Water Cooler

The water cooler is a cold water dispensing machine that fulfills the requirement of cold water in public places like schools and colleges. RO care India deals in heavy-duty stainless steel water coolers with a number of additional features like faster cooling, low water wastage, and silent operation. The most selling water coolers are bottled water coolers and main fed water coolers that need to be filled from time to time. Make sure that you choose a water cooler that matches your requirement and minimize water wastage. Get personalized water cooler prices when you select RO care India as your all models water cooler supplier.

Water Cooler: Buy The Heavy-Duty And Feature Loaded Water Cooler Models

If you have a requirement for cold water in public places like schools, colleges, fares, and other commercial sites then RO Care India water cooler is highly recommended for you. We have an array of robust water cooler that cools water in a super-fast way. Our storage water coolers have been made with a rugged and powerful compressor and heavy-duty stainless steel body for an extended life cycle.

It is made to save power and carry an assured warranty that makes the cooler one of the best in the market and value for money. The water cooler uses an eco-friendly refrigerant that makes it safe for environmental conservation. The durable water cooler models can last more than your expectation when you care about its timely tune-ups.

Salient Features You Can Find In Our Water Coolers

  • It offers faster cooling and safe storage
  • Consider eco-friendly because of the environment-friendly coolant
  • It offers great power-saving because of PUF insulation technology
  •  A durable compressor that offers trouble-free operation in the long run
  • Made for silent operation and low water wastage
  • Instant online support for prompt service all over the country

Types Of The Water Cooler And Their Uses

  • Bottled Water Coolers

A bottled water cooler is an easy and efficient way to convert raw water into cold and hot water. The bottled water coolers are frequently found in offices and other public places like schools and colleges where there is a continuous requirement of cold and hot water. Get your bottled water cooler delivered to your doorstep and only pay after delivery, with our one-stop solution. We can deliver the best-bottled water cooler anywhere in India at a competitive price.

The Reason To Choose Bottle Fed Water Coolers

A bottled water cooler offers great flexibility because of its ease to use wherever you require it, only make sure there is a power supply socket. Our bottled water cooler model is an ideal solution where the mains water supply is only for a limited period of time. The bottled water cooler is easy to install and operate, water cooler which proves cost-effective for units with limited staff members. You can get refreshing and cool water with our bottled water cooler that is pre-filtered and ensures peak performance throughout the day.

  • The Main Fed Water Cooler

The main fed water cooler is a great and cost-effective and uninterrupted hydration solution. In this type of water cooler the water is drawn from the mainline and goes into the machine to get filtered and chilled before going into the dispenser. It provides you a constant supply of refreshing water directly from your tap water. The main fed water dispenser can be found at homes, offices, and other places where fresh drinking water is required. The main fed water dispenser doesn't need any other source to dispense pure water and also eliminates the need for single-use plastic bottles. We have a wide range of main fed water coolers range that suit your budget and amount of water requirement.

How Main Fed Water Cooler Is Best For You?

The main fed water cooler produces high-quality filtered water without any need for extra effort and manual handling as compared to bottled water coolers. Get installed and maintained our range of bottle-fed water coolers with company service technicians. The main fed water cooler is a cost-effective and easy-to-buy option for medium to large offices, schools, and showrooms. You can get the best water quality water as compared to the bottled water cooler. RO Care India's main fed water coolers ensure that you remain hydrated all the time.

Why Our Water Coolers Are The Best In The Market

We offer technology loaded both bottled and bottle less water coolers and give you the guarantee to provide absolutely clean, clear, and safe drinking water. Our range of bottle less water coolers eliminates the effort for lifting and storage of water bottles. Our durable and sleek bottle less water coolers are available in a comprehensive range of sizes and utilities. You can get variable water tank options as cold, hot, and room temperature water dispenser taps. The inbuilt water filtration system ensures only pure water is dispensed from all the dispensers. You can choose the ideal temperature of water from the given three water options.