Water Heater

Water heater is one of the handy appliances when it comes to warm 10-20 liters of water alone. The RO care India water heaters have auto cut off and energy saving features that makes it must have water heaters. Check out our range of water heaters made up of durable and non-reactive metals to prevent any scaling inside the water heater. Choose various ranges of water heaters for your bathroom, and kitchen to save time and energy wasting in heating water manually. Here you can find conventional water heaters with storage tanks, electric water heaters, solar water heaters and gas water geysers.

Water Heater: Choose As Per Your Requirement

RO care India water heater is made from non-reactive metals as you can find your best storage water heaters available in 10 to 25 liters capacity with auto cut off, thermostat, and safety valve features. A water heater is the best for heating water in bulk, as you can find in most of the homes to meet water heating needs.

You can consider RO care India water heater because of multiple reasons, so we are listed among the best water heater sellers. Check our range of water heaters that are available in compact, efficient, and different size variations in durable metals bodies. You can find our water heaters best for the bathroom, kitchens and any other needs. Our water heaters are safe and easy to use as it is made from food-grade plastics.

Kinds Of Water Heaters: Based On Storage

The water heater with a storage tank: the conventional water heater

The water heater with a storage tank is widely used in homes to hold heated water for a long time. An insulated water tank is used in this water heater that keeps water warm for maximum time. The storage tank water heater has the option to set the temperature to escape it from getting excess heat. Our storage water heater has auto cut off technology to stop heating when it reaches the desired temperature.

The water heater with no storage tank: for continuous flow

The tankless water heater continuously heats water with the help of heated coils filled with water. When the water passes the coil, it heated water within no time. The storage less water heater requires an uninterrupted power supply to keep the coil heat up. You can get warm water within no time because of its super-heated coils and less water flow.

Solar water heater: a bio-friendly water heater

A solar water heater draws heat from the sun as it needs no other energy source to heat water. The solar water heater works when the roof-mounted solar panels soak heat from a conductive material to heat the water in the tank. There is an option to use electricity and another external energy source when there is no sunlight.

The hybrid pump water heater: pulls heat from air and soil

The hybrid water heater doesn't use electricity from sunlight as it utilizes heat from air and ground. But it needs a power source to pull heat from soil and air that makes it a bio-friendly model. It needs to install on the top of the wall in a vertical position to function well. There is an option to attach the storage tank to store water without a power supply.

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