10000 LPH RO Plant is one of the large scale industrial plants that purifies 10000 liters of water for all purpose water to be used in hotels and production industries. It is a high yielding and low maintenance RO Plant model uses pre-filters as a sand filter, activated charcoal, filter and micron filter, and UV or UF as a post filter to offer the best quality water. RO care India has made their name in manufacturing high capacity industrial RO plants to tackle 10000 ppm TDS level. It is best to remove suspended solids, chemicals, and microbes and supply of soft water when you choose our most-selling RO plants. The Plants can be made as per your specific need and budget and delivered to your home.

10000 LPH RO Water Purifier In India

A 1000 LPH RO plant is based on the advanced and modern water purification technology like reverse osmosis. This technology is opposite to pure osmosis, which removes water contamination, both heavy metals, and biological disease-causing agents, with the help of the semi-permeable membrane. This membrane only allows water to pass through it and block the passage of contaminated present in water.

A 10000 LPH RO plant is suitable for all sources of water; thus, you can install it for various purposes. Mostly this RO plant is ideal for those places where the consumption of water is high. Along with the RO technology, a 10000 RO plant also contains another six advanced water purification stage, which ensures healthy drinking water all the time you urge to drink.

Specification 10000 RO Plant

A 10000 RO plant is based on reverse osmosis technology to eliminate water contamination along with that this plant also contains a various filter which is sand filters (it is used to remove suspended particle present in raw water) and granular activated filter (Activated carbon filters are used to eliminate organic contamination and dissolved gases).

10000 RO plant Specification


Purification Capacity

10000 LPH (Litre Per Hours)

Purification Technology

Reverse osmosis (RO),

Additional methods

Sand Filter, Granular activated filter

Mode of Operation



Power, working, Low pressure, High pressure, Flushing

Water Rejection

Up to Maximum 50%


Commercial RO Plant, Institutional RO Plant, and Industrial RO plant

How Many People Can Drink Pure Water By Using 10000 LPH RO Plant

Most of the people are not aware of this here. We have described it in detail. The number of people can be calculated by dividing the duty cycle of the 10000 RO plant by total water consumed by one person.

  • Number of people can be Feb By 10000 LPH RO Plant= Duty Cycle/ Total water consumed by one person

How To Calculate Duty Cycle Of 10000 LPH RO Plant?

The duty cycle of the 10000 RO plant can be calculated by multiplying the purification capacity and total operational time of the RO plant. The ideal time of an RO plant is 6 hour in a day thus

  • Duty Cycle= Purification Capacity * Total Running Time of The RO Plant

Note: The running time of an RO plant can be altered according to the need. But increasing the running time of the RO plant may lead to the malfunctioning.

How To Find The Water Consumed By One Person?

Drinking water is one of the fundamental needs of everyone. Hence it is advised to drink 3 liters of water in a day. But the concentration of drinking water changes according to gender and age. For the kids, average drinking water concentration is 2 liters in a day.


This RO plant is specially designed for the extensive industrial process. The manufacturer tailors 10000 RO plant, which purifies 10000 water per hour. To meet get clean water at large scale 10000 LPH RO plant has been manufactured by using novel water purification technology; thus, this hug RO plant can eliminate all kinds of water contamination present in water.

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