The UV water purifier is used to kill all sorts of microbes present in raw water and stops its reproduction rate. The intensity of UV rays depends on the level of biological contaminants present in the water. Due to various reasons, the UV water purifier is the most effective water disinfection technique that eliminates all kinds of biological elements. Among all available water purifiers, the UV RO water purifier is the most trusted purification technology when it comes to eliminating microbes and bacteria. For long-lasting UV water purifiers, RO care India is the best destination in the market that gives assured benefits.

Try These To Find The Best Performing UV Water Purifier

UV-water purifiers use ultraviolet rays to disinfect water by killing all the microbes present in water. UV rays destroy microbes so that it cannot reproduce and is essentially killed as they do not reproduce anymore. The intensity of inactivation depends on the intensity of the UV rays and the quality and flow rate of water. Because of all these reasons, the UV water purifier is the most effective technique to treat all kinds of water. In water purifiers, UV is the most trusted purification technology in all available technologies.

The selection of UV water purifier depends on three major factors -

  1. What is your source water supply
  2. How many people do you intend to use the water purifier
  3. What is your budget

In the majority of cases, the water supply is through municipal water lines either supplied in water tankers by local providers. The cases where water is pre-processed and no need for any 'advance' filtering, then UV is best to have. If you just want to know the exact quality of water, you can send the samples to any water testing lab to get the exact water quality and find the best-matched water purifier.

Advantages Of A Having UV Water Purifier

  • UV water purifier doesn't use any chemical disinfectants as it disinfects water without using any harsh chemicals
  • UV water purifier does not chemically alter the water in any way as it contains its original taste and odor
  • A UV water purifier doesn't have any frequent maintenance need
  • No water wasted in the UV treatment process requires as it doesn’t need to drain water
  • When people compromising with water, the UV makes your drinking water safe  

Know-How To Maintain Your UV Water Purifier Unit

Generally UV water purifier’s last couple of years, but it also needs periodic maintenance like any other water purifier. Though, UV water purifiers are easy to maintain and designed to run continually without any hassle.

Replace the UV lamp once a year because, over time, the mercury inside the lamp wastes.

The glass quartz sheath around the lamp needs to be cleaned for the UV lamp to work continually. Don’t forget to check the quartz cover when you change the lamp and make sure it might be clean.

Replace the quartz cover once or twice a year because it is fragile and might break.

Buying Guide Of UV Water Purifier

There are so many water purifiers are available for customers, and that creates confusion to choose the best water purifier. RO Care India helps you to find the best water as per your water quality and budget. A considerable water purifier is one that is neither too costly nor has too much installation and maintenance cost. Always go for the water purifier that works best in all types of water without causing too many problems, have a longer life span, can be used for all types of water.

Important Factors To Look Out For In Finding The Best Purifier

  • The water purifier must be loaded with the superior technology
  • Maintenance friendly and easily accessible spare parts
  • Affordability in terms of service and spares
  • Lower maintenance and installation cost