Water Filters are used to remove dissolved impurities from unknown source water that includes sediments, hardness causing agents and bacteria’s. The water filter for the home is installed to lift the quality of water that can be used for brewing coffee and ice packs. RO care India has a range of all-sized water filters for a home to deal with the water illness. The filtered water is ready for drinking and cooking, and can be used for any other purposes. In case your home water is coming from outside sources and not considered safe for drinking because of its altered taste and odor.

Water Filter For Home: The Role And Requirements

Water Filters are known to remove undesired impurities from raw water such as sediment, total hardness and bacteria to improve water quality. A water filter for the home is required to lift the drinking water quality and is suitable for brewing coffee and ice making. RO care India offers a huge range of water filters for a home to solve water-related issues.

Apart from drinking and cooking, water is also used in various domestic needs as ice making, washing, and gardening. When your home water is coming from unknown sources water and not recommended for drinking because of unpleasant taste and odor. You have to choose a water filter based on the area where you live and the presence of impurities. You can also find the best water filter technology as per the alteration in taste, odor, and color.

Here Are The Technologies Used In Water Filters For Home

  • Mechanical water Filters

The mechanical filtration removes sediment, dust, and suspended particles physically by using a barrier. Mechanical filters out large debris with ultra-fine membranes available in different pore sizes. The different sizes of micron filters can filter 10-0.5 micron particles that are not visible by naked eyes.

  • Absorption water Filters

An absorption water filter is basically a carbon filter that captures waterborne contaminants and enables the presence of chlorine. The activated carbon filters are used in water filters for a home that helps to eliminate bad taste and odor. A number of substances are used in the making of carbon filters like coconut shells and woods to make them more effective.

  • Sequestration water Filters

Chemical isolation of substance called sequestration that is made from food-grade polyphosphate to divide calcium and magnesium that causes lime scale accumulation. Sequestration prevents scaling and prevent the surface from corrosion and other types of degradation.

  • Ion Exchange Water Filters

The ion exchange is quite a popular method to soften hard water by exchanging calcium and magnesium ions with sodium and hydrogen. Ion exchange also reduces water hardness causing minerals that reduce the lime scale and make it suitable for home uses. The ion exchange resins are used to limit salts present in water.

  • Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

RO water filter is the process to eliminate dissolved inorganic solids when it is forced through the semipermeable membrane under pressure. Reverse osmosis is the most preferred water filter technology because of its purest form of water. The RO filter proves more effective when it is combined with activated carbon and sediment filters.