Water ATM

Water ATM is an electronically operated water dispensing machine that gives you free access to water. You can choose your favorite water ATM from our range of coin-operated, wall-mounted, and ring structured water ATMs. These water dispenser models are made from best grade materials and the latest technology to deliver the correct quality water. The water ATM price must depend upon the type of water operating machine, per hour water repelling capacity and other specifications. When it comes to the most popular water ATM, the coin-operated water ATM is best among users as it dispenses the right amount of water according to the coin inserted.

Where To Find The Best Water ATM In The Lowest Cost

A water ATM is an automated water dispensing machine that provides 24/7 free access to safe water. Either they are solar powered or cloud connected with power supply, remote tracking enabled unit that offers quality water as per each transaction. The coin operated water vending machine is the best among all as it doesn’t need any manual interruptions. The coin based water dispenser has a coin mechanism, controller valve, flow sensor and solenoid valves to control the water quantity as per the coin.

The water dispensers are precisely manufactured using the highest grade raw material and the latest technology to deliver the correct quantity of water. You can use this dispenser as per your need because it is available in various specifications. One can avail of the entire range of automatic water dispensers at an affordable price. The water ATM price must rely on the type of water vending machine, its per day water repelling capacity, and the power supply used.

A water ATM, as per its name it is a kind of a water vending machine similar to bank ATMs that operates when money goes into the machine and its return for water. The machine can run either on cash and a prepaid card or a smart card because of its inbuilt technology. It might be government owned or individually operated at the public places where there is a shortage of drinking water.

The Features You Can Get From The Water ATM

  • Get hassle-free uninterrupted 24x7 pure water supply
  • Automatically dispenses the exact quantity of water in batch as per the coin input
  • No need for any operator for water filling
  • It doesn’t need any external recharge unit to refill water
  • Need low power consumption as it can even work on UPS and solar power
  • The automatic display shows the number of jars dispensed and cash collected in a day

Types Of Water ATMs And Its Specifications

  • Ring structured water ATM- the ring structured, automated water ATM is a ring-like structure with a tamper-proof rooftop. The ring structured models are available in both solar and power operating systems that are suitable for schools, colleges and other crowded places. This model also needs coins to dispense water, and it is the most common water dispensing model.
  • Wall mounted water ATM- It is one the best indoor water vending water machines that can run on solar power and electricity to dispense the required amount of water. This is automatically connected to a server to monitor the quantity of water supply per user. The wall-mounted model price may be varied as per its design, tank capacity, flow sensor and power input.
  • Coin operated water ATM- Such kinds of machines are best suited for markets, schools, and fairs where no access to a pure water source. The intelligent coin scanning technology automatically dispenses the same amount of water as per your coin input. The coin operated water vending machine comes with RO and UV protection that guarantee you to offer fresh and pure water all the time.

A water vending machine is an electronic or solar-operated machine used to disperse water to a consumer after a certain amount of money has been put into the machine. A water vending machine is excellent for those who are interested in small businesses. Most vending machines are long-lasting, and high yielding as it only needs regular care to retain its lost efficiency. The only requirement of this water dispensing unit is to provide an uninterrupted power supply to dispense the exact quantity of water and sense the overall process.

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