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Eden Ionizer is nothing but an alkaline water ionizer can produce a constant water flow. This light weight water ionizer is based on cutting-edge technology micro-adjustment facility. This is a compact and simple water ionizer model that can be installed without any help of expert plumbers. The Revolution Semi-Commercial Water Ionizer costs you Rs. 83,000/- and doesn’t need any expert installation.

The PL-B302 Eden Ionizer from Chanson is not only economical and compact but designed richly add to your kitchen style and stylistic theme while serving you the best alkaline water machine one could ever have. It comes with the micro-adjustment facility to set the water as per your need and is the best suitable for your kitchen countertop.

The micro-adjustment feature makes it appropriate to use around the globe with no geographical constraint or without confining the user to comply with a particular type of water source. In this way, whatever is the geographic location or whatever is the type of water source, one can always use PL-B302 without any apprehension of not receiving proper alkaline water. Presently, whatever is the situation, one needs to set the adjustment on the machine and avail the best alkaline ionized water.

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