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Water Purifier: Drink Healthy & Live Healthy

Water Purifier: Drink Healthy & Live Healthy

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Get Purity and Health with Water Purifier

Do you know you can live without food for some days but without water, it is not possible? Water is one of the fundamental need for a human. The human body contains approximately 55- 60% water. Human beings require water for the transportation of nutrients and removal of waste. You can also get rid of obesity simply by repeated rehydrating yourself. So drinking pure water is essential to living a healthy life. A research work published in American Journal Of Epidemiology revealed that drinking more water reduces the risk of heart disease. Drinking more water improves the function of muscle action along with the brain function, digestion, and joint health.

Should Know your water

Water is transparent, tasteless, colorless & odorless chemical substance. It is also called as the universal solvent. Water occupies about 70% of earth surface, but only 2.5% water is freshwater.

What is Hard water?

Earth water is the only source of drinking water. When the rainwater passes through the soil and rocks many natural noxious minerals get dissolved in it, such as calcium, magnesium and other metal cations. Presence of heavy metals and dissolved salts in water results in hard water. Calcium & magnesium are two most common minerals which are responsible for the hard water. The degree of the hardness increase with the increasing concentration of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water and its level varies from place to place. Hard water can leads to hair loss and skin disease. In the presence of calcium and magnesium soap and detergent don’t produce foam. Hence soap scum occurs on your clothes.

Human Activities Which Lead To Water Pollution

Nowadays over-exploitation of natural resources by human occurs at the very high rate which significantly contributes to pollution. Some human activity like dumping domestic waste or hazardous chemical into water bodies, uses of fertilizer for crop production also leads to water pollution.

What Is Water Pollution? It's Effect On Mankind

Addition and removal of any substance into the water which changes the physical, chemical, and biological property of water are called as a water pollutant. High concentration of a deleterious pollutant is present is polluted water. Polluted water is a remarkable source of many water-borne diseases, such as cholera, typhoid, dysentery, and diarrheal disease. Every year more than three million death occurs worldwide.

Water Purification

Water purification process is the removal of suspended solid particle, toxic chemicals, micro-organism, & gases from the water. Purification of water is mainly performed to produce clean, pure & healthy water for various purpose.

Why should you invest in Water purifier?

What do you think, your tap water is pure? The answer is No, more then 90% of freshwater is heavily contaminated with plastic. Plastics are evil for your health researchers exhibited that plastic is the main cause of cancer and endocrine disruption.

Now, Worried about your family health? Not to worry, Luckily you have an option of water purifier.

The water purifier is the pronounced solution of polluted water. The water purifier is the best way to protect your family. A water purifier is a machine which removes the impurities from the water. Several brands of water purifier are available in the market but their goal is same, production of clean and healthy water.

Here are the 4 different types of water purifier

  1. RO Water Purifier
    RO water purifier is widely accepted water purifier in India. RO water purifier is based on the reverse osmosis technology. In this technology, water is allowed to pass through a semi-permeable membrane in an opposite direction to the natural osmosis. RO water purifier can remove heavy metals and dissolved salts from your regular water. RO water purifier comes up with basic purity of water & it is best to water purifier for that city where water is not heavily contaminated.

  2. UV Water purifier
    Panic about the presence of disease-causing bacteria in water? Then, this water purifier for you.
    UV water purifier is the advanced form of water purifier. It is mainly designed to kill all the germs and bacteria present in the water. As we know water supports life, different types of micro-organism can service for a long time. Ultraviolet rays kill the micro-organisms and protect you from a fatal disease.

  3. RO + UV Water purifier
    This water purifier uses both reverse osmosis and UV radiation technology to treat water. It means your water purifier offers more punch on the water to remove contamination. In case of this water purifier, your water is treated twice to deliver you clean and healthy water. RO technology removes heavy metal along with the physical contamination and UV technology kills all the micro-organisms colonies present in water. RO + UV water purifier proposed a one-stop solution for both physical and bacteria contamination.

