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A water filter is one of the water purification methods, which is used to eliminate the contamination present in the water. To remove water contamination, a water filter undergoes through a physical and chemical process. This technology is used to purify water for various purposes likes agriculture irrigation, accessible drinking water, public and private aquarium, and many others.

A water filter is the same as water purification, but it has one significant difference, i.e., a water filter does not remove entire microbial contamination. Most people are not aware of the dispute and generally get confused in water filter and water purification.

The water purification system manufacturer mostly designs a water purification system by using both a water filter system and a water purifier system. So that maximum purity of the water can be achieved. Because having pure and healthy water is crucial for living a healthy life.

Working Of RO Water Filter

An RO water filter mostly works on two primary processes, which is a physical process and chemical process. But which method is suitable for the water pollutant elimination is depend upon the contamination present in the water.

  • Physical Water Filtration Process

A physical filtration system acts as a sieve. As water passed through the screen or layer of sand, the most significant particle present in the water gets removed. In some physical filtration systems, the membrane system is used to separate the contamination—for example, the RO membrane, which can eliminate lower sized molecules.

In Reverse osmosis, water filter water is forced to pass through the membrane at pressure. The membrane pores size is tiny; thus, it only allows water molecules to passed through it. A reverse osmosis water filter can eliminate metal ions and many others.

  • Chemical Filtration

In the chemical filtration process, water is allowed to pass through the filters of active material, which removes the impurities present in the water. Mainly chlorine and other reducing agents are used to prevent certain types of reaction to occurs. The presence of chlorine in water also ensures that it will kill the present microbes in water.

Technology Use In Water Filter

Based on technology RO water filter are divided into four main categories which are

  1. Reverse Osmosis

A reverse osmosis water filters are used to remove the contamination by applying pressure to force the water to pass through the semi-permeable membrane. When the water passed through the semi-permeable membrane, the water crosses the membrane, but the RO membrane does not allow the contamination like leads, mercury, and iron to pass through it. Although reverse osmosis, RO filters are not capable of eliminates some pesticides, metals such as chlorine and others.

  1. Ion Exchange

These RO filters are used to eliminate the hardness of the water. It is based on the chemical process that mainly releases ions like sodium and exchange for unwanted molecules like Calcium and Magnesium ions.

  1. Steam Distillation

It is a natural process that involves heating water and cooling steam to eliminates the contamination present in water. Most of the contamination has a higher boiling point as compared to the water; thus, those contaminations left-behinds when water turns into the steam. Now the steam is collected and condensed back to the water. One of the biggest drawbacks of steam filtration is that it also removes the natural solvent present in water.

  1. Activated Carbon Filter

Activated carbon filters are widely used RO filters among the various household water filters. It mainly uses Charcoal to traps the contamination present in the water because the Charcoal is a very porous form of carbon, so it has an extensive interface are thus, it can trap a large number of contaminants. Carbon also acts as a magnet for various compounds like leads and VOCs, catches the water pollutant as the water passes through the filters.

Types Of Water Filter

According to the uses and used technology, a water filter has been categorized into various types. Here we have listed a few basic types of water filter which are:

  • Water Filter For Home

Here are various kinds of water filters for the home you can choose according to your needs are requirements. But one of the best among all is whole house water filters. The whole house water filter can be connected to your house's primary water line to reduce the contamination present in the water.

Most of the water filters work by starting with pre-filters, which traps the rust, sediments, and slit. After pre-filter, water moves to the copper-zinc and mineral stone filter. Here chlorine, water-soluble heavy metals, scale, and microbes are removed.

From the copper-zinc filter water directly enters to the activated carbon filter. The activated carbon filter removes the herbicides, pesticides, and many other chemical compounds that may be present in the water.

Some whole-house RO filter uses giant, ultra-dense carbon block, which provides superior filtration as compared to the granular media. Catalytic and activated carbon are combined used to separates the contamination having a molecular size less than 0.5 microns.

All kinds of whole house water filters for home are technologically advance to provide you the best and purest water for consumption. Here we have the best and top quality water filter machine to fulfill your house need. Here we not only provide you whole house RO filter but also offers you tap water filter, over tank RO water filter for your home.

  • Commercial Water Filter

Commercial water filters are one of the ideal filtration systems which eliminate all kinds of water contamination present in the water on a large scale. A commercial RO water filter is used to get pure and contamination-free water at private residences, businesses, manufacturing facilities, apartment buildings, retail establishments, restaurants, and schools.

If you need to process over 12 or more gallons, peer minutes, or if the incoming water line is 1.5'' in diameter or more massive this diameter, then you need commercial water to consume safe, pure, and healthy water. Along with this, a commercial filter water system can also be used to eliminate heavy metals like arsenic, fluoride, nitrates, iron, scale, water hardness, and many others.

  • Sand Water Filter

A sand filter is used in the water filters are used to remove the suspended solids present in water, and it also increases the turbidity of the water. The sand filter has automatic backwashing technology, which ensures consistency in water quality. The sand filter is used in the RO filter in such a manner that it decontaminates the water by removing the suspended particles. There are three main types of sand water filters, i.e., Rapid water filter, Upward Flow sand RO water filter, and slow water filter. All these methods are used in the water filter industry throughout the world to eliminates the water contamination present in water.

  • Iron Remover Filter

The iron filter used in the water filter is mainly designed to remove the excess level of Iron content present in the input water with the minimum pressure drop. Most of the iron filtration system is operating on the principle of oxidizing the iron to convert it from a ferrous to a ferric or undissolved state. Once the iron is converted into the ferric state, it is precipitated on a filter bed. For the low concentration of iron, the input water, the filter consists of Manganese Zeolite, where the iron is oxidized to insoluble hydrated oxides that are removed by the mechanical filtrating action of Zeolite bed.

  • Carbon Filter

A water filter machine which contains activated carbon to filter out the impurities present in the water. This filter uses a process where the pollutant adheres to the carbon particles present in the water as the water passes through the activated carbon filter. The carbon filter is useful in removing water contamination and unpleasant odor present in the water.

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