A sand filter is a slow water filtration process used only for household purposes because of its low filtration rate. In this filter water fills 5-6 cm above the sand and allows it to go down thus reducing suspended pollutants. The diffuser plate is used in association with bio-layer to prevent propagation of microbes. As a simple and bio-friendly sand filter in which water is poured from the top and separated into pure and permeate water. The RO care India sand filter is made to remove bacteria and microbes that cause serious hazards to human health. The sand filter water is far better than chlorinated water as it doesn’t have any odor and taste as the chlorinated water has.

Sand Water Filter: The Bio Friendly Water Filter

 A sand water filter is a slow water filtration method only used for household purposes. The water level is maintained 5-6 cm above the sand to go down and reduce disease-causing organisms. A diffuser plate is used under the bio-layer to prevent its disruption. This a simple filter to use as you have to pour water from the top and permeate water is collected in the bucket through the outlet pipe.

The sand water filter can remove protozoa, bacteria, and other disease causing agents that cause serious water-related illnesses. The sand filter is also good for chlorinated water as it reduces the odor and taste of chlorine that is combined after the purification. The sand water filter price depends upon the materials used to manufacture sand water filters and the water recovery.

Reason Why You Should Use Sand Water Filter

  • The sand filter can reduce the majority of protozoa and bacteria's
  • It has a maximum water flow rate of 0.6 liters per minute
  • The sand filter is easy to use and has bio-friendly operation
  • Get optimum improvement in quality of water
  • It can produce a sufficient amount of water for all uses
  • It can clean all source water when the appropriate sand is available
  • It is easy to install and has low maintenance needs
  • Made for long life service with fewer service expenses
  • The sand filter can treat lake, well, spring and supply water
  • It gives you up to 12 liters of water per hour
  • High rate of pathogen and bacteria removal

As sand water filter is a slow process, but it has 99.98% bacterial removal without any water wastage. The best way to speed up its water purification rate when to keep the biolayer clean and clear. So, if you are seeking a non-electric water filter that has bio friendly operation and less water wastage, then choose a sand water filter from RO Care India.

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