It is now possible to get cold and pure drinking in a single water purification system with a water cooler with a purifier. Water cooler with an inbuilt purifier cools and purifies water along and saves time and energy. RO care India has extensive experience in these types of cooling solutions that has inbuilt water purifiers in one cooling system. The storage water coolers have inbuilt RO purification technology that offers non-stop cold and safe water ready for consumption. These latest technology inbuilt water coolers have the best RO filter technology for continuous and effective operation. Because of these features it proves a comprehensive and compact solution for pure and cold water.

Water Cooler With Purifier: Get Pure, Cool And Goodness In Every Drop

With years of experience in water purifier manufacturing, the RO care India has become a leader in water purification and cooling solutions. It is one of the best examples of innovation and research that brings cutting-edge technology water purifiers that offer you more. Now you can enjoy cold drinking water that is 100% pure in a water purifier.

Already leaders in the water purifier world, we bring storage water coolers with inbuilt RO, UV purification technology that not only supply pure and cold water but also gives assurity for service. Unfiltered drinking water is one of the main sources of waterborne infection, and food poisoning, in the majority of cases.

The Application And Demand Of Water Cooler With Purifier

Hence, the inbuilt purification technology water cooler is in high demand because of its importance in daily life. That is why we incorporate a water cooler in a water purifier to make it a reliable cooling system, RO purification and contaminant filtration at the same time. The water cooler with purifiers has become comprehensive and compact solutions for safe, clean and cool drinking water.

The RO care India range of storage water coolers with inbuilt purification system is designed for rapid cooling with its larger storage tanks to cater high-volume drinking water needs in schools, colleges, corporate sectors, factories, hospitals, and other public places like railway stations, airports, bus stops and petrol pumps.

Proven Filtration Techniques TO Get Pure Water

  • The inbuilt purification technology water cooler gives faster cooling
  • Get cool and pure water in lower power consumption
  • High water purification rate and minimum water wastage
  • The inbuilt water cooler is made for longer life
  • It has sure contamination-free storage
  • You can get cold water even through long power cuts
  • The inbuilt water cooler with purifier is a space saving system
  • This is a low maintenance and reliable water system
  • RO care India made it for ease of service

Why Choose RO Care India Water Coolers With Inbuilt RO Purification

  • Our water coolers with RO filtration use trial and tested RO technology to offer you chilled drinking water that is safe for drinking and cooking
  • The RO uses a semi-permeable membrane to filter out suspended impurities from the raw water and make it safe for consumption
  • Along with the RO filter, our range of water coolers has 6 more filters that make the water safe to drink, and cook. The water filtration process lowers the hardness present in the water as well as the TDS level.

The 7-Stage Purification Process

  1. It has polypropylene candle to remove physical impurities from feed water
  2. The pre-carbon block is used for absorbing color, odor and taste
  3. Anti-scalant filter is there to remove deposits over the RO membrane
  4. The sediment filter eliminate all sorts of fine sediments present in raw water
  5. RO membrane filter less than 10 micron strains, microbes and TDS
  6. The post-carbon filter is used to lift the taste of filtered water
  7. The Nano-silver leaching technology prevents microbial presence in the storage tank