RO care India range of commercial water softeners loaded with the latest technology to make your water efficient and long-lasting. The commercial water softener uses ion exchange technology that removes excess calcium, magnesium, and carbonates to lower hardness. The commercial water softener not only reduces hardness from water but lowers build-up, saves unnecessary repairs, and avoids wear and tears in your water using appliances. In the laundry industry, the commercial water softeners are used to save detergent, lower water usage, and prevent washing machine performance. The ion exchange technology effectively removes calcium, carbonates, and magnesium and only permits hard water through the resin beads. The commercial water softener prevents natural minerals and removes all hardness-causing agents from water.

Get All The Details About The Best Commercial Water Softeners

The RO Care India designed and manufactured a number of commercial water softeners for many years ago. We only deal in standard water softeners that have the ability to fulfill customers' demands. Commercial water softeners are typically used in laundry industries, apartments, hotels, restaurants, and production factories. Its configuration can consist of one pressure vessel to multiple pressure vessels as per the capacity and features. The configuration is designed as per the flow rate and capacity of the water softener to manage the pressure.

The commercial water softeners use quality ion-exchange resin to remove calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese ions from your municipal water supply. With the commercial water softener, you can run your business more effectively by using fewer detergents and reduce scale build-up inside the pipeline and machinery and save it from unnecessary wear and tears. Hardness and other undesirable minerals present in water cost more in plumbing repairs, increase energy consumption, and leads to premature replacement of equipment’s.

Commercial Water Softener Features and Applications

  • Full-flow ports allow water to flow easily through the appliance
  • Single piece valve body reduces leaks by eliminating extra seals and joints
  • Top mount and side mount control valves make plumbing connections simple
  • Fully programmable electronic control save sits efficiency
  • Multiple tank choices or rugged steel gives it an all-weather appliance

With commercial water softeners, you can save on energy, other equipment, plumbing repairs, and general maintenance services. You can easily extend the life of the water using equipment, fixtures, and laundries, along with chemicals and detergents, if you are looking for a premium commercial water softener that lasts longer and is backed with the best after-sales warranty in the business. Getting a water softener from RO Care India is dramatically different than getting one from any local supplier. We only use the best quality parts, tanks, and resin, backed with the best quality after-service warranty.

This is the best way to make a water softener cheaper, as you can also get technical support and installation assistance from certified water softener installers. By choosing a water softener, you can reduce your business' operational costs by reducing the hard water scale that protects your plumbing system, water-using equipment's from unnecessary wear and tears, along premature maintenance needs. All commercial, industrial and institutional buildings can need water softening systems to prevent other water-using appliances from safe and corrosion-free and works efficiently.

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