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RO Care India is an independent multi brand water purifier service aggregator in India. We are not associated with any other water purifier brands in any regard. We are the fastest and largest growing company having presence in 1300+ cities and 10,000+ qualified technicians.


Domestic water purifier: which to choose?

Water is a precious commodity, a source of life and sustenance, which is why the debate on the domestic water purifier goes crazy with supporters and detractors. What is the truth about the reverse osmosis water purifier? Does it work well, or does it hurt? As usual, the truth is in the middle or, better, it depends on the type of water use and above all on the water pipes of your house. Different types of water purifiers can offer demineralized water (free of minerals) and osmotic water (subjected to the process of reverse osmosis) that extend the life of household appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers. Know about ro for home price before buy.

In some cases, however, the purifier can excessively deplete the mineral water our body still needs, so in these circumstances, it is paradoxically possible to obtain the opposite effect: dehydration. The softener is, on the other hand, another mechanism that tends to "soften" the hard waters, making the use of appliances more practical and convenient. If already soft water is further softened, with an excessive decrease in hardness, it risks corroding the pipes. For this reason, the only advice I can give you is to contact a specialized company that deals with the installation of purifiers and water softeners, ask all the questions to obtain the necessary information and request a quote on the most suitable device and indicated according to your needs.

Do you want to enrich your home with a ro low price but don't know which one to choose? We advise you to continue reading because this article is dedicated to those who, like you, find themselves a bit confused. We cannot blame you; there are so many models available and with various prices. Maybe you don't know how the different devices work; you don't know if they are valid or if they are suitable for your needs. We will try to help you in choosing the best purifier for you by giving you examples and indicating the ro water purifier cheapest price to suit that situation.

On the water purifiers in the house, there are conflicting opinions; some consider them indispensable others even consider them dangerous to health.

The answer, as usual, is in the correct and correct use of the instrument and with the relative advantages and disadvantages.

Information and guidance on how to choose the right water purifier:

Knowing functionality, new ro water purifier price and the differences between the various water purifiers available on the market, it is possible to identify the one most suited to the different needs.

Types of water purifiers

There are different types of appliances that purify water; in particular, they are divided into:

  • purifiers with carbon dioxide added ;
  • activated carbon filter purifiers ;
  • purifiers with magnetic purification ;
  • Purifiers with reverse osmosis.

Operation of the various purifiers:

Specifically, we see the functionality of the various water purifiers and also know about ro water purifier price online shopping.

Water purifier with carbon dioxide addition

It is the classic household purifier for sparkling water.

An appliance that adds carbon dioxide to water, without the need for electricity, using a refillable cartridge. Best ro water purifier price

Therefore it helps make the water a taste most suitable for those who love the sparkling water and provides greater security against germs thanks to its carbon dioxide.

Water purifier with activated carbon filter

The activated carbon filters are porous, and as such, they can filter organic pollutants, such as solvents, pesticides, etc., but they are unable to filter bacteria and nitrates (so they do not change the water hardness). This type of purifier works well if the activated carbon filters are maintained continuously because they can develop health-damaging microorganisms.

A purifier with magnetic purification

It is a purifier that through a magnetic ionic accelerator generates powerful magnetic fields suitable for fighting limestone, leaving all the minerals in the water, so that it retains its organoleptic characteristics. It is wise to buy low price ro water purifier.

It is a purifier that significantly enhances the cleaning power of water.

Why should water be purified?

Since the natural sources of drinking water are gradually being depleted, today there is increasing use of water from rivers, lakes, and seas: this is why these waters must necessarily be subjected to specific types of treatments that can make them drinkable.

In nature, the characteristics of these water sources do not correspond to those of drinking water and are suitable for domestic consumption; therefore action is taken on these waters to subject them to purification and purification cycles to optimize both their quality and characteristics. As mentioned, it is possible to purify the water using physical, chemical and biological methods depending on the type of substances that must be eliminated from the water to make it drinkable.

Reverse osmosis purifier

Taking advantage of the low ro purifier price to remove the main harmful substances present in the tap water.

Then, through an osmosis process, the most concentrated part of the water (containing up to 99.5% of harmful substances) is blocked and removed by the osmotic membrane, while the remaining part of the purer water passes through the osmotic membrane and can be quietly drunk.

With this process, the water is purified of any type of impurities, such as pollutants, limestone, and contaminants. So know about ro water purifier online price.

Best ro water purifier in India with price

Whatever your choice, you need to keep an eye on some rules, to avoid having the opposite effect and take health risks:

  • always use glass bottles;
  • wash the bottles carefully with hot water;
  • bottle the water at the lowest possible temperature;
  • Bottled water should be consumed on the same day. If you can't keep it in the fridge.

When is the home water purifier needed?

If the tap water is among the good waters, which should be free or very poor (the values must fall within the maximum limits imposed by the law) of harmful substances (chlorine, nitrites, fluorides, chlorides, lead, phosphates, ammonia, bromide) there is no need to install the water purifier. If, on the other hand, the presence of these elements exceeds the limits imposed by the law, the installation of the water purifier is useful to be able to use drinking water. Water filter ro system price India is not very high.

