Water Ionizer: Raise Your Drinking Water pH To Healthy Limit

As the year passes, the water purification system is getting updated with modern and advanced technology. And the water ionizer machine is nothing but a highly sophisticated and contemporary water purification system which enhances the purification process up to the next level. If you are planning to buy water ionizer then you are at the right place here we have discussed water ionizer in detail.

A water ionizer is one of the home appliances which raise the pH level of the water to the healthy limit so that you can drink healthy water. A water ionizer is also known as an alkaline water ionizer. Several research shows that ionized drinking water possesses several health benefits.

How Does Water Ionizer Works?

A water ionizer system has been designed to work as water electrolyzers. This system is based on the electrochemical process in which water is split to form hydrogen and oxygen molecules by an electric current. The entire chemical reaction is given below:

                                      2 H2O — 2 H2 (g) + O2 (g)

In this process, two molecules of water spilled into two molecules of hydrogen (gas) and two molecules of oxygen (gas). A water molecule that lies near to the anode is acidic, and a water molecule, which lies near to cathode is alkaline.

Why Should One Install Water Ionizer At Home?

A water ionizer is popular and marketed for its health benefits because a water ionizer increases the pH of the water up to 8.5. Drinking water, which has a high pH value, is considered suitable for health because our blood pH is slightly alkaline in nature.

Drinking water purified by water ionizer possesses various health benefits, including the ability to slow down the aging process, give your body more energy, and keep your stomach healthy. These days due to several issues, many Indian people suffering from gastric problems but the drinking of alkaline water ionizer purified water can protect you from this issue.

Apart from that, an ionizer water purifier machine possesses various kinds of health benefits which are:

  • It works are a powerful antioxidant thus protect from one the deadly disease called cancer
  • Balance the pH level of the body
  • Improve hydration level in your body and keep you energetic
  • Detoxify your body
  • Improve the body immune system
  • Useful for weight loss
  • Helpful in Diabetes suppression
  • Protect from Psoriasis

These are the most crucial benefits of using water ionizer India. Thus it is recommenced to drink those water, which is purifier by ionizer water machine. Hence install the best water ionizer machine at your home. There is a various manufacturer of water ionizer India but not all the best water ionizer manufacturer. Thus while selecting a water ionizer manufacturer, consider that they offer the best water ionizer manufacturer at best and affordable price. 

Price Of Water Ionizer Machine

The water ionizer price depends upon several factors, such as the material used while manufacturing a water ionizer machine. Apart from that, a water ionizer price also depends upon the brands. A water ionizer system contains platinum-coated plates, which are of various types such as solid plates, slotted-plates, holed plates, mesh plates, and many others.

Generally, a water ionizer machine is manufactured by using a different number of plates, such as 5-7-9-11-13. A water ionizer contains these numbers of dishes that are also effective, and the price of the water ionizer also varies based on the number of plates present in a water ionizer.

Types Of Water Ionizer

A water ionizer machine is different, but here we have listed some essential kind of water ionizer which are:

1.      Alkaline Water Ionizer

Are you looking to install a water ionizer, then you are in the right place? We are the top player in this field. We offer various kinds of alkaline water ionizer so that you can drink pure and healthiest water all the time you wish to drink.

2.      Water Ionizer For Home

Have you ever think about the harmful components present inside the water? Perhaps not. But you should know that water plays an important role in our life form, boosting the immune system to the removal of toxic material. Thus the water purification system like water ionizer plays an important role. So that it is recommended to use the best water ionizer for a home to ensure the healthiest drinking water.

3.      Water Ionizer For Office

The growth of a business organization depends upon its employee's health. Thus it recommended installing the best water ionizer in offices so that their employee can drink healthy water. Drinking water ionizer purified water not only provide a healthy life to your employee but also gives them energy so that they can work more efficiently. Thus without wasting your time, get the best water ionizer for office at the best and economical prices in India. 

4.      Water Ionizer For Hospital

All the patients admitted in the hospital are suffering from some types of diseases; thus, their immune system is already a week, so the installation of water ionizer can be helpful for the hospital's reputation. As water purified by water ionizer contains high pH, which boosts the immune system and also improves hydration levels inside your body. Thus it promotes the rapid recovery of the patient.

5.      Water Ionizer For Pharmaceutical

Most of the chemical reaction takes place in the Pharmaceutical company, and almost all the chemical reaction needs pure, clean, and alkaline water. There are various kinds of water ionizers for the pharmaceutical company. You can choose the best according to your need and requirement.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Does Water Ionizer Really Work

Water ionizer is an electronic appliance that uses electrolysis. It means that water ionizers treat the water on the molecular level and change the water molecules' structure. Water ionizer creates anti-oxidant rich ionized alkaline and an oxidizing ionized acid stream of water. The produced alkaline water offers an anti-oxidant and electron-rich medium for consumption. At the same time, the acidic water provides oxidizing water that acts as an antibacterial and also cleanser for external use.

2. What Does A Water Ionizer Do?

Water ionizer is electrical home appliances that claim to increase the drinking water's pH by using electrolysis to separate incoming water streams in too acidic and alkaline components. The alkaline steam of the treated water is called as alkaline water. Consumption of alkaline water regularly for a long time result in a variety of health benefits.

3. Why Is Ionized Water Better For You?

Water ionizer purified water possesses various health benefits. Here are we have listed few but effective health benefits of drinking ionized water which are

  • Alkaline water contains ultra-hydrating properties as compared to the normal water. Thus, ionized water can be the best option for the people who regularly perform the workout and need a high concentration of water in their bodies. Scientifically speaking, the water molecules in ionized water are smaller than, and it is more readily absorbed by your cells, which helps your body to re-hydrate rapidly.
  • Ionized water also boosts your immunity. Your immune system may help neutralize the acidity in your body, resulting in poor diet, stress, and environmental toxins.
  • Calcium and Magnesium concentration in ionized water is sufficient, which makes your bones and muscles healthy.

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