Water Dispenser

The water dispenser is basically a water vending machine that has the ability to cool and heat water as per the need. You have to choose the option from the electric and non-electric water dispenser from RO care India. When it comes to water dispenser models, we have a top load, bottom load, countertop, and bottle-less water dispensers. We offer a feature-rich water dispenser with a variable water tank, safety lock features, self-cleaning features, and leakage proof models. The water dispenser price also varies from model to model and its additional features and water tank.

Know All The Favorite Things About Water Dispenser And Its Categories

The water dispenser is a machine that cools and heats up, and dispenses water in a single unit. Water dispensers are available in various models as its ranges from wall mounted to bottle dispensers when it is connected to continuous water supplying drain. It needs a constant drain to ensure the constant dispensing of water, as the rest depends on the design and model of the water dispenser.

A water dispenser dispenses water typically, and there are some of the machines available in the market that cools and dispenses water. The water dispensers also have a small refrigeration unit that provides excellent water; it is also termed a water cooler. There are a few models that provide instant hot and cold water as your choice. The water dispenser price also.

The Most Common Types Of Water Dispensers

Water dispensers are mainly categorized into Top-load, Bottom-load, Countertop, and Bottle less water dispensers.

  • Top load Water Dispensers: These dispensers have bottles placed on the top of the cooler, which is a straight line to get collected in the water tank below. These dispensers usually don't have filters, making sure the water bottle positioned on the cooler comprises pre-filtered water.
  • Bottom load Water Dispensers: The opposite from the top load water dispenser in this model, the bottle is placed at the bottom of the cooler. These types of water dispensers have a cabinet at the end where the pre-filtered water bottle is deposited and pumped up to offer hot and cold water by using a water pump. After the installation is at the bottom is usually covered, the bottom load water dispensers are ideal to be used in workplaces and homes.
  • Countertop Water Dispenser: The countertop water dispensers are the best choice for people with relatively lower space to keep top load or bottom load water dispensers in their office and home. The countertop water dispenser can be easily kept on the kitchen counter and starts dispensing water. The countertop water dispensers also require pre-filtered water bottles to dispense water.
  • Bottle less Water Dispensers: The bottle less water dispensers continually dispense water without a bottle. These bottles less water dispensers take water directly from the main water line and pass through the sediment filter and carbon block filter to deliver clean water. These bottles less water dispensers are primarily found in public and commercial spaces. You can also check out your favorite RO water dispensers designed for all water types.

Features To Look Forward In Your Water Dispenser

Flexible Temperature Setting Options: There are some water dispenser models that offer hot and cold water, whereas some also offer three flexible temperature settings as hot, cold, and room temperature settings. Hot and cold water dispensers are commonly found in offices and commercial places.

  1. Self Cleaning Feature: The self cleaning feature prevents manual cleaning and detaching. The water dispenser model use ozone to clean and disinfect the water tanks and remove germs and bacteria.
  2. Water Leakage Proof Model: Water leakage is the most common problem in any water dispenser. That’s why you need to search for the models that feature spill-proof bottle holders with leak guard technology.
  3. Water Flow Rate Monitor: Buying a water dispenser with a good flow rate control is always recommended for commercial and public places.
  4. Large Water Tanks: Always check the material used in the manufacturing of the water tanks. Always go for the water dispenser made up of stainless and other metals.
  5. Safety or Child Lock Feature: Look for the model that has a child lock feature to protect children from accidents.
  6. Energy Efficient Model: you must consider an energy-efficient model to save money in the long run.
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