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Dr. Softener 1 Inch is a premium-quality water softener system designed to remove hardness minerals from your household water supply. Hard water is a common problem that can cause damage to your plumbing fixtures, appliances, and even your skin and hair. With the Dr. Softener 1 Inch, you can enjoy soft and silky water that is gentle on your skin and hair, and also extends the life of your appliances.

The Dr. Softener 1 Inch features a high-capacity resin tank that is designed to remove hardness minerals like calcium and magnesium from your water supply. The system uses a process called ion exchange, where the hardness minerals are replaced with sodium ions, resulting in soft water.

This water softener system is highly efficient and features a user-friendly control valve that makes it easy to set up and operate. The system also features a backwash filter that removes any residual contaminants and ensures that your water remains clean and pure.

The Dr. Softener 1 Inch is designed to be compact and space-saving, making it easy to install in small spaces. The system also features a durable construction and high-quality components that ensure long-lasting performance and reliability.

Overall, the Dr. Softener 1 Inch is a reliable and efficient water softener system that provides soft and silky water for your household. Its efficient performance, durable construction, and user-friendly controls make it a smart investment for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their water supply and protect their plumbing fixtures and appliances from damage caused by hard water.

Dr Softener uses a Patented Ceramic Ball comprising of all-natural material instead of some synthetic or chemical material that comes with numerous side-effects against a few advantages. This Ceramic Ball generates Far Infrared Rays (FIR) that activates the water, which in turn energizes it to have a better effect on the human cellular system to rejuvenate the body and soul together. These Ceramic Balls are treated at an extremely high temperature of 1550 C + to made them active to energize the water passing through.

Dr. Softener 1 Inch is a semi-automatic food-grade plastic water softener and can be used for all sources of water like borewell, tanker, and municipal water. The domestic water softener model has a good water flow rate, so you can fulfill the whole house water requirements. Dr. Softener 1 Inch will cost you Rs. 50,000/-, and you will get a value-for-money water softener that needs minimal after-installation benefits.

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What does Ceramic Ball Water Activator do?

These Ceramic Ball Water Activators generates negative ions that have a miraculous impact on the human body system and work at the cellular level to enhance the healing of the entire biological body. They work on the cells of the body and make them function in a proper manner they are supposed to work; thus, preventing them from any malfunctioning or deteriorating the body systems. The negative ions prevent the body from oxidization and help it in leading a longer life. Therefore, these Ceramic Ball Water Activators are a boon to keep the human body fit and healthy in a natural way without taking the aid of any synthetic or chemical material.

Are Negative Ions a real miracle for the human body?

Yes, you got it right! The Negative Ions do a lot for us. From increasing your immune system to reducing toxins to protect your skin from ill-effects of chlorine, it does all. Researches have shown that it alleviates SAD, seasonal affective disorder too. So far so good, but how these Far Infrared Rays (FIR) do this miracle?

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