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RO Care India is an independent multi brand water purifier service aggregator in India. We are not associated with any other water purifier brands in any regard. We are the fastest and largest growing company having presence in 1300+ cities and 10,000+ qualified technicians.

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Healthy Water Healthy Life: Safe Water Save Life

Water the most important element in ours. Life does not exist without water. Everything on the earth is relative to water. One can’t assume its life without water, whether it's a food chain or anything else. The plants require water to make their food, and we have plants as food, animals consume more water than anything. Water is not only used for drinking but utilized in many forms. Ice and steams other stages of water which has its functions in many areas. There is not an alternative to water, which can replace water. But water is the most heated topic nowadays. If we take a look in the water system and the water bodies, they are being ruined by various chemicals and toxic things. Water bodies are no more safe to use for drinking purpose directly. Drinking water is the primary concern for society. Toxic and industrial waste is the main reason for ruining water bodies. water filters are the new technologies to treat unhealthy water to convert it into healthy water.

Water filtration is the process of removing the bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and harmful toxic substances which are detrimental for our body. The standard of drinking water is set up by the Indian Government, which include the maximum and the minimum concentration.

Drinking water is no more safe, as the water bodies and the water source are polluted. The major cause of water pollutions can be categorized with respect to rural and urban areas. Rural Areas has different reasons for this problem and so urban areas.

In rural areas, it is found that ponds rivers are the main water bodies. Their home base work depends on these ponds and rivers; In many of these villages, it is found that their washrooms outlets are direct attaches with the rivers. The washing of clothes, bathing in rivers, cows sanitary, animals waste are the main reason for the pollution of water bodies in rural areas.

Urban Areas has different reasons for these problems. The industries are the major problem for water bodies. Most of the industries are set up near the rivers, deliver its chemical waste in rivers, resulting in water pollution and cause of the birth of various diseases.

It has become a big problem and an excellent issue for society to find suitable and healthy drinking water. To fight with these problems, different companies came with the different technology to purify the water by filtration and with the modified method so that we can utilize the water for our drinking water filters. Various brands of water filters are available in the markets with different specifications. India has come up with different filters. You can get the whole information’s of the  water filters online. Even you can purchase the water filter online, and connect it at home. There is various service that the company provides to the customer. Although if you buy the company product online even then, you get the service provided.RO water filter online is the most shopped in the online market.

Nowadays, water filter online shopping in India has become common. Water filter online shopping provides you with the best options and the specifications on your mobile phone or the computer. You can shop from your home.

Amazon, Flipkart and the online company store is the most used online platform. Buying water filter online of the filters you can get the variety of different products with a different rate. Cheap water filters are also available in the market. Even in the season, you get the discount on the product.

Water filteration system are the essential thing nowadays. Drinking safe water by installing a ro water filter at our home is a must. There are different types of filters working on different kinds of techniques.

RO Water Filters

These are the most common type of purifiers names as Reverse Osmosis. This gives the high level of purifications. These type of purifiers requires electricity to operate. They kill and removes all the bacteria and viruses from the water. They use a special technique of boosting the tap water pressure. Also helps in removing dissolved salts. With the modern days, the different functioning of purifiers has a prefiltration system to deal with dirty water. Ro Water filters online provide you variation in prices.

You can also buy RO water filter online with the bulk of offers attached to it. Online RO water Filter is the same as you will get from the store.


UV Water Filters

It stands for the Ultraviolet water purification. It is the most effective method for detecting the bacteria and removing them from the water. UV rays penetrate harmful pathogens in your water and destroy the illness-causing bacteria.They help in killing bacteria and viruses, but their Dead bodies remain in the water. UV water filters can work with the normal tap water pressure. The water from UV is clear so to consume it for drinking purpose.

Uf Water Filters

This is Ultra Filtration membrane. This is a similar membrane to the RO membrane. UF water filter is one of the ideal filter. Installing it will give you the chemical-free water. This filters is capable of removing the small germs and the defects. These types of filters are in the market with no usage of the electricity. They help to kill the bacteria and the viruses from the water in an effective way. It cannot remove the dissolved salts from the water. This can work with the dirty turbid water.

