The 5000 LPH RO plants are used in beverage, mineral water manufacturing plants, and other large scale food plants. The RO care India RO plants have pre-filter, RO membrane, and sediment filter to make it potable. It gives a 50% water recovery rate with high-pressure water filtration pumps. The 5000 LPH RO Plant is a large-scale industrial and commercial RO plant that caters to 5000 liters of water. It is installed to deliver the high water quantity needed as 5000 LPH RO Plant has delivered the best quality water. The RO membrane is there to remove the excess of minerals that elevates its TDS and UV technology to eliminate microbial contaminations. The 5000 LPH RO Plant is designed with a TDS infuser and membrane filtration technology to work effortlessly up to 2000 ppm water hardness.

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