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RO Care India is an independent multi brand water purifier service aggregator in India. We are not associated with any other water purifier brands in any regard. We are the fastest and largest growing company having presence in 1300+ cities and 10,000+ qualified technicians.

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Domestic Water Filters Are Essential Part of Modern Life

With the nature of tap water falling, numerous families are going to domestic water filter. There have been numerous cases announced in the news in a previous couple of years featuring this problem.

Many of peoples have waterborne sicknesses. Unmistakably this is a problem to be paid attention to. Domestic filters will guarantee the security of the water you drink. You can rest assured your family is protected.

Hard Water and filter process

Hard water is a widespread problem that numerous individuals face. Various zones have high concentrations of a couple of salts. These incorporate salts of magnesium and calcium for the most part. A lot of these are hurtful to your health.

Hard water is likewise tough to use for domestic water filtration proposes, for example, cleaning and doing clothing. It is challenging to foam.

Running hard fluid under cleanser is a certain flame test to decide its hardness. The water tastes terrible too. Water filter for domestic use can help relax and guarantee that it very well may be utilized.

Broken down Chemicals and its effects

Some numerous different synthetic compounds and minerals are broken up in the water today. A portion of these incorporate lead, chlorine, and so on. These synthetic compounds can feeble ruin on your health. The water that one gets in the tap can likewise be grimy. Suspended particles of soil, dust and even rust from the channels can, in any case, be available.

These suspended particles are noticeable, and you ought not to consume them. Domestic water filters can help clean and purify by filtering out the majority of the suspended issue.

Microscopic organisms and Germs

The most significant problem with tap water would be the pathogens, germs and microscopic organisms. There are numerous maladies, and tap water isn't dealt with enough to evacuate these pathogens. The outcome would be these pathogens finding their way to your home through the water. If you don't utilize a filter, your family could ingest this water and fall wiped out.

A portion of the common pathogens incorporate coli, legionella, cholera, and so forth. Domestic inline water filters come with unique treatment frameworks that help you protect your family from this unsafe malady, causing life forms.

Domestic filters are affordable

Best domestic water filter needn't bother with a ton of support. The substitutions of cartridges and different parts ought to be done once in a while. They can produce a ton of pure water in a minimal quantity of time. The expense per gallon is likewise low.

Drinking water filters work through an assortment of processes

Mechanical filtration provides brilliant quality drinking water by letting the water go through evaluated thickness pre-filter catching sand, earth and different particles that change the look, taste, and scent of the water. The water further goes through a very compact strong carbon hinder for direct mechanical block attempt of particles. Growths, turbidity, and asbestos can be diminished at the sub-micron level.

Electrokinetic adsorption includes getting a positive sub-atomic charge as water goes through the evaluated thickness profiler. Media strands electro kinetically draw in extremely little charged colloidal particles to maintain a strategic distance from a negative charge in the arrangement by colloidal contaminants. Physical adsorption includes a very compact carbon square filter media composed of chose enacted carbons and different materials that limit stylish and health-related contaminants.

Choose the Best Domestic Water Purifier Plant for Your Home:

If you looking for the domestic RO water system then you are at the right place. RO Care India is your best friend for the water purifier plant for home. If you think that boiling of water is a proper way to get pure water then you are not correct. Yes, boiling of water is a traditional way to clean your water. As you know that boiling of water somehow treats the impurities present in the water. As water contains physical, chemical and biological impurities in it. Physical impurities are easy to remove but chemical and biological impurities are very rigid and it doesn't leave water very easily. Through boiling of water, some of the chemical and microbial impurities can be removed. But some micro-organism can survive even at high temperature. So boiling of water is not the permanent solution of the impure water. If you wish to have the permanent solution of your impure water at your home then you should go for water purifier for domestic use. A domestic water purifier is the best way to treat your impure water to get pure water.

