Gravity based water purifiers don't need electricity to purify water because of its activated carbon and ultrafiltration water filter. The activated carbon filter works as the primary filter and captures suspended impurities suspended in raw water. Ultrafiltration water filter membrane is made up of a bunch of hollow fibers that allows water to pass and the contaminations stick to these membranes. The RO care India gravity based water purifier works without electricity as you can find these in the non-electrical water purifier category. In these water purifiers the water flows to the lower container because of gravitational force and crosses over activated carbon filters to eliminate residual pollutants.

Why Should You Buy A Gravity Based Water Purifier And Its Paybacks

Gravity based water purifiers use activated carbon or ultrafiltration technology instead of electricity. The activated carbon filter is made up of small size carbon granules that capture suspended impurities present in raw water. Ultrafiltration comprises a bunch of hollow fibers of the membrane and allows water to pass through these hollow fibers as contaminations stick to these membranes. Try our water purifier experts to choose the right gravity based water purifier without reading any buying guide and other efforts.

In gravity based water purification, water is permitted to pass through the upper container to a lower container under the influence of gravity. As gravity based water purifier models do not need any electricity and, therefore it falls under the non-electrical water purifier category. That means water is filtered through a normal gravity mechanism from passing through a higher point to a lower point without taking any external force, and that is its most significant advantage. The water flows from the top container to the lower naturally due to gravitational force, microfiber meshes, activated carbon filters, and other kinds of polisher that eliminate residual chemicals.

Check out The Different Types Of Gravity Water Purifiers And Its Mechanisms

Basic gravity-based water filters

Using ceramic material for water filtration is one of the oldest methods for drinking water treatments. In earlier days, ceramic filters and colloidal silver were the most widely used water filtration technology. The ceramic candle filter is the simple device made up of clay and used to filter drinking water to eliminate turbidity, suspended particles, and other bacteria. The pollutants removal is done through a physical process as mechanical trapping, which has micro-scale pores to allow water.

The water is filled in to the top two containers and flows through a candle situated tank in the bottom. Once the water crosses the candle, it is composed in the lower container, and it is kept stored until used. The gravity based filters are easy to assemble, and no need for an expert installer. When it comes to its maintenance, it only needs frequent scrubbing with a brush and nothing else. The primary gravity filters consist of two cabinets, as first done simultaneous filtration and other store filtered water.

Advantages Of Having Basic Gravity Based Water Purifier

  • It is relatively cheap and easy to use, and clean when it requires
  • It can remove all sorts of turbidity and suspended solids
  • Partially effective when it comes to the removal of large bacteria
  • Enhance clarity of water and maintain quality

Chemical-based gravity water filters

Chemical filters are the advanced version of basic gravity filters as it uses chlorine for removing bacteria and other microbes from water. At the start of the process, the water is passed through a microfiber or a membrane that will eliminate all sorts of suspended impurities from the water. A fixed quantity of chlorine is added to this water to destroy microorganisms present in the water. The excess chlorine present in the water needs to pull out as it is again passed through an activated carbon filter that removes the chlorine from water at considerable levels.

Advantages Of Chemical Based Gravity Water Purifiers

  • Easy to use and maintain without any expert advice
  • Removes turbidity and all sorts of suspended solids along with organic pollutants
  • Successfully removes bacteria and viruses from water
  • No need for electricity and boiling of water to remove pollutants

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