Water Softener: Need And Importance Of Water Softener For Our Household

A water softener is one of the electronic devices which is used to treat hard water. Water containing a high concentration of dissolved calcium and magnesium is called hard water. Hard water is not suitable for human uses as it causes various kinds of health condition, including hair fall. So water softener becomes important for those who are concerned about their skin and hair health. 

Most of the families in India are suffering from hard water issues. Thus for them, water softner is one of the perfect solutions as it doesn't change the nature of the water but only reduces the harmful level of the calcium and magnesium present in water and making it safe for human use. Thus these days, water softener for house becomes an essential home appliance. There are various water softener plant manufacturer in India who design water softer which are based on several types of different technology like

  • Ion exchange Technology

An automatic water softening plant use to remove scale-forming salts and ions. In this softening plant, calcium ion, and magnesium ions get to exchange with sodium ions to convert hard water into soft water.

  • Electromagnetic Technology

The electromagnetic water softener machine is also known as a magnetic water softener. This water softener machine is different from a traditional device. A magnetic water softener is mostly used is home and agriculture for eliminating unwanted hardness of the water.

  • Salt-Free Technology

It is a water conditioner that does nothing but reducing the hardness level of the water without using any chemicals.

How Does A Water Softener Work 

A water softener contains two types of tank one is called a softener tank, and another is called a brine tank. Both the softener tank and brine tank are connected with each other by one small diameter tube. A water softener has three openings in which the first and second are work as inlet and outlet for the raw water, and the third one is connected with the nearest drainpipe or drywall.

A brine tank contains removal lid so that it can be fielded with Sodium and Potassium ions. In contrast, a softener tank contains an inbuilt formulated resin bed, which is used to treat hard water.

The process of water softening starts when the raw water containing a high concentration of Calcium and Magnesium ions enters into the water softening tank through the inlet, which is present as the upper mouth of the water softening tank.

Once the water enters, the softening tank starts percolating down, thought the resin beads. The resign bed contains negative charge ion, which attracts the positive charge ion present in the raw water. As a result, the positive ion present in water cling to the resin, and now the softening water exit the softening tank and moves through the house.

Various Type Of Water Softener based on Their Use

Water softer use to treat hard water. Hard water is not suitable for human consumption, and it contains a high concentration of Calcium and Magnesium. Water softener machines can be used for various purposes, but here is the few most and appropriate use of water softner.  

Rain water contains no mineral, but once it gets in touch with the ground, water becomes home of various minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium and makes water hard. Hard water leads to multiple issues in the house, such as foul plumbing, scaling, galvanic, dry skin, and various other problems. There are different kinds of water softener for the home, such as whole house water softener, water softener for the overhead tank, and any others. Thus you can buy whole house water softener India and fulfill your entire house soft water needs.

If you are experiencing dry skin, hair fall, and other kinds of skin-related disease, then you need to check your regularly used bathroom water because it may come due to the hard water. Hard water not only causes health issues, but it also disturbs the electrical and plumbing system of the bathroom. But bathroom water softener can help you to avoid these issues. Thus it becomes crucial to install a water softener for the bathroom. There are various brands of water softener for the bathroom.

The calcium and magnesium ion present in water blocks the foaming action of the shop and detergent, which makes washing of the clothes difficult as it leaves a spot on the garments. The excess amount of calcium and magnesium ions also get deposited on the surface of the washing machine, which may lead to the damaging to the washing machine. But thanks to the technology now various kinds of water softener for washing machines available in India you can choose according to your need and requirement.

Are you looking for a water softener for overhead tanks? Than water softener India offers you a wide range for an overhead tank. A water softener for overhead tank is crucial as from this tank; water is supplied in your whole house. You can place water softer on the roof of your building and before your water tank. When you pump water to your overhead tank, water gets filtered and soften and goes through your overhead tank.

Water Softener Price

The water softener price has been created by keeping in mind about customer needs and budget; thus, hard water softener plant prices are best and economical according to the market standard. Although the water softener price depends upon the various factors like

  • The technology used in water softener: A water softener plant is based upon different technology such as ion exchange, electromagnetic, slat free, and multiple others.
  • Brands Of Water Softener: There is a various manufacturer of water softener India and almost all the brands of water softener promises to give the best water softener for home uses.
  • Features Of Hard Water Softener: The elements of water softener also play an essential role when it comes to the price. With the improvement in technology, water softner is getting advance. These days various automatic operating water softener is available in India, which affects the water softener price.

List Of Top Best Water Softener Manufacturer

There is a huge list of water softener plant manufacturers in India. Here we have listed some top-rated brands of water softener which are

  • Doctor Fresh Water Softener

After gaining a vast customer base in the water purification system, Doctor Fresh is now all set to earn the trust of a large population of India. Like a water purifier, the water softer plant of Doctor Fresh contains mind-blowing features and based on advanced and modern water softening technology, which can eliminate hardness of the water properly.

  • Kent Water Softener

Kent is India's best and top-rated manufacturer and distributor of water softening plant inside the nation. At Kent, you can install a water softener for various purposes like a bathroom, washing machine, and many others. Kent's water softener system is based on advance technology, which is capable of the eliminated hardness of water without damaging the nature of the water molecules. At Kent, you can install ion exchange, salt-free, magnetic, and dual tank water softener at the best prices. Kent believes in customer satisfaction; thus, their products are not only based on advanced technology but also available at the best and economical prices in the nation.

