250 LPH RO Plant

The 250 LPH RO Plant is used for various purposes. It brings 250 liters of water per hour. Due to this property, 250 LPH RO Plant can be installed at schools, colleges, hospitals, and another place where drinking water is required is high. 250 LPH RO plant can feed up to 300-500 people daily because the duty cycle of 250 LPH RO plant is 1200-1800 liter water per day.

250 LPH RO Plant Specification

The purification technology used in this water purifier is widely and commonly accepted reverse osmosis, i.e., RO technology. This water purifier can remove the TDS concentration of up to 95%. 250 LPH RO water purifier plant is suitable for raw water containing TDS up to 1000 PPM.



Purification technology

RO, i.e., Reverse osmosis

Purification Capacity

250 LPH, i.e., liquid per hours

Duty Cycle

1500 liters per day

Water Recovery

Up to 60%

TDS Rejection

Up to 95%

Material Of Construction

Stainless steel, FRP


How Many People Can Be Fed By Using 250 LPH RO Plant?

It mainly depends on two primary criteria which one is what are the total dusty cycle and second in overall water consumption of water by each person. In the case of 250 LPH plants, the duty cycle is 1200-1800, and if water consumed by each person is 4 liter in a day, then the 300-500 people can be fed by 250 LPH RO water purifier plant.

Number of people can be fed = Total Duty cycle/total water consumption by each person

How To Find The Duty Cycle Of 250 LPH Plant?

The duty cycle of an RO plant is defined as the multiple of water purified by the RO plant is one day and total performance time of the RO water purifier plant. In 250 LPH RO plant, the duty cycle is 1200-1800, as it delivers 250-liter water per hour. Usually, the RO plant can work 5-7 hours each day. But an RO plant works for a long time if its running time is 6 hours or less than that.

Total Duty Cycle= water purified in one hour* total running time

Top Manufacturer Of 250 LPH RO Plant

There are various organizations in India who manufactures multiple kinds of RO plants, but here we have listed a few tops and well established 250 RO plant manufacturer and distributor.

Doctor Fresh

The doctor's fresh RO plant is based on advanced and trusted water purification technology, which makes this brand one of the trusted and reliable. Doctor Fresh 250 RO plant is based on modern water filtration technology, which brings the purest water for drinking.


Zero B believes in happy and healthy faces. Thus it offers the best and reliable R50 RO plant at the best and affordable prices in PAN India. The Zero-B 250 LPH RO plant price has been created by keeping in mind in mind about customer needs and requirements.


Wave enables you to drink pure and healthy water all the time you wish to drink water. They believe in customer satisfaction, thus not only manufactures RO plant by using excellent quality material but also provides the best after-sales service experience to their customers. 


Lynna 250 LPH RO plant is based on advanced water purification technology, which not only brings healthy water but also re-add minerals to enhance the taste of the water. Experienced and talented services engineers have designed their products. Thus buying a Lynna 250 RO plant can be worthy.


With the increasing demand for water purifiers, all brands are upgrading their products to make its buying worth full for the customer. Hitched is no longer away from this race. They have manufactured world class 250 RO plants, which can be installed for all kinds of water sources. This company product removes all sorts of raw water contaminations.

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