10-50 LTR

Water ATM is a vending machine that dispenses pure water between 10-50 liters range. A 10-50 liters water ATM can be easily installed in rural and urban areas. The 10-50 liters water ATM can be RO or UF technology machine that is run through solar and electricity operated. The 10-50 liter water ATM is available in domestic and commercial models as it has pre and, post filter, along with the base filters. A range of water ATM models are available at RO care India that you can choose as per the daily water need. These water ATM models are available in coin operated models to make it automatic for general public.

10-50 LTR Water ATM: A Must Try Water Vending Machine

A water ATM is a type of automatic machine that makes available free access to water 24 hours a day. The water ATM is a type of RO and UF technology loaded machine that is either solar or electricity operated. The 10-50 LTR water ATM is one domestic water dispenser machine that is suitable for domestic purposes. You can get thoroughly get series filtered water through pre-filter, post, and micro-filtration cartridges. There is a variable model of water ATM that you can choose as per your specified need.

You can get a coin-based, automatic water ATM with an LCD display and operates without an operator. The LCD display gives an alert when the tank water level is below the level. The 10-50 LTR water vending machines is economical for both public and private places as it needs a low power supply. You can get a safe and clean water guarantee and 24/7 uninterrupted supply all over the year. The water ATM price is far lower than its advantages as it emerged as an inexpensive option.


  • The product is an automatic coin based water ATM
  • Stainless steel body and water tank keep water intact for longer
  • The 7 stage purification filter offers you pure and mineral rich water
  • Get healthy water at the most affordable rates
  • In-built glass storage tank keeps the water safe
  •  Made up of environment friendly materials with no wastage

The 10-50 LTR water ATM model is suitable for everyday use because of its splash and spillage free designs. This type of model can be used both in urban as well rural areas in the absence of a power supply. The variable mode of operations gives you a number of options to choose from as per the region.