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Water Filter Systems: Protect You and Your Family Health

Water Filter Systems: Protect You and Your Family Health

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These days both the population and the pollution of the earth increase at the very high rate which put the extra pressure on the natural resources. The pollutant gets mixed with the air, soil, & water and cause air, soil and water pollution. Water pollution leads to millions of death worldwide every year. This epidemic can be controlled by the water filter System. Read this post carefully it will clear all your doubt regarding the water filter machine and impurities present in the water.

A water filters Systems is used to purify the water by removing the impurities present in the water. The impurities present in the water is in the form of physical impurities, dissolved salts, and biological impurities. Water filter removes all these impurities. Water filter contains several stages of purification which guarantee the purity of water.

Most of you must be thinking that nature has its own water filtration system then why should you use water filtration system? Yes, you are right but the rate at which pollutant get mixed with the water is very high so our natural water filtration system surrender itself. That is why you should use water filtration system externally.

Identify your water source. How? There are two sources of water by which you get water at your place for your daily use. One is borewell and other is municipal supply water. Right? Now on the basis of source of water, you can easily find out the type of impurities you receive in your daily use water.

If you use borewell water then your water contains high TDS i.e. Total Dissolved Salts. As you know that water is a natural or universal solvent it means that it can dissolve most of the substance in it. Total dissolved salts in nothing but the number of salts present in the water some of these are beneficial for you but some of them are harmful to you and your family members. Some of these harmful chemical names are listed below-

  1. Calcium & Magnesium:
    High concentration of these two minerals in the water makes the water hard in nature. Hard water can cause many side effects on your health. The main cause of hard water in skin dryness and hair loss. When your skin gets dry it causes eczema and another skin disease. Hard water not only disturbed your health but also affects your clothes. Calcium and magnesium present in the hard water block the frothing activity of the soap and detergents which leave the water spot on your clothes.

  2. Arsenic:
    Arsenic is a cancer-causing agent (carcinogenic) by nature. Researchers say that it is not only responsible for cancer but also cause cardiovascular disease, neurological disorder, and some other developmental illness. Arsenic also affects male reproductive system by reducing the sperm count.

  3. Lead:
    If you consume lead regularly then it disturbs your brain and causes other nervous system disorder. It is also poisonous in nature.

  4. Mercury:
    Mercury has an adverse effect on human health because it is toxic to the nervous system i.e. the brain and the spinal cord. It mainly affects the fetus because their nervous system is in developing phase.

If you use municipal supply water then the chance of getting high TDS level is low but it may contain a high level of biological contamination. Biological contamination occurs due to the presence of the bacteria, fungi, algae, and viruses. Water with biological contamination is mainly responsible for the dehydration i.e. diarrhea which is responsible for the most number of death which occurs due to the water-borne diseases. Now you can imagine the effects of consuming water with biological contamination.

Types of Water Filter System:

Water filter uses various technology to treat water impurities i.e. reverse osmosis (RO), UV-rays and combination of both the technology. RO water filter, UV- water filter, and RO+UV- water filter are the main types of the water filter. RO water filter is best for the removal of all types of impurities including TDS and biological contamination. The technology used in RO filter is widely accepted for the treatment of the water since the 1950s. Reverse osmosis technology is mainly based on the membrane which selective in nature and does not allow any dissolved salts and micro-organism to pass through it whereas UV- water filter system based on the UV-rays and kills or inhibit the growth of all the micro-organism present in the water. Some water filter machine is designed by using the combination of the both RO and UV-rays. RO+UV water filter efficiently treats both TDS and micro-organism contamination.

Price List of the Water Filter System:

Water filter price is not fixed so it is difficult to share water filter price list because the price of the water filter machine depends upon the many factors. The most common factor is water filter capacity (i.e. 50 LPH, 100 LPH, 250 LPH, 500 LPH, 1000 LPH, and so on), quality of the water or types of the impurities present in your regular water. Quality of the water varies place to place so water purifier price also depends upon the city/place. But you need not worry because of your well-wisher RO Care India. We value your wealth and offer you water filter at an economical price. Call RO Care India customer care number and discuss all your problem related to the water filter. Our customer care executive help you with the appropriate solution.

Contact RO Care India for One Stop Solution:

For the permanent solution to impure water contact RO Care India. It is the leading water purifier manufacturer and supplier in the whole India. You can install a water filter for home as well as offices, and another place. RO Care India not only install your water filter at your locality but also provides you repairing and maintenance service of your water purifier.

RO Care India share its Android mobile application and other contact details like customer care number for their client so they can easily contact and index their problem. RO Care India take quick action once they receive your complaint regarding the water filter. You can also contact RO Care India for any query regarding the water filter.


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