The solar water heater uses the sun heat to raise the temperature of water, and make it suitable for bathing and cleaning needs. The RO care India solar water heater utilizes solar energy to manufacture heat during day time and also stores warm water to dispense when no sun energy. The range of solar water heaters has the best in class electric heating system to continue services during the long power cuts. The solar water heater is made to use sunlight into water heating with the help of a solar thermal collector. The solar water heater is there to save energy bills because of its self-heating system to heat water during the day time.

Solar Water Heater: A Bio Friendly Water Heating Machine 

RO care India solar water heater uses sun rays to raise the temperature of the water and make it suitable for bathing, cooking and utensils cleaning. The solar water heater uses solar energy to heat up the water in its presence and store hot water in the tank to dispense during nights. Our range of solar operated water heaters has an additional electric water heating system to continue dispensing warm water during power cuts.

The solar water heater converts sun energy into renewable energy for water heating in the association of solar thermal collectors. The solar water heater is a perfect water heating solution to lower power bills as it can’t use electricity to heat water in the presence of solar energy. The solar water heaters made by RO Care India is bio-friendly that reduce carbon footprints, and use renewable energy. Solar water heater gives you more savings and does its work without further maintenance.

How Solar Water Heater changes the scenario 

We at RO care India developed cost-effective, long-lasting, and lightweight solar water heaters in different sizes and shapes. We manufacture standard machinery using precise technology to make solar water heaters the best in the market. Choose a solar water heater to adapt the smartest way to get hot water and save natural gas and electricity used in water heaters. Solar water heater RO care India engrossed heat from the sun with the heat collector on the roof and turned into heat energy.

The solar water heater works when the sunlight falls on the solar heat collector and transfers to raise the temperature of water stored in the storage tank. The solar energy heats metal tubes fitted into the insulated hot water tank, and the process repeats until cold water is supplied to get heated again. The process continues and ensures that the hot water maintains its heat in the storage tank because of silver insulation.

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