  4. RO + UF + UV + TDS Purifier system
    Concern about the taste and nutritional quality of water?
    This water purifier is the solution of your all problems. RO+UF+UV+TDS water purifier combines all the technology of water purification. This is the best water purifier available in India. RO & UF (ultra-filtration) technology removes all the hard minerals and physical impurities, UV technology reduces bacterial contamination and TDS (Total Dissolved Salts) technology checks the TDS level in the and finally, you get the purest form of water. The TDS technology converts any kinds of polluted water into purest water. RO+UF+UV+TDS water purifier has an advanced stage which improves the taste and nutritional quality of the water.

5 Benefits of RO water purifier

  • Removes odor
    As we know water has no odor but some impurities add some unpleasant smell in your regular water. Odor present in the water can affect the taste of your meals. Water purifier removes the odor from the water and restores their natural combination

  • Improves your health and skin
    Pure water is free from bacteria and another micro-organism that cause disease. RO water purifier not only treat hard but also kills the micro-organism present in the water. Drinking clean water will help you to hydrates your skin which ultimately gives your skin a healthy glow.

  • Save your time
    The traditional methods of water purification are, boiling. Boiling water not only removes the essential minerals but also a time-consuming process. RO water purifier will save a lot of time for you.

  • Healthy & smooth hair
    RO water purifier treats hard water and produces soft water. The soft water requires less soap to achieve an optimal result. Soft water also maintains the optimum pH of the hair provides you smooth & manageable hair.

  • Protect environment
    Do you know the use of water purifier at your home or office contributes to environmental protection? If you don’t use water purifier you will purchase minerals water. Mineral water is available in a plastic bottle which increases plastic waste. This plastic waste ultimately increases the carbon footprint.

Some Water Impurities Which You should know About The Water:

Your regular use water mostly contains four types of impurities in it. You should know about that. These are given below

Physical Impurities:

As you know that water is a colorless, and odorless substance. Being a natural solvent water dissolves most of the substance which comes in contact with it and these substances change the water quality i.e taste, color, odor, turbidity, and temperature. Turbidity is the haziness or cloudiness of a water. The turbidity of the water potentially occurs due to the presence of sediments, slits, mud and etc. These substances get settle quickly and disturb the water quality but these impurities can easily remove by your RO filter. So book your RO filter or RO system.

Chemical Impurities:

Chemical contamination present in the water occurs due to the presence of dissolved chemical such as nitrogen, nitrate, mercury, fluoride, and etc. The source of these chemicals can be the natural as well as man-made. The presence of these chemicals in your drinking water can badly affect your body health. These chemical impurities are not easy to remove if you don't have a Water Filter Systems. The RO Water Filter System removes these types of impurity smoothly and delivers you harmful chemical free water at your demand so you should install your water purifier filter. RO filter is suitable for the removal of chemical impurities present in your water and protects you from its side effect.

Biological Impurities:

All the micro-organism present in your water cause water pollution which can be harmful to drinking purpose. Micro-organism which causes biological impurities in your regular water are bacteria, fungi, virus, protozoa, inset and etc. These micro-organisms are responsible for many deadly diseases, mostly disturb your internal organ. It is a perception that biological contamination can be easy removed by boiling water but for your kind information, there is some biological contamination which doesn't have any effect when you boil your water, it means that micro-organism can service even at high temperature. These impurities can only be removed by using water filter teartment. RO water filter has a membrane of particular pore size which doesn't allow the micro-organism to pass through it whereas UV-water purifier kills or suspend the growth of the micro-organism present in your regular water and finally delivers you bacterial contamination free water.

Radiological impurities:

These days radiological contamination is spreading quickly. Most of the industries dump their waste into the water body which leads to water pollution. Waste from the nuclear power plant and research center or pharmaceutical industries is called as radiological impurities. These impurities are very much harmful to your health and these impurities can't be removed without using a water purifier filter. The substance which is responsible for the radiological waste as are cesium, plutonium, and uranium. Your RO water purifier removes all these radiological contaminations.


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