Water Cooler: Get Purest Water At Touch Of One Button

If you are looking for a water cooler, then you have several options. An electrical device that provides you the purest and cleanest water at the touch of a button. The water cooler is getting popular with the passing years. This machine is mostly used to reduce the water temperature irrespective of the ambient temperature.

A water cooler provides your water at a constant temperature. It can produce water from 7C to 13C. Due to these features, the water cooler is used at various places like home, office, mall, theatres, hospital, and different other places. With the increasing popularity, most of the water purification manufacturer company has launched its products due to which there is a massive competition in the market. Due to which the selection of the water cooler becomes difficult.

Some Tips To Know For Having Best Water Cooler

There is no best water cooler in the market for different people demands different features; thus, the definition of the best water cooler is different. Here some highlights are listed, which you can consider while buying a water cooler. These factors are

1. Storage and Cooling Capacity

A water cooler is present in various sizes and capacities. But most of the people are not aware of how much storage capacity is enough for their storage. For this, you can contact the expert available at RO Care India.

2. Price of the Product

The price of the water cooler depends upon the various feature such as the water purification technology used in the water cooler, storage capacity, and multiple other features. Although the price of the water cooler is based on the best market price which ensure that you are getting water cooler at the economical and affordable price.

3. Feature For Cleaning And Effective Cooling

With improving technology water purifier is also getting advance; thus, almost all the water cooler contains different and unique features. Most of the water coolers are cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

4. Energy Saving Ability

At last, how much power in consume by your water cooler is essential. Thus it is always better to know is your water cooler is based on energy-saving technology or not. Selecting an energy-saving water cooler to ensure that you will get the water cooling and economical price. Along with that, also ensure that your water cooler offers excellent water cooling.

Types Of Water Cooler

There are various types of water cooler, but here we have listed a few best water coolers which are crucial:


1. Storage Type Water Cooler

This type of water cooler contains parts that are used in a regular fridge that we use at our home. The essential part of this water cooler is a compressor, condenser, expansion device, and an evaporator. After achieving proper cooling, set by the user, the cooling system stop working and when the temperate of the water increasing, then the set limit this water cooler start working. This type of water cooler has excellent applications in college, schools, hotels, restaurants, etc.

2. Instantaneous Water Cooler

This water cooler contains two separate cylindrically wound coils. One coil is for refrigerant, and another coil is for water. The instantaneous water cooler is of following types which are given below:

  • Bootle Type

The water which you need to be cool will be placed in a bottle. These bottles are 25 litres water bottle which is placed on the top of the unit, and faucet is used to minimize the wastage of water. The water which is not of use is sent to drainage through a drip receptor. The water present is water flows through the bottle to the coil through-flow regulator in this process water loses its latent heat. At the end of the coil, a thermostat is present, which starts and stops water cooling according to the water temperature. This type of water cooler is current can be used in hospitals, shops, homes, and several other places.

  • Pressure Type

In this type of water, more refreshing water is supplied at high pressure. The raw water enters the water cooler, where it is initially cool by pre-cooler. The wastewater passing through the drainage lines is also cold; thus, it is wrapped around the freshwater pipe for precooling. As a result, it reduces the cooling load of the water cooler.

  • Self-contained Remote Type

This form of water cooler is based on a mechanical refrigeration system. In this system, water is cooled by the refrigerator, which is removed from the drinking place. This water cooler provides fresh and cold water at the desirable drinking place.

Note- Whether you buy bottled water cooler or bottle-less water cooler, you will get the purest and cleanest water for the drinking. Thus a water cooler is one of the best ways to live a healthy life as it helps you to get optimum hydration levels.

Top Brands Of Water Cooler

With increasing water cooler need and popularity various water purification system manufacture has started manufacturing of water cooler. Here we have listed a few top-rated water cooler makes which are:

1. Blue Star Water Cooler

The blue star is one of the leading water cooler manufacturer and distributor. Their water cooler products are based on top quality raw material, which ensures this system will operate for a long time. Due to these and other advanced features, Blue Star water cooler has gained a high value among the customer for its excellent performance. Some essential element of Blue Star water cooler are:

  • Perfect in Dimension
  • Tough structure
  • Long life
  • Excellent Performance
  • Cost-effective

2. Usha Cooler

It is one of the best water cooler manufacturer and distributor. Usha manufacture all kinds of water-cooler which are of different size and capacity. Usha believes in their customer satisfaction; thus, it offers top quality water cooler, which can work for the long term. And Usha water cooler is also available at the best an affordable price in all the cities of India. Along with these features a Usha water cooler also contains various these below-listed feature:

  • Easy to operate
  • Durable
  • Low maintenance required
  • Compact construction
  • Low cost
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