DM Plants: It Types & Working

DM plants are referred to as the removal of contaminants from the feed water and process stream. Being a natural solvent, water can dissolve various kinds of contamination in its result; water becomes unsafe for uses. The DM plant is used to remove unwanted salts and another form of contaminations. The DM plant is called as Demineralization or deionization.

DM plants mainly remove the mineral salts to form the water through the ion exchange process. Both cation and anion are removed by using DM plants. Thus demineralization plants are also called a wastewater treatment plant. Demineralization plant brings a high level of pure water as compared to the distilled water at comparatively at a lower cost.

How DM Plant Works?

Mainly DM water plants are based on the physical process, and it is primarily used to replace the mineral salts present in water with the help of the ion exchange process. A DM plant process is based on two different methods, such as anion exchange resins and cation exchange resins. 

Cation Exchange  

The cation resins release hydrogen ions which as positively charged ions.

CaCl2 + H2R ------------------ CaR + 2HCl

Ca (Hco3) + H2R -------------------- CaR + 2H2O + 2CO2

Type Of Demineralization

The DM plants are based on two different processes. These processes are

Mixed Bed Demineralization

In these kinds of DM plants, cation and anions resin are mixed in a single pressure vessel instead of two different bed. Mixed bed DM water plants are more effective as compare to the two bed DM plant. But here the regeneration process is quite complicated. Mixed bed DM plant is mostly used to purify water at a larger scale. It is also used to polish water which is purified by two bed DM plant.

Demineralization Plant For Industrial Process

DM plant is one of the wastewater treatment plants which is used to eliminate the unwanted salts present in the water. This is mainly used to soften the water. In this process, cation and anion ions are exchanged. This is the fastest way to get distilled water, and it does not require scale build-up. Demineralization process uses various principle such as ion exchange, degasification, and polishing.

When it comes to the water softening is one of the widely used water purification systems. And this process is also fast as compared to the other, and it is also one of the proven methods to get pure and healthy water. The component used in this process may vary depending upon the composition of the water, which is used as raw or input water. The DM plant has enormous application in the textile, chemical; boilers feed water, hospitals, swimming pools, pharmaceutical, automobile industries to eliminate the contamination present in the water.

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