A domestic water filter manufacturer designs it in various capacity using different technology and all of these technologies are the best technology to deliver you the maximum possible pure water whenever you want to have. Pure water has many beneficial effects on your body. If you don't know then you should know that pure water increases your body health by nourishing your immune system, improve your brain function, improve your joint health, and many others. If there is any child in your house then you must install your domestic water purifier plant because of your child deserves pure water for drinking. Pure water will improve your child brain and their immune system. So being a parent it is your duty to provide your child pure and healthy water for drinking so your child can live a healthy life.

How Water Purifier Plant For Home is Better for You and Your Family?

Now a big question is that which water purifier for home is suitable for you for this you need to understand which type of impurities is present in your water. To find out the water impurities you have to find the water source or go for your regular water testing. Both of these processes will help you to find out the type of water impurities present in your regular water. If your water source is borewell, in that case, your water contains a high level of Total dissolved salts i.e. (TDS) or if your water source in municipal water then your water may contain a high level of microbial contamination. Now you got some idea about the impurities present in your regular water. So it will help you to select the best water purifier for domestic purpose. To treat microbial contamination you need to install UV-rays domestic water purifier systems because UV-rays kills or suspend the growth of the micro-organism present in the water.

Domestic RO system is the best way to treat a high level of TDS & it is also beneficial for the removal of microbial contamination. Domestic RO system is based on the reverse osmosis technology. In reverse osmosis, technology water is forced to pass through a semi-permeable membrane. The RO membrane present in domestic RO plant has a particular pore size (0.1nm to 5,000nm) which does not allow the substance to through it which size is more than this. The pore size of the RO membrane is much smaller than the size of the bacteria, virus, fungi, and algae hence it guarantees you the purest form of water. Domestic water purifier manufactures design a domestic RO system which contains UV-rays, reverse osmosis, ultra-filtration technology to deliver you the 99.99% pure water.

How to Install Best Domestic Water Purifier Plant at Your Home?

The solution to this problem is RO Care India, who is they? RO Care India is the best RO water purifier service provides in India. Without any hesitation, you can contact RO Care India because RO Care India deals with all kind of domestic water purifier everywhere in the country. Now you don't need to move anywhere to book your water purifier for a domestic purpose at an economical price. RO Care India not only offer you installation of domestic RO system but also provides you the all kind of domestic RO system service like repairing, maintenance, and various AMC plan for your Domestic RO Plant system. So hurry up and book your domestic water purifier plant/system. For more detail contact RO Care India customer care helpline number.

Trust RO Care India for the Best Domestic RO Water Purifier System

If you have problems with getting good quality drinking water for your homes, here is one solution. We are supplying a good range of water purifiers and softeners across the domestic, industrial, and commercial sector. You can get the ideal size water purifier for your home from us. Choose from the top market brands from our website now.

Death due to drinking water

The number of deaths in rural areas was 10,784 in 2017 in India according to WHO reports. This can easily be reduced by using a good water purifier. These water purifiers work on the principle of reverse osmosis (RO). If you have more than 5 members in your house, you need a ro plant for home use. This will give you safe drinking water day after day.

So, what is this RO system?

By passing water through the RO membrane, it is possible to get pure, potable water. So, this is the first thing one must look for when one buys a water purifier. Merely filtering water will only remove suspended particles. Only through reverse osmosis, it is possible to eliminate all kinds of odours and chemical contaminants completely.

RO Plant For Home

Our body is made of 60-65% water. If our body does not have enough water, we will die. Our organs will shrivel and we become older. Good water will help us immensely. But, if that water is contaminated, it will harm all organs in our body. We begin to die of poisoning. So, try to drink only pure water. The easy way to get pure water is by using a water purifier that uses an RO system.

Another important thing to see is that there is enough storage in the system. A system without enough storage is as good as not having any water purification system at all. So, one must ensure that there is at least 15 litres per hour flow and purification capacity for the system. The capacity of the storage tank must be at least 8 litres at a time. This ensures there is enough drinking water for everyone.