According to the uses and the capacity to deal with the dirt, the Kent Grand Plus has scored the first position in India. This is a type of UF/UV water filter Talking of the water filter the name comes in our mind is Kent which assures you of  99% purity of water. The following are the specifications of Kent

Water filter online shop are available as company stores and online platforms.

Online sale of the filter has come up with a great extent. At the online store, we can get the different rate filters, with different specifications. Order water filter online and water filter for home online shopping makes it more accessible. The online price are:-

Water filter online prices include variation. The Cheap water filter online in India, you can get it in the cost of Rs.4770.00 with the great specification. At this cost, it provides you with with14 stage technology. It comes with High-Quality UV lamps inside the machine which kills the bacteria and viruses With the High-quality booster pumps. Adding to the company provides you with the 1-year manufacturing warranty. Depending upon the cost you can get the purifiers ranging from Rs. 4770 to Rs. 22,000 with different and advanced techniques. While at amazon store you can get the water filter at the reasonable cost of MRP Rs 1339, which is cost-effective for everyone, to buy it. Its cost varies as per your requirement and demands. Buy water filter online to save some money.

Water filters are the most trusted things in the market to convert the tap water into the drinking water. The purification process helps to remove the contaminated water, which might cause harm to your body.

It is better to remove the risk before it risks your life. Here are some of the benefits of using water filters at home.

Lowers Cancer Risk

Chemicals and other toxic substances in the river reached in your house through the water supply. These are the poisonous substance you will directly consume if you do not treat your water. It affects your health in a fatal way, where you can suffer cancer. Elimination these through the water purification will help to reduce the risk and might reduce the chances of getting cancer.

Improved Flavor

Contaminated water tastes bad. Also, the contaminated water decreases the mineral content in the water due to which it tastes terrible. Sometimes treating water through the water filters can improve the water taste.

Reduce Chlorine Level

Chlorine in drinking water can cause several health issues. These include:-

            Continue use of chlorine water can risk cancer. Regular usage can leads your body at higher risk.

            Cardiovascular problems in common with the continual uses of the contaminated water.

            Can cause Asthma, is a leading disease.

            Can leads to congenital disabilities. Using it can affect women when they are pregnant.

Using online water filters can treat the chlorine by removing it. This will help you to keep your family safe and free from illness and can improve the overall quality of life.


Boiling of water before consuming can helps to remove the contaminants, but this is a time consuming process. We need a technology which can save time and eliminate the pollutants from the water. For the large water treatment, we can use them, which will save time and helps to improve the quality of the water.

Lower Bacterial Level

Continuous drinking of dirty water, which is full of bacteria, can cause you several illnesses. While these bacteria’s can cause you with chronic disease. Especially for the children, it can be life-threatening. With the contaminated water, both the children and the adults can get affected. Water purification systems ensure that your drinking water is bacterial free.

Cost Saving

These days in the market, we can see that the filtered and the treated water are in the bottle. It becomes our need to get safe water. Water filters reduce your cost. In the Indian market, the rate of packet bottle’s is Rs.20 per bottle. At one time investment, you can buy the water filters online or from the store which will help you forever, by treating your tap water and make it for use for you. Cheap water filters online are available.

Fewer Plumbing Contaminants

  This can happen when you are in your old homes. Your pipe can contain copper and other contaminants too. Which will comes through your house and with filtration if you drink it can cause several damages to the body. When you set up the the filter, your water gets directly treated at the tap and passes to you.

Buying the water filter online can also provide you with the best options and the best prices comprising different offers and cashback. Order water filter online and fix it in your house and get rid of the contaminated water and get rid of the various diseases. In this digital world, everyone tries to shop things from their home, and the water filter online shop gives you the assurity of the product. Therefore, the customers also tries to shop the water filters and get installed at their home.

