500 LPH RO Plant Need And Specification

It is proven that 500 LPH plants removed 99.9% water impurities from the water and brought healthy and pure drinking water all the time you wish to drink water. It is based on advanced and modern water purification technology, which is suitable for all kinds of water sources and contamination. There are various 500 RO plant manufacturer and service provider here we have listed top manufacturer and service provider along with 500 LPH RO plant specification.

500 LPH RO Plant Specification

500 LPG RO plant is mainly based on reverse osmosis technology, which makes this product one of the best water purification units. RO membrane use in 500 LPH RO plant removes all kinds of water contamination based on their molecular size.

This water purifier can be installed to feed up to 1000 people. Thus it is suitable for schools, colleges, hospitals, large offices, etc.

Calculate How 500 LPH Can feed many People

Number of People= Duty cycle/water consumption by each person

Duty Cycle is a total number of water purified by RO water purifier plant in one day. Thus the duty cycle of a water purifier firmly depends upon the purification capacity and full running time. The duty cycle of a water purifier can be calculated by multiplying the purification capacity of a water purifier and whole running time.

Duty cycle= Purification Capacity* total operation time



Purification Technology

Reverse Osmosis

Purification Capacity

500 LPH, i.e., Liter Per Hours

Duty Cycle

3000 liters per day

Water Recovery

Up to 60%

TDS Rejection


Raw Water TDS

2500 PPM

Water Quality Indicator

Digital Indicator


Semi-automatic/ fully automatic


 Best 500 RO Plant Manufacturer In India

  • Doctor Fresh

Doctor Fresh is known to deliver the best and affordable 500 LPH RO plant. The Doctor Fresh 500 LPH RO plant price has been created by keeping in mind about customer requirements and budget. Thus it is suitable for various purposes.

  • Zero B

Zero B RO plant is based on advanced technology, which eliminates all kinds of water contamination and makes it suitable for all sources of water. Thus you can install a Zero-B water purifier irrespective of the water source and impurities. The reverse osmosis technology is known to eliminate water impurities based on their molecular size.

  • Wave

Wave believes that drinking pure and healthy water is the right of all the people; thus, they offer the best and affordable RO plant. To eliminate entire contamination present in water, the Wave RO plant is based on widely-accepted water purification technology called are Reverse osmosis. RO technology is known to separate water contamination based on their molecules sized.

  • Lynna

Are you concerned about 500 ltr ro plant price than don't worry, Lynna comes with the best RO water purifier plant which is available at the best and competitive market price. Lynna RO water purifier plant is available in all the cities of India. Thus install the best plant irrespective of the area in which you live and water source.

  • Hitech

While other RO plant manufacturer are adopting the latest technology to make technologically advanced by Hitech not only upgrading their RO water plant in the modern and latest technology. But also believes in manufacturing water plants by using excellent raw material to make the water purifier plant long-lasting.

  • Nasaka

With several years of experience, Nasaka manufacture top quality RO plants. Experienced and talented service engineers design Nasaka products. You can buy the Nasaka RO plant and enjoy healthy drinking water all the time you wish to drink water.

  • Delta

Delta are concerned about customer satisfaction; thus, they bring excellent quality at the best 500 liter RO plant price. There are various service organization who failed to keep their promises after sales, but Delta not only keep their promises but also enable their customer to experience hassle-free after-sales services  

  • Eureka Forbes

Eureka Forbes is one of the trusted and notable manufacturers of the RO plant. They design various kinds of RO plant which can be suitable for all your water purifier plant needs. You can buy this mind-blowing 500 LPH RO plant at best and affordable price.

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