Vegetable Purifier

Nowadays the vegetable purifier is in trend, and the reason is people become conscious about the types of pollutants that stick to the market-bought fruits and vegetables. The fertilizers, pesticides, and chemicals are widely used in the cultivation, storage, and packaging of fruits and vegetables that make them unsafe for direct consumption. The RO care India fruit and vegetable purifier uses ozone technology to rinse out hard-to-remove pests and waxes. Its sterilization technology offers you simply pure fruits and vegetables free from all sorts of germs and pesticides. The best quality food grade plastic-made body is durable and lightweight making it a must-have for the home.

Vegetable Purifier: A Bio-Friendly Fruit And Vegetable Purifier

Vegetable Purifier is the ideal machine to thoroughly cleanse market-bought fruits and vegetables that come from various unknown sources. The RO care India Vegetable Purifier stops cross-contamination and kills those unknown germs and pesticides with environment friendly ozone technology. It takes a minimum time to cut off all the surface chemicals, pesticides, and all other viruses and bacteria.

Simply rinsing or hand cleaning with water is not enough to prevent harmful chemicals and pests. To eliminate any chances of cross contamination and surface chemicals, RO care India offers a revolutionary Vegetable Purifier for fruits and vegetable cleaning. The ozone technology used in the Vegetable Purifier oxidizes residual chemicals and pesticides.  

Paybacks of buying a vegetable purifier

  • It cleanses fruits and vegetables with ease
  • Doesn’t need any consumables to run
  • Available in tabletop and compact design
  • It takes less time to disinfect market owned fruits
  • It is based on bio-friendly ozone based technology

The RO care India vegetable purifier is available in sleek and modern design to produce ozone by using oxygen from the atmosphere without using any consumables. It can effectively oxidize residual pesticides, chemicals, germs, and toxins from the surface of the vegetable and fruits. 

When it eliminates all the surface pollutants, it is safe for all forms of human consumption, either in the form of cooked or raw. The Ozone disinfection results in highly reactive Ozone gas that can flush out harmful chemicals and pesticides to detoxify the fruits and vegetables.

Exceptional features used in the fruit and vegetable purifier

  1. The Ozone technology is used to kill harmful bacteria and germs
  2. It is loaded with effective sterilization technology
  3. It can lead to a fresh and healthy day-to-day lifestyle
  4. RO care India vegetable purifier has the technology to remove germs, pesticides, and chemicals along