RO Water Purifier: Eliminate All Water Impurities

As the day passes, water getting contaminated, and the consumption of contaminated water kills millions of lives every year. But thanks to the RO water purifier, which protect us from drinking impure and unhealthy water. RO water purifiers are the water purification methods that eliminate all kinds of water impurities.

If you are looking for an RO system, then the first needed step is the selection of the best manufacturer and service provider. We are the leading and topmost player in this field. We lead in all brands of RO water purifier, but before having an RO, you need to know more about it.

As various RO purifier manufacturers in India and all of the best RO in India, you need to choose according to your budget and requirement. We help you from buying of best RO system to the installation of the system.

What Is RO Water Purifier?

An RO water purifier is based on reverse osmosis technology, which is opposite to the osmosis process. In the reverse osmosis process, water flows against the concentration gradient, i.e., from a higher concentration of solute to the lower concentration of solute, which is an active process thus need an external force. An RO water purifier contains a semi-permeable membrane, which is selective and only allows water and smaller size particle to pass through it.

Among all the water purifiers R O water purifier is the best as it can eliminate all kinds of impurities present in raw water. Water is the natural solvent and can dissolve almost everything in it. Due to this, property water becomes the home of various disease-causing agents, and consumption of contaminated water causes several types of health conditions.

Working RO Water Purifier

An RO water purifier is based on the reverse osmosis process in which water flows through the semi-permeable membrane, which is selective; thus, purification of water occurs here. This semi-permeable membrane is called an RO membrane.

The RO membrane has tiny pores which retain molecules whose molecular size is more significant then RO membrane pore size. An RO water purifier can eliminate 95% of 65 different types of water contaminated, including lead, fluoride, chlorine, dissolved salts, and many others.

Generally, An RO water purifier contains Four Stage For Water Purification

  • Sediment filter

It acts as a pre-filter that is designed to remove sediment, slit, and dirt. This is one of the essential processes as it protects the RO membrane by avoiding dirt from reaching out to the RO membrane.

  • Carbon Filter

The carbon filter is mainly designed to eliminate chlorine and other contaminants that may affect the life of the RO membrane. The carbon filter is also used to improve the taste of the water by removing unwanted odor.

  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Here when water passes through the membrane, the larger size molecule remains the other side, and water flows across the RO membrane and brings pure water for drinking.

  • Polishing Filter

Here in this stage of the RO purifier, the final filtration of water occurs. This step mainly contains a post-carbon filter, which removes any taste, odor, and contamination remain in the water even after passing the RO water purifier.  

An advanced and best RO purifier also contains UV and UF technology to enhance purified water quality. The UV lamp present in advance water purifier RO system eliminate the microbial contamination present in the raw water.

Does All RO Water Purifier Same?

No, not all the RO water purifiers are the same. It may same its design, but approx all the RO purifier differ in functionality. There are the few functions on which RO water purifier can be separated are

  • Number of water filtration stage
  • An RO water purifier per day can filter the amount of water
  • Quality of the raw mater present in the system
  • The additional technology used in RO purifier

Best RO Water Purifier For Home

There are various RO purifier manufacturers in India. Still, you to have the best RO water purifier manufacturer so that you can enjoy the drinking safe and healthy water whenever you wish to drink water. Here are a few best RO in India which who has drawn the attention of a large number of Indian users.

  • Kent

Kent is one of the leading RO water manufacturers in India. It manufactures RO water purifier with advanced technology, which can treat all kinds of water contamination. Their products contain high-quality raw material; thus, it serves for an extended period.

  • Eureka Forbes

This is one of the famous names in the water purification system. Eureka Forbes manufactures various kinds of RO water purifier. Their water purifier products have been created by keeping in mind customer needs and requirements. Eureka Forbes's water purifier products are of good quality, and it can eliminate water impurities for a long time.

  • AO Smith

They manufacture one of the best RO in India. RO water purifier made by AO Smith is technologically advanced. Its water purifier is based on water-saving technology; 

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