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A portable water purifier can easily be transported to get purified water. This water purifier can eliminate physical, chemical, and biological impurities to bring healthy and pure water. A portable water purifier is beneficial for all those who concerned about their drinking water quality even at traveling.

While traveling, people drinking water from different sources without knowing more about their source, but buying a portable water purifier can help them to drink you and healthy water. Like another water purifier, water purified by portable water purifier is also 100% safe and healthy.

Type Of Portable Water Purifier?

Most of the time, people get confused while selecting a portable water purifier as various kinds of portable water purifiers are available in India. Depending upon the need a portable water purifier is of multiple types like pump filters, Gravity filters, and Straw filter

  1. Pump Filter

A pump filter is relatively larger as compared to the other portable RO water purifier, but still, you can pack it easily into your bag. A pump filter contains two lead lines, one for a water source, and the other is for the collection of pure and healthy water. Along with these leading lines, a portable water purifier also contains a small pump which is used to draw water.

A pump water purifier contains ceramic filters and fiber filters, whereas some pump water purifier is based on Activated carbon filter or block carbon filters. The ceramic filters are porous, and its surface contains 0.5-1 micron holes. When water passes through these pores, the contaminations get blocked.

  1. Gravity Filters

Gravity portable water purifier is for those people who wish to travel in remote areas because it doesn't require constant water supply and electricity to bring healthy and pure water. A gravity water filter contains two containers. To get pure and healthy drinking water, you need to pour water in one container place above. Now water is passed through the gravity filter and gets collected in the second container placed lower. The second container tap to refill your water recipient.

A gravity filter is based on ceramic and activated carbon filters to bring healthy and pure water. The water purified by gravity water filter is free from all kinds of water contaminations. A gravity portable water purifier can eliminate bacteria, viruses, protozoa, herbicides, pesticides, chlorine, and many others.

  1. Straw Filter

A straw portable water filters are one of the lightest portable water purification system. This system is like a straw to use this portable water purifier you need to get close to the water source and draw in water through the straw. A straw filter demands a more powerful draw to work.

A straw water filter uses a cartridge, which is made up of a hollow fiber membrane, and these membranes are tightly woven together to the water pass through the various membrane then only reach to you. These fibers are very porous, but these pores are tiny in size.

Which Is The Best Portable Water Purifier?

There are various brands which manufacture different kinds of portable water purifier here at RO Care India we have listed a few top-rated portable water purifier brand.

  • Kent

Kent is one of the well-known brands in the field of water purification. It manufactures various kinds of portable water purifiers. Kent believes in customer satisfaction; thus, their products are based on quality raw material, which makes Kent a long-lasting product. Kent portable water purifier not

  • Lifestraw

Lifestraw top manufacturer quality portable water purifier to eliminate all kinds of water contamination present in water. It can punch out dissolved salts and microbial contamination easily. Their products are based on excellent quality raw material, which makes it long-lasting and high yielding portable water purifier.

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