Water ATM: Not Just Cash, Now Get Water From ATMs

A large group of word's population lack access to pure and healthy water. According to the research, more than 844 million people around the world lack access to pure and healthy water in India; this ratio is about 680 million. But with the help of the water ATM, now everyone can get pure and healthy water at a little cost.

Most people are not aware of the Water ATM. But don’t worry here we have discussed water ATM machine in details.

Water ATM machine or water vending machine is one of the automatic vending machines which brings pure and healthy water all the time you wish to drink water at the nominal cost. This automatic machine can be install in both rural and urban areas or any other locality where fewer people have access to pure and healthy drinkable water. 

Thus now, with the uses of a water ATM machine, people who are compelled to drink untreated water can drink 100% pure and healthy water. For this, they only need to search for water ATM near me at Google.

A water vending machine works in the same fashion a bank ATM works having only one difference, i.e., a bank ATM brings cash, whereas a water ATM delivers pure and clean drinkable water. Both coin and smart card can operate a water ATM. But coin operated water vending machine is a widely used water ATM. 

Type Of Water ATM

Based on pure water storage tank capacity, water ATM can be divided into various categories. Here we have listed a few most and popularly used water vending machine.

1.      10-50 Liters Water ATM

2.      50-100 Liters Water ATM


Along with these, A water ATM also are of different types such as mobile water ATM. This form of water ATM is available for mobility. A mobile water ATM can be installed at the vehicle. A mobile water ATM can of different capacities. 

Some Tips To Consider While Buying Water ATM

If you are planning to buy water ATM, then you should consider some essential point it not only helps you to get the best water ATM in India but allows you to get it at best and economical prices.

·         Brands Of Water ATM

With the rapid growth in the water vending machine uses many organization is looking to manufacture water ATM. But there are only a few best water ATM machine manufacturers in India and these are a Blue star and Voltas.

·         Capacity Of Water Vending Machine

According to the use of the water ATM machine, it is available in various capacity such as 500 LPH, 1000 LPH, 2000 LPH, 3000 LPH, and many more. LPH represents a liter of water per hour. Thus if you are planning to start water ATM business, then you can go for higher LPH water ATM.

·         Technology

Most of the water vending machine is based on the reverse osmosis technology as one of the widely used and useful water purification technology. An RO technology-based water vending machine eliminates all kinds of impurities present in water.

Water Vending Machine Cost

Like another water purifier, the water vending machine price depends upon the various factors like

·         Technology Use In Water ATM

A water ATM is generally based on reverse osmosis technology, but it also contains some other technology like Ultra-Filtration, Ultra-Violate, activated carbon filter, etc. These are the factor which leads to the various cost of water ATM.

Purification Capacity

A water vending machine has various purification capacities such as 500 LPH, 1000 LPH, and many others. Hence the water ATM machine cost also depends upon the purification capacity of the water vending machine.

·         Water Quality Of The Area

Different water contamination demands various water purification technology. Thus it also leads to the change in the price of water vending machines.

Application Of Water ATM

  • It can be installed at public & private places
  • Bus stop, railway stations, and metro stations
  • Various hospital and Nursing Homes


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