Important facts of water filters online

In today’s world, pure water is essential for leading a healthy lifestyle. The 21st century is the era of digitalization, and in this modern era, people are familiar enough about social media. Successful life or longevity of a water purifiers depends on the water filter, which is used in the product. People are now concentrating more on the quality over the quantity as they know good quality water filter certainly helps to save the water filter for a long-time duration without any damage. Companies are now providing all detailed information of water filters online along with top-notch water filter so that people can able to understand about the quality of the product. Through various websites of companies which deal with water filters online, they always observe the latest home appliances product.

The demand for water filters is increasing day by day. Hence every company are focusing on trending products, which will be best in performance and easy to use in households. Water filters manufacturers have launched a large number of quality products with buy water filter online option which helps to purchase any desirable products from online websites by satisfying all the requirement of people along with satisfactory price range.

The popularity of water filter online shopping field

Nowadays, online shopping field is famous enough, and various digital platforms such as social media, Facebook, YouTube has great contribution to promote newly launched water filter. As online shopping service is less time consuming and people can easily choose their water filters after viewing a large number of attractive items, there is enough opportunity along with a huge stock which helps all customers to select the best one. It is also important to verify good quality water filter which delivers continuous service. From water filter online shopping facility, people can gather exact information with proper knowledge of the best water filter with a top-notch water filter.

Successful online business strategy of water filter

For operating a successful business through online websites, each and every people who are directly connected to the business gives enough effort so that all people throughout India can able to visit their product. Water filter online shopping can be easily available at a single click option only. Employees are strongly dedicated to each customer for increasing the reputation of the company and the products. People can buy any water filters from official websites of water filter companies as the number of use water filters online India is increasing day by day.

Online shopping websites and stores of water filters in India

Customers always trust those water filters online websites which have a high reputation over the years and reviews on filter are positive. companies always try to maintain their official business websites through which all activities of the business are reflected, and people can identify trusted business websites.

Purchasing facility of water filters through online sites

Water filter service dealers have delivered online purchasing facility. From official online websites, people can purchase any water filter as per their choice. Instant online service of water filters online India helps all people in India. Customers experience good quality water filter at a very cheap price, and they can get useful products from cheap water filters online without thinking twice or any kind of delay. After buying numerous home appliances product through water filter online purchase, people get outstanding offers along with a special discount for purchasing water filter products from the online service facility.

Several types of water filters in RO Water System

Water deliver satisfactory performance along with smart water purification technology if it has the best quality water filter through which water is purified very carefully. Tap water filter uses an excellent technique with the latest water purification technology, which helps to give freshwater for a long-time period without any failure. By the continuous tap water filter online shopping, customers get their desired water filter service with great result. The price range of water filters for home is marked as per the storing capacity of water, its specification, power-consuming facility, model and performance. Less power consuming water filter have small price than that water filter, which requires more electricity.

Reasons for enhancing the demand for online water system filters

The positive statement always plays a vital role to increase interest among people.  Regular, potential customers are the main weapon of all water system companies who provide authentic information regarding any product after purchasing and also after using that product. They also give positive feedback and reviews to the online website of the water system company and from all these reviews, feedback, comments in the comment section of the official page, new people can know about the water filter online shop. By noticing all these active online participants, people can able to take a prior decision for placing an order water filter online

Advantages of water filter online shopping in India

Most of the online shopping websites provide a suitable option that is buy water filter online India through which people in various places can order water filters online at doorstep without bothering too much unnecessary steps or process. The number of reputed and very demanding water system companies is high enough. Competition level between all these companies through different attractive products is increasing day by day. Hence, people experience multiple water filters along with attractive features, services in the tough competitive time, also from several online sites of water filter online shopping in India.

Due to rapid water pollution, the demand for water filters not only limited to urban shopping online. In some villages in India, a large number of water filter online shopping in India are there which deals with a wide range of customers daily.

These days both the population and the pollution of the earth increase at the very high rate which put the extra pressure on the natural resources. The pollutant gets mixed with the air, soil, & water and cause air, soil and water pollution. Water pollution leads to millions of death worldwide every year. This epidemic can be controlled by the water filter System. Read this post carefully it will clear all your doubt regarding the water filter machine and impurities present in the water.

A water filters Systems is used to purify the water by removing the impurities present in the water. The impurities present in the water is in the form of physical impurities, dissolved salts, and biological impurities. Water filter removes all these impurities. Water filter contains several stages of purification which guarantee the purity of water.