  • 3 M Water Softener

3 M water softener gives you soft water for the entire house use; thus, you can install it at the primary water source or inlet to your house. So the at 3 M water softener can eliminate hardness of the raw water. 3 M offers both automatic and semi-automatic water softener; thus, you can install according to your requirement. Their water softener is based on various techniques like ion exchange, and their softener contains high-quality resin so that it can eliminate a high concentration of calcium and magnesium from the water. You can install 3 M water softener for various purposes like bathroom, kitchen, whole house, overhead tank, washing machine, and many others. Their water softener has been designed by using excellent quality raw material, thus buying 3M water softener can be worth full.

  • Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Water Softener

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard water softener is based on one of the powerful water softening technology called ion exchange. Although Eureka Forbes manufacture water softener based on various technology there most of the product is based on advanced and powerful ion exchange technology. Eureka Forbes Aquagaurd water softener is compact in size and powerful in performance. Their water softener machine can fit better where the water is supplied to your home and can turn hard water into soft water. Due to these feature install of Eureka Forbes Aquaguard water softener can be the best option for you.

  • Zero B Water Softener

Zero B is one of the well-known water softening pant manufacturers and distributors in India. It manufacturer, top quality water, softening pant, which not only removes hardness from the water but also performs for a long time. The use of excellent raw material makes it durable and trustable. Along with superior raw material, a Zero B water softener plant also contains an advance feature, which makes buying Zero B water softener plant worthy. Hence you can buy Zero B water softer and enjoy soft water for a long time.

Factor To Consider While Buying Water Softener

Hard water is one of the major issues in every household but with the help of the best and trusted water softener. As a result, the demand for water softener has increased all around the nation. To fulfill all the requirements, various organizations came to the market with their water softener unit, making the selection of the water softener tricky. Thus while buying water softener unit do consider these below-listed points

1. Water Softener Size And Feature

This is one of the crucial factors which separate one water softener from the other water softener. Thus you should check for these two factors while having a water softener

  • Water Softener Timer Controls

A water softener contains timer control automatically recharge the unit at a specific day, time-based on your average usage. Water softener with timer control may fall short if your daily usage of water needs is high. This water softener also wastes water and sodium because it regenerates in particular whether regeneration is necessary or not. It usually occurs in the morning hour.

  • Water Softener DIR Control

It is one of the sophisticated methods, and it is mainly called as demand- initiated regeneration (DIR). It senses and begins the regeneration process when the resin needs recharging. This water softener unit regenerates when necessary; thus, it saves both salt and water used in the regeneration process. And it is also suitable for those places where the need for the water is comparatively high. 

2. How To choose Water Softener Size

While buying a water softener, size becomes one of the critical factors. All of us want to have a water softener unit that can handle the demands of our household soft water entirely. The biggest question comes in our mind: which sized water softener is the best for you?

The average number of gallons used per person in a day is 75. You can calculate the size of the water softener by multiplying the total number of families by 75. Then multiply the number by the number of grains per gallon (GPG) of hardness minerals in your water to figure out the capacity of the whole-house water softener you need.

For example, if your family member has 6 people and the average water use is 75gallon/day.

6*75= 450

If your regular used water contains 10 GPG, then you need a water softener that can eliminate

450*10= 4500

4500 GPG of hardness mineral each day. 

3. Find The Right Water Softener Organization

This can be tricky, but with the expert's help, you can get the best solution. At RO Care India, our entire team and we always available to help you with this. Almost all the organization promises that their product and services are best, but only a few kept the promises. Thus an expert advice becomes one of the crucial steps to get the perfect and ideal water softener for your home.

You can also perform several research online to get the best and trustable organization. And in this process, the following online review of the organization can be fruitful as it will give you a clear idea about the behaviour of the company with their and clients and it also you aware of the punctuality of the organization.

4. Check For The Water Softener Certification

NSF International is one of the independent testing organization which test and certifies the water treatment products. The water industry's trade organization, the water quality Association, also tested and certified the water equipment. So you can also look for the WQA Gold Seal. However, these certifications do not guarantee performance. These certificates signify that the equipment has successfully passed the testing for industry standards, and the manufacturer's claims have been validated. It only ensures that it will provide you with trouble-free services for a long time.

Water softener is one of the electrical devices which convert hard water into soft water. Hard water contains a high concentration of calcium and magnesium ions, and a water softener eliminates that excess ion of calcium and magnesium. A water softener can be based on various technologies like ion exchange, Salt-free, electromagnetic technology, etc. 

Several factors are affecting the final cost of water softener installation, including type, used technology, and provider. The raw material used in the water softener also affects the price.

There is various water softener in the Indian market, and all have been designed to remove the excess concentration of Calcium and Magnesium and make water soft. Below we have listed India’s best water softener brands which are

  • DR Fresh Water Softener
  • Kent Water Softener

  • 3M Water Softener 

Drinking water from a water softener is neither recommended nor safe. A water softener doesn’t remove harmful contaminants from the water but only replace the calcium and magnesium by sodium. Water from a water softener is mainly used for washing, cleaning, and bathing. 

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