Everything is provided

The supplier, that is, we provide installation and repair services. Through this, the user is sure that if any problems arise, it will not affect their supply of drinking water. Even if there is a disruption for a day or two, it will be taken care of by the end of the day. Installing a system in the proper manner is important to ensure that the system will function properly. Get the professionals from the company to do the installation as they are qualified in this line.

Quality is paramount

Check to see if the filters have the quality to ensure proper filtration and purification. For this, it must be able to remove particles that are of 10 microns size. The flow rate through the RO membrane should be at least 10 litres per hour. There must be adequate safety in place in the form of check valves, so there is no damage to the system. We can use many kinds of water treatment processes.

Methods of removing dirt(RO Plant)

The most common method of removing dirt from the water is the method of sedimentation. This physical process removes suspended particles by the action of gravity. The particles settle out of the water when you leave it alone without disturbing for a while. This makes the water cleaner than before. The next method is a chemical process called coagulation.

In coagulation, chemicals are added to the water. These include substances like iron salts and aluminium sulphate. This causes the dirt in the water to flocculate (come together) and this makes them heavy. So, they settle out of the water in the form of sediments. The water is then filtered and subjected to sedimentation to remove this dirt.

There is the reverse osmosis system that guarantees a good degree of a cleansing of the water. Water under pressure flows through the RO membrane, and this helps remove contaminants in the water. The types of contaminants removed include the following:

  1. Arsenic: This is a cancer-causing agent. Arsenic affects the male reproductive system and decreases sperm count.
  2. Calcium and magnesium: The presence of these two substances makes the water hard. Your skin becomes dry, and you develop eczema. They block the frothing action of the soap, so you don’t get froth.
  3. Mercury: This affects the human nervous system. It is toxic to human health because it affects the brain and spinal cord.
  4. Lead: Lead disturbs the working of the brain if you consume it for a long time. It has a poisonous nature.

RO Water Purification System

Here, we see what the components of domestic ro water purifier system are. This system is compact and has a purification capacity of 15 litres per hour. This is enough to ensure enough drinking water for a small family right through the day.

Inlet: This is the pipe through which water is taken for purification. This water is sent to the pre-filter chamber.

Pre-filter: At this stage, sediments and floating particles are removed. This protects the RO membrane from the upstream side.

RO chamber: Here the water is pressurized and sent through the membrane. This action removed all dissolved substances like salts and microorganisms. All impurities and biological contaminants get removed.

Check valve: This is present after the RO filtration. This prevents water from flowing back and damaging the RO membrane.

Storage tank: This is where the water is stored. It has a minimum capacity of 8 litres.

Outlet pipe: Here a pipe lets you access all the water there is in the storage tank.

Water filter maintenance

You will need to take care of your system. Here are the indicators of when you must begin to service your system if at all.

  • RO system is entirely dead
  • Leaks in the RO system
  • Water has colour or odour or both
  • Water Purifier For Home

If one of these conditions presents itself, it is time to change your RO system, the RO membrane, or both. You can call the technicians and ask them to check up the system. It is possible that they will repair this system and get it going again to produce good drinkable water.

Avail of the RO AMC services

In this, you get a mix of services such as Installation, maintenance, RO repair, and removal when needed. All allied services are also provided. So, it makes sense to use this when you buy your RO system. This package is offered to all new customers along with the RO system. This has validity for one year. This is a discounted offer meaning you save a lot on the original expense.

Price of an RO system

The price of the domestic ro water purifier depends on the place where you buy your unit. The water quality will vary at each place, and so, the price will also vary. Contact the supplier for the best price, and they will show you the various units on offer. You can make your pick depending on your needs and the quality of water that is available.

Solving the water problem is one of the main worries in life. Many people have a great home but suffer from poor quality water. Using the water softener will help them overcome this difficulty with ease. Good water means good life and good work output. Begin your journey to the greener side today.

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