UV Water Purifier Kills 99.99% Microbes

Once upon a time when water was used to be clean and pure for drinking purposes, but it is our activity which made the water polluted. A healthy person should consume 3-4 liters of water every day regularly. Thus the purity of water is necessary.

The various process can achieve the purity of water, but water purifier is the best way to do so. There are different kinds of water purifiers in the market, like RO water purifier, UF water purifier, Alkaline water purifier, and UV water purifier. Here in this post, we will discuss the UV water purifier thoroughly. If you are not aware of what UV water purifier means, then this post is for you. A UV water purifier means a water purification based on Ultra-Violates rays. Let Explore more about it.

What Is UV Water Purifier?

UV water is mainly used for disinfecting the microbes present in water. This water purifier contains a UV lamp that produces UV rays which kills and suspend the growth of the bacteria present in the water. This UV eliminating bulb consumes the same power as an 8-15 Watt bulb consume. This bulb is surrounded by a Quartz Glass sleeve, which prevents direct contact with water.

The UV rays penetrate the body wall of the bacteria, virus, and other microbes present in water and destroy their DNA which kills or suspend the growth of the germs. It is proven that A UV water filtration system eliminates 99.99% of microbes present in water.

Working Of UV Water Purifier

UV is an invisible light which is eliminated by a various light source, including the sun. At specific intensity, Ultra-violate rays emit significant radiation, which destroys the microbe's DNA. A UV water purifier contains a UV lamp which eliminates light of 250 nanometers. This light emits slightly higher UV radiation than the sunlight.

The UV light-emitting bulb is mounted in front of a flow chamber from where water flows. Thus the water is exposed to the UV light when flows through the chamber. Any microbes present in the water get sterile by the exposure of the UV light.

This light is so useful, thus kills 99.99% of microbes, including those which are responsible for fatal waterborne diseases, namely Typhoid, Flu, Cholera, Hepatitis, etc. This water purifier is also suitable for all water sources like municipal water, bore well water, etc.

Benefits Of UV Water Purifier

As mentioned above, a UV water purifier kills 99.99% of microbial contamination; thus, if you are concerned about the microbial contamination, then having the best UV water purifier for the home can be the perfect solution. Along with the removal of microbial contamination water purifier UV also possess various benefits which are

  • Chemical Free

UV water purification system is mainly used to disinfect microbes present in your regular used water. But it doesn't use any chemical compound; thus, water purifier using UV, i.e., Ultra-violate rays delivers the best and purified water.

  • Taste & Odor Free

UV water purifier doesn't add any odor and taste in water. It uses radiation to purify water.

  • Highly Effective

It is proven that water purifier based on UV rays kills 99.99% microbial contamination from the water, which is quite higher than other kinds of disinfectant.

  • Consume Less Electricity

This purifier uses the same amount of energy used by the 8-15 Watt electric bulb.

  • Low Maintenance

UV water purifier doesn't require periodic maintenance of the body. Only change the UV lamp annually.

Some Factor You Should Consider While Having UV Water Purifier

Most of the organization claim that their product are the best. But before having the best UV water purifier in India, you need to consider these factors:

  • Water Quality

As we have discussed, the UV water purifier is not capable of eliminating all kinds of water impurities as it only removes microbial contamination. Thus it becomes crucial to check the water source or water quality of regularly used water. If your water has low TDS, then buying a UV water purifier with UF can best option.

  • Price Of The UV Water Purifier

UV water Purifier price is based on the various factor like what other features you are looking for like UV with UF or UV with RO.  Thus it is recommended to choose the best water purifier service provider. Trusted UV water purifier manufacturers create UV water purifier price by keeping in mind about customer needs and budget.

  • The capacity of the Water Purifier

The capacity of the water purifier mainly depends upon the members in your house/offices. Generally, you can install water purifier with a purification capacity of 15liters/hours

If you have finally made your mind to have a UV water purifier, consider having a UV water purifier with storage. Having a water purifier with a storage tank will ensure that you will have pure and safe water all the time you want to.

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