Water Chiller

Water chiller is an appliance that helps to lower the temperature of water by using a refrigerant system inside a vessel. The water chillers can be found in FMCG and beverage industries where the products need to be cooled immediately after manufacturing. RO care India has a range of industrial and commercial water chillers based on air-cooled chillers, water-cooled chillers, and evaporative condensed coolers. The water chiller doesn’t need any external source to lower its temperature except proper power connection. It uses bio-friendly chillers so that no carbon waste is released in the environment.

Water Chiller: Get The Cool Water Within The Instance

A water chiller has the application to lower down the temperature of water by using a refrigerant inside a closed system. A water chiller can be used in diverse applications; there is a need to circulate cold water to cool products. RO care India water chiller has been used in the food, beverage, and chemical industries where it needs to release heat from the water. Buy our water chiller to lower cooling costs as it is suitable for commercial and industrial applications.

The water chillers are of different types, as they may be air-cooled chillers, water-cooled chillers, and evaporative condensed chillers. Water-cooled chillers are the best for industries that use water from an external tower to chill the coolant. Our range of water-cooled chillers is available for small and large scale cooling in a closed chamber.

Water Chillers: Which One To Buy And Why?

Water chillers don't need any external heat source to cool water, and the heat is the only byproduct. Use water chillers to get a number of benefits like constant cooling at a stable pressure in an industrial process. The industrial water chiller model uses the pumping system to circulate cool water over the glycol solution to cool the product. In the process, the cool fluid is running during the process, and the warm fluid is reverted to the water chiller.

The chilling water process finishes when the heat transfer happens in the chiller as the whole process relies on the principle of vapor compression absorption to make sure the continuous flow of coolant. We are one of the leading water chiller manufacturers and suppliers, as we set a standard in offering water chillers with stainless steel storage tanks.

The Benefits Of Having RO Care India Water Chillers

  • Get the maximum cooling capacity to match your industrial and commercial purposes?
  • Bio-friendly refrigerants are used in our water chillers that have no harm to nature
  • Our water chillers are compact in size, best in quality, and have easy temperature control
  • It has a smart temperature controller and two control modes, and various display functions
  • The water chillers are available with water flow alarm functions, time-delay protection
  • You can choose our range of water chillers that can be the best for your needs
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