Swimming Pool Water Treatment

Depending upon the type of swimming pool, one or more filtration operation can be used to treat swimming pool water. The purpose of the swimming pool filtration system is to purify water, which contains suspended particles. The swimming pool filtration system removes the suspended particle, and along with that, it also ensures to prevent the proliferation of algae.

Both physical and chemical treatment processes treat the swimming pool water. 80% of swimming pool water is treated by a physical process such as a filtration system, and 20% of water purification is done by chemical/mechanical treatment process by cleaning the product. The selection of the swimming pool filtration system is one of the best and essential operations; thus, while selecting, be careful, and take expert advice. The swimming pool filtration plant also affects the maintenance cost of the swimming pool. 

Type of Swimming Pool Filtration System

The swimming pool filtration plant is of different types. Thus it has made the selection of the best filtration of the swimming pool difficult. Therefore before buying a filtration plant for your swimming pool, contact the expert professional for your search.  Swimming pool owners particularly appreciate sand and cartridge filtration. But the selection of the best swimming pool filtration system is based on the fineness of filtration and time required for maintenance and water consumption.

Here is the few swimming pool filtration plant which can be the best option for you.

  • Sand filtration

This form of swimming pool filtration plant is widely known for providing the natural filtration and the fineness of the filtration. Although this sand filtration plant requires sewer drainage and due to which the installation of the sand filtration plant is complicated.

  • Cartridge Filtration

It is known for providing quality filtration of swimming pool water. In this filtration process, cleaning of water is done by raising the cartridge. The installation of the cartridge filtration plant is simple.

  • Pocket Filtration

It clear from the name that it is disposable or washable. But the performance of pocket filtration is very similar to the cartridge filtration system.

  • Glass Filtration

Glass filtration is very fashionable and close to the sand filtration in term of providing purification of the water. But the glass filtration system is more costly than the sand filtration.

Criteria For Selecting A Swimming Pool Filtration System

There are various factor which you need to consider while buying a filtration system for the swimming pool. But below, we have discussed some of the most crucial things which you must consider. These are

  • Flow Rate

When you are buying a swimming pool filtration system, you should consider that it must be adequate to handle the required turnover rate. The recommended time for the public swimming pool is around 4 hours. To find the proper flow rate of the swimming pool filtration plant divides the total volume of the pool water by 4 hours.

  • Type Of Filter

There are various types of filters above. We have discussed the topmost and reputed filtration plant for the swimming pool. The filtration unit's primary purpose is to remove the particular matter and debris cell present in the swimming pool. It also strains out suspended solids down to the sub-micro-sized particles to maintain water clarity.

  • pH Control

Swimming pool water pH is essential because it can cause various kinds of health and skin issues. But the use of a pH adjuster enables the swimming pool owner to maintain the swimming pool's pH from zero to full.  The swimming pool electrical interlock with the circulation pump to prevent discharge when the recirculation pump is not operating.

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