1000 LPH RO Plant For Drinking Water At Large Scale

1000 LPH RO plant is recommended to use for industrial or corporate offices. This RO plant can purifier 1000 liters of water per hour. Thus it can be beneficial for the various industrial process. If you are planning to buy 1000 LPG RO plants, then here are its specifications, along with the best list of manufacturers.

1000 LPH RO Plant Specification

The purification capacity of the 1000 LPH RO plant is 1000 liters. And its dusty cycle is about 6000 liters. It means that this water purifier is suitable for 1500-2000 people. Thus it can be installed at corporate offices, industrial processes, and other places where the number of people is around 1500-2000. The number of feeding people can vary according to water consumption.



Purification Technology

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Purification Capacity

1000 LPH i.e., Liquid Per Hours

Duty Cycle

6000 liters per Day

Mode Of Operation


Power Consumption

4.95 kW

TDS Rejection


Material Od Construction

FRP, Stainless steel

Plant Application

Domestic RO Plant, Industrial RO Plant, Institutional RO plant

Water Recovery



This RO plant is based on the advanced water purification technology, i.e., RO technology, which eliminates all kinds of impurities present in water. 1000 LPH RO plant is capable of the reduction of 98-99% total dissolved salts from the contaminated water and also removes 65-75% of water during water purification.

Calculate Number of People Can Be Fed By 1000 LPH And Duty Cycle

The duty cycle of a water purifier is defined as the total water purified by a water purifier is one day. To find out the duty cycle of a water purifier, multiply the purification capacity of the water purifier and whole operational time. The purification capacity of the water purifier is fixed, but the operating time of a water purifier may vary.

Ideally, it is recommended to operate the RO plant maximum up to 6 hours to maintain the life of the water purifier Plant.

Duty Cycle= Purification Capacity * total Operation time

In Case of 1000 LPH

Duty cycle= 1000LPH* 6 hours= 6000

With having a duty cycle of an RO plant, we can calculate the number of people that can be fed by this RO plant. As to find the total number of people can be a fad, we should have a duty cycle and total consumption of water by each person.

Number Of people can be fed= Duty cycle/ total consumption of water by one person

The consumption of water is mainly based on age and gender. It is recommended to drink a healthy male should 3-4 liter of water and a healthy female it is advised to drink 2-3 liter of water every day. With having these details now, you can calculate the number of people that can be fed by using this water purifier.

Factor On Which RO Water Plant 1000 LPH Price

The RO water plant 100 LPH price depends upon the various factors such as

  • Design of the water purifier plays an essential role in costing
  • Use of water purification technology also affects the RO plant 100 LPH price
  • Raw materials used while manufacturing. Use of excellent quality raw material makes water purifier long-lasting

Top 1000 LPH RO Plant Manufacturer

Having RO plant from top reputed organization ensures you best product and better services. Although there are various manufacturers in India here, we have listed top players of 1000 LPH RO plant manufacturers and suppliers.

  • Doctor Fresh
  • Zero B
  • Wave
  • Lynna
  • Hitech
  • Nasaka
  • Delta
  • Eureka Forbes
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