Domestic water purifier: advantages and disadvantages

The importance of buying ro water purifier at lowest price for the home. Models on the market and how they work. Know Opinions, advantages, and disadvantages, ro water price in India on the market. The water purifier for the home system has the task of eliminating the harmful substances and impurities that can come down from the taps. In this way, it is ensured that the water coming from the public aqueduct, however, subjected to regular checks and already drinkable is filtered and purified of any bacteria that can be nested in the home plant. Having a ro purifier lowest price at home is an important choice, which guarantees further security, preventing possible problems for the health of the whole family.

How the water purifier works:

First of all, let's start by knowing ro price online: drinking water comes out of the taps of homes, which is regularly checked according to Legislative Decree 31/2001.

Using a ro water machine price is, therefore, another element that ensures you can drink water from the tap, without having to go to a supermarket to stock up on water bottles.

This way, you will get a quality product that is pleasing to the palate.

With the special gassers, you can then get sparkling water, gassing it in a personalized way.

Water purifier models

We analyze in detail the various online ro prices.

Also, confirm about ro water purifier filter price before buy.

We underline that the purifiers do not perform the function of making domestic water drinkable, but of depriving it of certain negative substances.

Reverse osmosis water purifier:

These are filters whose main objective is to filter nitrates and sodium from the excess water.

They provide a semi-waterproof membrane through which water is necessarily cleaned out.

In areas where the presence of nitrates in the water is strong, their use can be really important.

The forced passage determines an impoverishment in terms of mineral salts, which is why when drinking only filtered water, our body could find itself without important substances such as calcium and sodium.

Another negative factor is the high cost of these plants, with prices that can even reach thousands of euros.

Activated carbon filter:

The activated carbon filter is a special element that allows the elimination of chlorine and all those harmful substances, pesticides and solvents, which make it non-potable.

Devices that are easy to assemble as they are connected directly to the faucet at home and once saturated with harmful substances, they must be replaced.

However, they are not able to act on the hardness of the water while their action in cleaning up the unpleasant waters is important.

The particularity of active carbons makes it possible for bacteria to form, which is why a specific standard provides for such systems to be equipped with a useful system for disinfecting water.


The water softener, also called ion exchange filter, is equipped with special resins that carry out a chemical process with which water hardness is lowered, retaining calcium and magnesium, and enriching it with sodium.

The control unit is activated when the tap is opened and, using a valve, it is possible to mix the water upstream with the treated water, to always have a minimum degree of hardness, as indicated by the Italian law on the subject.

It is useful to prevent the formation of lime scale and therefore it is important for a household appliance such as a dishwasher which, with the frequency of washing, can be affected by an excessive presence of limestone in the water.


In this case, it is not a purifier, but a filter that acts directly on the water, retaining any solid parts.

It consists of a simple nylon membrane, whose pores with reduced dimensions filter the water that comes down from the tap. In this way, the color of the water is lighter, but no type of purification is carried out.

Filter jugs:

The filtering carafes, better known as jugs for water, represent the most simple solution and rapid execution.

By filling the jug with tap water, the filters work to purify it of impurities and chlorine.

Often their purchase can be combined with a small machine to make the water sparkling.

The filter must be changed periodically, as, if consumed, it could release substances that are harmful to health, such as ammonium and silver.

Let's analyze in a nutshell what are the pros and cons of choosing a water purifier to filter home water.

Advantages of the water purifier:

  • bacteria are eliminated
  • for a large family, the cost of the system is soon amortized
  • you avoid going to the supermarket every time to buy water boxes
  • sparkling and sparkling water is obtained with the carbonator
  • ro system price is reasonable

How to choose if the budget is limited:

Unfortunately, even if you wanted to buy the best, the economic factor is always lurking there. Some purification systems are unattainable, for most of you, due to exorbitant prices. However, this does not mean that you have to give up your filtration system. We want to remind you that the tap water that reaches our homes is drinkable and always kept under control. The reason why you don't drink it is that it often doesn't taste good, due to the addition of chlorine.  To overcome this problem, it is enough to have simple filtering systems, such as filter jugs or tap filters. These devices are equipped with activated carbon filters and ion exchange resins. Their job is to reduce the fixed residue, make the pH almost neutral and retain residues like grains of sand or rust. The most efficient retain, even if present, heavy metals such as lead or copper. Best price ro are available.

Water purifier: prices

ro price - ro water purifier lowest price in India is very reasonable compared to another filter system. ro purifier price in india includes VAT, excluding assembly and periodic maintenance costs carried out by expert personnel, as well as any masonry and hydraulic works that may be necessary.

Water purifier: tips

Buying a domestic water purifier after knowing the ro filter price in India does not mean having solved every hygiene problem. Some small precautions are important that will make the system always perfectly functional and able to avoid the proliferation of bacteria. First of all, it is preferable to use glass bottles to preserve the filtered water, taking care to disinfect them frequently. Furthermore, the water itself, once bottled, should be kept in the refrigerator at the lowest possible temperature, consuming it within a day of bottling. When proceeding with the purchase (ro water system price are very reasonable), make sure about the maintenance procedures to be followed: the high cost for a plant could be useless in the face of poor hygienic care of the filters and relative replacement.
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