The plastic water tank has become one of the most preferred water tank models because of its light weight and convenience to install. The food grade materials are used in the manufacturing of these plastic water tanks and make it safe for all purpose use. There are a number of designs and models of plastic water tanks that you can choose for your specific needs. RO care India gives you a diverse option of plastic water storage tanks that is designed to keep its cost lower. Connect with us to get the best-matched plastic water tanks to fulfill your desired water needs.

Plastic Water Tank: The Food Grade Water Storage Tank

Find different size and type of plastic water tanks that suits your daily water requirements. The food grade materials are used in the construction of these plastic storage containers make them highly durable and safe for storing water. The RO Care India plastic water storage tanks are suitable for safe domestic use and can be used for many years.

Select your best model from different range water tanks from 200 liters to over 2500 liters, as per your needs. The triple-layered internal and external water storage tanks are strong enough to hold heavy water volumes. The plastic water tank model is portable and heavy-duty to make it safe for transporting from place to place without any damage.

See How Easily You Can Pick The Best Plastic Water Storage Tank

The water storage tank is required to store water safe and pure for further use as we are going through a shortage of fresh water sources. You can use a plastic water tank to collect and store water for all household uses like drinking, washing, and cleaning. We also have extended size water storage tanks that can be specially made for farming and agriculture practices.

Our range of plastic water storage tanks is made from cutting-edge Nano-silver technology to make it anti-bacterial inside the tank. To stop the growth of bacteria and molds in the water tank, we have developed a sliver shield technology to keep the inner surface clean and clear. So, you can consider our plastic water storage tank model safe for drinking as well as any other purposes.

Types Of Plastic Storage Water Tanks

  • Vertical plastic water tanks are flexible and easier to access and must be placed over the ground. The vertical water storage tanks can be used for any day-to-day purpose because of their tough design and strength.
  • Horizontal plastic tanks are used for liquid transporting purposes as they can be loaded and unloaded easily. Because of the high grade plastic material, it is best for the transportation of water and other liquids.
  • The double wall plastic tank model is made to provide a secondary containment space for hazardous chemicals. This model of plastic water tank is widely used in rainwater storage.