RO UV Water Purifier

With the increasing hazardous effect of drinking contaminated water, people are getting more conscious about their drinking water.  A water purifier manufacturer understands this common issue, thus regularly design water purifier by using advanced and innovative water purification technology. RO UV water purifier is one of the best and innovative water purifier which brings healthy drinkable water.

An RO UV water purifier is based on the innovative water purification technology called Reverse osmosis and Ultra-Violate rays. As water is a universal solvent can dissolve almost everything in it. Due to this property of water become home to various kinds of diseasing agent. But the use of the RO UV water purifier ensures the elimination of all impurities from the water.

Why Is RO UV Water Purifier Important?

RO, i.e., reverse osmosis water purification technology, is based on the semi-permeable membrane with several pores whose size are 0.0005 microns. When water passes through the RO membrane, the impurities remain another side. As a result, you receive contamination-free water for consumption. In the reverse osmosis process, separation of impurities takes place based on molecular size.

But UV water purification technology mainly removes the microbial contamination present in the water. In this process, water is exposed to UV light. When the light passes through the UV chamber, its speed are maintained slow so that microbial impurities remain in contact with UV light for the long time. The UV rays have high penetration power. As a result, it penetrates the microbial body barriers and destroys the DNA. The damaged DNA result in permanent and temporary loss of growth of microbes. This is how your water with high total dissolved salts and microbial contamination gets purified entirely by using the RO UV water purifier.

Thus you can install this water purifier irrespective of your inlet water quality. RO UV water purifier is suitable for all kinds of water impurities. Now RO UV water purifier are featured with the TDS controller and Mineral Booster.

How RO UV Water Purifier With TDS Controller And Mineral Booster Affects Your Drinking Water?

Sometimes during the water purification, water lost its essential minerals; thus, to avoid this error, the RO UV water purifier are featured with the mineral booster and TDS controller. In this process, minerals are added back to purified water to maintain the optimum TDS concentration of the water. The mineral booster process also useful in improving the taste of the water.

When water falls from the sky, it does not contains any minerals. When water flows on the ground, it starts dissolving everything in it. As a result, minerals get associated with water. Thus the TDS concentration of the water varies from place to place. Minerals are essentials but only when they are present in optimum concentration. Minerals booster and TDS controller maintain the optimum mineral concentration in your drinking water and making it tasty and healthy for consumption.

Which RO UV Water Purifier Is Best?

There are various organization who manufacturer RO UV water purifier but are few top-rated water purifier which not only manufactures best water purifier but also take care of their customer by offering best at the lowest cost.

  • Aquaguard

Eureka Forbes manufacturers, Panni Ka Doctor, Aquaguard. It manufactures various kinds of water purifiers. Aquaguard RO UV water purifier is one of the best water purifiers as it is loved by a large number of people inside India. RO UV water purifier form Aquaguard uses the best quality raw material, which makes this product long-lasting and durable. Aquaguard RO UV water purifier are featured with UF, TDS controller, and Mineral Booster to improve the water purity and water taste.

  • Kent

It is one of the well-known brands of water purifier which manufacture water purifier based on advanced and innovative technology to bring


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