50 LPH RO Plant For Your Services

Nowadays water purifier is essential for all places either it is home or office. But before purchasing a water purifier, you should do your search or contact RO Care India. We deal in various kinds of 50 LPH RO plant.

50 LPH RO Plant Specification

A 50 LHP RO plant is based on RO, i.e., reverse osmosis technology. Apart from that, it contains 6 more stages for water purification which ensure removal of all kinds of water contamination from the water. The purification capacity of 50 LPH RO plant is 50-litre water per hours.

50 LPH RO water plant contains several pre-filters like sand filters, carbon filters, and many others to generate pure and healthy water all the time you wish to drink water. Thus this RO plant is suitable for all kinds of water supply. The 50 LPH RO also contains electrical control panel which enables you to control your RO water purifier plant accordingly.

Purification Technology


Stage Of Water Purification


Purification Capacity

50 LPH

Working Pressure

10-12 Bar


Sand Filtration & Carbon Filtration

Feed Water Requirement

Temperature required 20-45ºC

Turbidity < 1 NTU

Iron <0.1 PPM

pH 3:5

Heavy Metal- Nil

Electrical Control

Main Supply: ON/OFF

High-Pressure Pump: ON/OFF

Raw water pump: ON/OFF

Dosing Pump: ON/OFF


Top Rated 50 LPH RO Plant Manufacturer

Here we have listed a few top-rated and market best RO plant manufacturer and service providers.

  • Doctor Fresh

It is one of the leading 50 LPH RO plant manufacturer, distributor, and service provider. This brands of RO plant is best among all because its main focus is on delivering pure and healthy water. Doctor Fresh RO plant contains 12 stages for water purification, which enables you to get purified water.

  • Zero-B

Zero B uses effective water purification technology to purify water. The Zero B 50 LPH RO plant is based on 6 advanced water purification stage which are useful for eliminating and paralyzing the bacterial and other dissolved contamination present in water. The presence of pre-filter increase the life of the RO membrane used in 50 LPH RO plant so your 50 LPH RO plant can perform for an unlimited period.

  • Wave

Wave is known for manufacturing best quality 50 LPH RO plant. Their products are based on high-quality raw material which makes this product durable and low maintenance product. Wave 50 LPH RO plant is based on advanced 6 water purification stage, which ensures the safest water for the drinking purposes.

  • Lynna

Lynna is passionate about manufacturing best and low maintenance 50 LPH plant. It offers the best quality water purifier, which are incredibly high in demand. These water purifiers have been designed by extremely experienced service engineers using optimal raw water. Lynna 50 LPH RO plant are based on modern and advanced water purification technology and stages.

  • Hitech

It manufactures various kinds of RO plant which are based on best and trusted water purification technology. This is the first company which manufacture NSF/ANSI -58 certified RO membrane, Reverse osmosis water purifiers for the entire range of domestic and industrial purposes and requirements.

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