

Top 3000 LPH RO Plant Manufacturer In India

  • Doctor Fresh

Doctor Fresh is one of the leading RO plant manufacture and service provider. Their services are available in all cities of India. Doctor Fresh RO plant is based on the advanced water purification technologies, which bring pure, healthy, and clean drinkable water for human use at various levels such as Domestic, Industrial, and Institutional RO plant. 3000 LPH RO plant manufactured by Doctor Fresh is gaining the trust of a large number of people; thus, buying this brand's 3000 LPH RO plant can be worthy.

  • Zero B

Zero B provides an extensive range of RO plants across the whole nation. With having exceptional feature Zero, the B RO plant is gaining the trust of a large number of people. If you are planning to buy the best 3000 LPH RO plant, then selecting Zero B as your RO plant manufacturer can be the best option. Their products are not best but also available at a comparatively low price. Thus buying the Zero B RO plant can be worthy and fruitful.

  • Wave

With having more than two-decade presence waves, the RO plant is one of the leading and notable RO plants. This brand of RO plant has earned a larger group of people all around the nation by delivering the best and outstanding quality RO plant. Wave RO plant products are getting updated regularly so that they can adopt the market trend. As the water impurities are getting rigid, it becomes necessary to have an RO plant containing updated water purification technology. Thus if you are worried about your drinking water quality, then you must buy Wave 3000 LPH RO plant.

  • Lynna

Lynna understands that pure water is the only weapon that helps you to fight against waterborne diseases. They have several years of experience in manufacturing and supplying RO plants to the customers. Lynna is among the best companies that manufacture RO plant for various uses. 

  • Hitech

Hitech manufactures various kinds of domestic, commercial, and industrial RO plant. Product manufactured by Hitech is based on excellent raw material, which makes the product durable and long-lasting.  Having ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001 certification, these brands of water purifier is one of the leading and trusted RO plant manufacturers.

  • Delta

Delta is one of the trusted RO plant manufacturers and suppliers in the Indian market. If you are planning to buy 3000 LPH RO plant, then Delta can be the best solution. Their products are cost-effective and compact, which attracts a large number of Indian people.

  • Eureka Forbes

Eureka Forbes is India's leading RO plant manufacturer and service provider. It manufactures various kinds of RO plants, which are based on numerous kinds of water purification processes. Along with other RO plants, Eureka Forbes comes up with 3000 LPH RO plant, which has been created by using best and excellent raw material, which makes Eureka Forbes one of the long-lasting RO plants.

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