Choose 500 LPH RO Plant to eliminate all sorts of suspended impurities and hazardous chemicals from supply water because of its reverse osmosis water purification technology. This RO filter thoroughly purifies contaminated water and delivers pollution-free water for our daily needs. The 500 LPH RO plant is suitable mostly for industrial and commercial purposes. Consider RO care India 500 LPH RO Plant manufacturers basically used in water treatment industries. Our latest 500 LPH RO Plant is useful in various industrial operations such as textile, hotels, manufacturing and places to cater large water requirements. The feature and affordable 500 LPH RO plant cost never out of your budget.

How Can You Get A Customized 500 LPH RO Plant At Lowest Cost

The Industrial RO Plants are made as per the client's technical specifications and usage. This 500 LPH RO Plant can fulfill the need for 300-400 people every day when it is in well working condition. RO Care India designs the RO plants in accordance with the standards and requirements of a particular industry or business to be the perfect partner. The commercial RO plant provides high output and an extended life span than any other domestic RO purifier.

At RO Care India, we manufactured high-quality RO plants by using state-of-the-art technologies. We understand the requirement of clients and offer a customized solution with different essential requirements. Furthermore, RO Care India always believes in the customer delight model and provides the best quality products for our product and after-sales services.

Features To Look Out For In A 500 LPH RO Plant

  • Low Energy Requirements – Energy is a costly resource and also has a bad impact on the environment as we designed water plants that consume less energy than other RO plants.
  • Long-lasting Products – get the best quality products with high-quality standards at every production stage and strong RO plant design. Because of this, the 500 LPH RO Plant is a durable product and needs a little maintenance to run longer.
  • Assured warranty – Get a full one-year warranty to eliminate all the chances to waste your time to figure out how to get it serviced or repair in a single plan.
  • The use of non-corrosive material– The 500 LPH RO plant comprises stainless steel and a special non-corrosive internal coating. These ensure the product is corrosion-free, unlike other brands that never used powder-coated frames and other coatings.
  • Get Mineral-rich and alkaline water – Being a well-wisher of our customers, it is our topmost priority to provide alkaline water purifiers with mineral-rich technology without using any chemicals. Hence this RO plant model generates water that is healthy as well as pure in all aspects.
  • 24/7 Installation and Services Availability– Get free installation of all models of 500 LPH RO water plants. All our products are having a year's manufacturer's warranty so you can order without any uncertainty.

The 500 LPH RO model is designed to produce permeate flow of 500 Liters per hour and a maximum TDS level of raw water up to 2500 ppm. The recovery of this model is designed as per the raw water TDS. RO water feed may limit as the condition mentioned below is strictly maintained.

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