Most of you must be thinking that nature has its own water filtration system then why should you use water filtration system? Yes, you are right but the rate at which pollutant get mixed with the water is very high so our natural water filtration system surrender itself. That is why you should use water filtration system externally.

Identify your water source. How? There are two sources of water by which you get water at your place for your daily use. One is borewell and other is municipal supply water. Right? Now on the basis of source of water, you can easily find out the type of impurities you receive in your daily use water.

If you use borewell water then your water contains high TDS i.e. Total Dissolved Salts. As you know that water is a natural or universal solvent it means that it can dissolve most of the substance in it. Total dissolved salts in nothing but the number of salts present in the water some of these are beneficial for you but some of them are harmful to you and your family members. Some of these harmful chemical names are listed below-

  1. Calcium & Magnesium:
    High concentration of these two minerals in the water makes the water hard in nature. Hard water can cause many side effects on your health. The main cause of hard water in skin dryness and hair loss. When your skin gets dry it causes eczema and another skin disease. Hard water not only disturbed your health but also affects your clothes. Calcium and magnesium present in the hard water block the frothing activity of the soap and detergents which leave the water spot on your clothes.

  2. Arsenic:
    Arsenic is a cancer-causing agent (carcinogenic) by nature. Researchers say that it is not only responsible for cancer but also cause cardiovascular disease, neurological disorder, and some other developmental illness. Arsenic also affects male reproductive system by reducing the sperm count.

  3. Lead:
    If you consume lead regularly then it disturbs your brain and causes other nervous system disorder. It is also poisonous in nature.

  4. Mercury:
    Mercury has an adverse effect on human health because it is toxic to the nervous system i.e. the brain and the spinal cord. It mainly affects the fetus because their nervous system is in developing phase.

If you use municipal supply water then the chance of getting high TDS level is low but it may contain a high level of biological contamination. Biological contamination occurs due to the presence of the bacteria, fungi, algae, and viruses. Water with biological contamination is mainly responsible for the dehydration i.e. diarrhea which is responsible for the most number of death which occurs due to the water-borne diseases. Now you can imagine the effects of consuming water with biological contamination.

Types of Water Filter System:

Water filter uses various technology to treat water impurities i.e. reverse osmosis (RO), UV-rays and combination of both the technology. RO water filter, UV- water filter, and RO+UV- water filter are the main types of the water filter. RO water filter is best for the removal of all types of impurities including TDS and biological contamination. The technology used in RO filter is widely accepted for the treatment of the water since the 1950s. Reverse osmosis technology is mainly based on the membrane which selective in nature and does not allow any dissolved salts and micro-organism to pass through it whereas UV- water filter system based on the UV-rays and kills or inhibit the growth of all the micro-organism present in the water. Some water filter machine is designed by using the combination of the both RO and UV-rays. RO+UV water filter efficiently treats both TDS and micro-organism contamination.

Price List of the Water Filter System:

Water filter price is not fixed so it is difficult to share water filter price list because the price of the water filter machine depends upon the many factors. The most common factor is water filter capacity (i.e. 50 LPH, 100 LPH, 250 LPH, 500 LPH, 1000 LPH, and so on), quality of the water or types of the impurities present in your regular water. Quality of the water varies place to place so water filters price also depends upon the city/place. But you need not worry because of your well-wisher RO Care India. We value your wealth and offer you water filter at an economical price. Call RO Care India customer care number and discuss all your problem related to the water filter. Our customer care executive help you with the appropriate solution.

Contact RO Care India for One Stop Solution:

For the permanent solution to impure water contact RO Care India. It is the leading water purifier manufacturer and supplier in the whole India. You can install a water filter for home as well as offices, and another place. RO Care India not only install your water filter at your locality but also provides you repairing and maintenance service of your water filter.

RO Care India share its Android mobile application and other contact details like customer care number for their client so they can easily contact and index their problem. RO Care India take quick action once they receive your complaint regarding the water filter. You can also contact RO Care India for any query regarding the water filter.

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