Water Dispenser: Get Water According To Your Need

A water dispenser is one of the electrical machines which cool or heat the water, which you can get at the press of one button. It demands closer access to the plumbing system; thus, it is mostly located near to the restroom. A water dispenser is available in various forms like wall-mounted, bottle filter water dispenser, etc.

A water dispenser unit provides easy access to the drinking water. Thus it becomes one of the crucial parts of society. Some important feature of water dispenser unit is:

  • It provides save, healthy and clean water for the drinking purposes from a replaceable bottle
  • Some other water dispenser unit provides direct water from the municipal water line
  • Few dispenser units perform a function like cooled, heated and filtered water

Types of Water Dispenser

A water dispenser is of following brands such as

1. Mounted Water Dispenser

This type of water dispenser unit is mostly found in public places like the park, large offices, and footpaths. This type of water dispenser is attached to the wall or freestanding on the ground. In mounted water dispenser, water is connected to the exiting water line, which is then purified. The water dispensing from the mounted water dispenser is generally released in an arc form to make the drinking more comfortable. But this type of water dispenser doesn't feel cold or heat the water; thus, it is one of the primitive types of water dispensers.

2. Point To Use Bottleless Water Dispenser

In terms of water supply point to use bottleless water, the dispenser is the same as the mounted water dispenser as it also uses the existing water line. This kind of water dispenser is mostly used in the business area, malls, and residential homes because it doesn't require replacing bottles every time. But this kind of water dispenser provides both cold and heated water. 

3. Bottle Dispenser

This form of water dispenser unit providers you cooled, heated, filtered, and purified water. But this water dispenser unit comes up with one additional feature that in this unit bottled tank can be replaced regularly. Bottle dispenser unit is suitable for those who don’t want to connect their water dispenser to the mainline.

The bottle used in this dispenser is already purified, the bottle dispenser unit only cool or heat the water according to the user choice. Users can get water according to their need at the press of one button. This unit generally requires high maintenance, and the user needs to keep an eye on the water level in the bottle.

4. Counter Top Water Dispenser 

If your table has enough space, then you buy a countertop water dispenser as this dispenser unit can use both bottled water and connected to the main water line. It is also a handy system.

5. Water Dispenser With Fridge

What else you want when you get a fridge with a water dispenser unit. The bottom of this water dispenser would be a refrigerator where you can store and cool your water bottle & drink water whenever you wish to drink.

Benefits Of Having Water Dispenser

A water dispenser has several benefits here we have listed some of the top but crucial benefits of water dispenser:

  • In the summer, we fill the water bottle, and keep it in the fridge all the time becomes a tedious task. But the installation of water dispenser enables you fresh and warm water at one press of a button
  • The stores of the water dispenser unit are divided into two sections. The first section store 5 liters of purified water and the remaining section store 5-liters of raw and unpurified water
  • The water filtration rate of the water dispenser unit is 0.31 liter per minute.
  • It is durable and long-lasting the membrane used in this water purifier has a life of around 4000 liters

What Factor Should You Consider While Having A Water Dispenser?

There are various kinds of water dispenser units in the Indian market; thus, its selection becomes difficult. Therefore before buying a water dispenser unit ask these question:

  • Is your place Spacious Enough To Accommodate Water Dispenser?

Always ask this question while having a dispenser unit. If your place is not spacious enough to accommodate the dispenser unit, then you can always go for a countertop water dispenser unit. It will help you manage your house spacing.

  • Is Hot & Cool Feature Available?

Look for this feature while buying a dispenser unit if you are living in a place where you experience both hot and cold weather, then you must opt for a water dispenser unit that is capable of both cooling and heating of water.

  • How Much Can Water Be Accommodate In-Unit?

The capacity of the water dispenser unit is one of the crucial features. According to the capacity, a water dispenser is of various types, and the suitable storage capacity of a water dispenser depends upon the number of users going to use water from that particular unit.

  • Is A Cup Holder Available Or Not?

It is always beneficial if your water dispenser unit contains a cup holder. Having a cup holder enables you to not worry about finding your cup from the kitchen while drinking water.

  • Which water Purification Technique Is Present?

In the market, there are various types of water dispensers based on water purification technology. The main aim of the water dispenser unit is purification/filtration. Along with that, there are various other features of the dispenser unit. Thus should go through all the product specification and choose best according to your need and requirement.

Buy Water Dispenser Online At The Best Price In India

Water forms more than 65% of our body, and is responsible for various other functions like it regulates body temperature, give our skin good health and look. Thus understanding the necessity of water in everyone's life, we offer multiple kinds of water dispenser units, which are of different capacity and also contain many mind-blowing features and water purification techniques.  

There are various brands of water dispenser unit in India, and all of them promises to deliver the best product. Thus you can choose the best product according to your needs and requirements at best and economical price in India. The water dispenser price depends upon the various feature like capacity, brands, types of the unit, purification technology used in it, and many others. But still, you can buy the entire group for your place at the best price. The trusted organization has created a water dispenser price based on customer needs and requirements. Thus it still available at the best market price in all the cities of India.

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