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Get The Best Commercial Water Purifier & Water Filter System in India

Now You Are Very Much Familiar With The Word Water Purifier. But If You Still Have Any Confusion About The Water Purifier Then Read This. In This Post, You Will Get All The Knowledge About The Commercial Water Purifier And In The End, You Will Also Get The Ways Of Getting Best Water Purifier For The Commercial Use. A Commercial Water Purifier Is Your Health Sever. Yes, You Can Say That Because Of Commercial Water Purifier You Receive Clean & Healthy Water At Your On-demand And Pure & Healthy Water Protect You From Many Deadly Water-borne Diseases. The Most Common Water-borne Disease Is Diarrhea, In This Heavy Loss Of Water Occurs From Your Body Which May Be Fatal For You. About 3 Million Death Occurs Every Year Due To The Water-borne Disease. Your Commercial Water Filter Removes All Those Types Of Impurities From Your Regular Water Which Can Harm Your Body Health. So It Better To Use A Commercial Water Filter Instead Of Paying Your Hospital Bill. A Water Filter Uses Different Technology To Provides You Contamination Free Water Whenever You Want. A Commercial Water Filter Is Mainly Based Upon The Reverse Osmosis Technology Which Removes All Types Of Impurities Like Tds And Microbial Contamination. Your Regular Water Contains Many Impurities In It The Most Common Are Physical Impurities, Chemical Impurities, And Microbial Impurities. Physical Impurities Are Easy To Remove But Chemical And Microbial Impurities Are Not Easily Removable. The Traditional Way Of Removing The Water Impurities Are Boiling. Micro-organisms Can't Survive At Higher Concentration, This Is The Main Concept Behind The Boiling Of Water. But There Is Some Micro-organism Which Can Survive Even At Higher Temperature. The Commercial Water Purifier Plant Based On Uv-rays Technology Is Sufficient To Get Rid Of Microbial Contamination. Because Uv-rays Kill All The Micro-organisms Or Suspend The Growth Of The Micro-organisms Present In Your Regular Water. But When It Comes To Removal Of All Types Of Impurities I.e Physical, Chemical, And Biological, In That Case, Commercial Ro Water Purifier Is The Best. The Ro I.e. Reverse Osmosis Technology Is The Best Way To Removes The Water Impurities And It Is Widely Accepted Since The 1950s. A Commercial Water Purifier Removes All The Impurities With The Help Of Semi-permeable Membrane. The Semi-permeable Membrane Has A Particular Pore Size Which Doesn't Allow Any Substance Which Pore Size Is More Than The Ro Membrane Pore Size.

Install Water Purifier Plant For Commercial Use At Best Price:

If You Are Looking For The Installation Of Commercial Ro System Then Without Hesitation Go For It. Because Your Commercial Ro System Is Never Ending Solution For The Purest Water At Your Own Place. If You Are Worried About The Commercial Ro Water Purifier Price List Then I Would Like To Tell You That Nothing Is More Important Than Your And Your Loved One Health. If You Are Running A Business Where Masses Of People Works Then Purified Plastic Bottle Water Is Very Costly If You Calculate The Price Of Both. So Commercial Ro System Not Only Protect Your Health But Also Save Your Lots Of Money Along With The Environment. If You Worried About The Capacity Of The Water Purifier Machine For Commercial Purpose Then Don't Worry Because The Commercial Ro Plant Manufacturers Especially Take Care Of Commercial Ro System Capacity. So Install Your Water Purifier For Commercial Use Without Having Any Doubt Regarding The Purity And Capacity.

The Commercial Ro System Price List Varies According To Your Requirements Like Its Type And Your City. To Get More Information About The Commercial Ro System You Can Call At Ro Care India Customer Care Number. Our Customer Care Executive Will Always Ready To Help You. Now You Can Book You Commercial Ro Water Purifier Installation And Repair Services From Anywhere In India. Hurry Up Your Health Is At Risk.

RO Care India For The Best Commercial RO Water Purifiers

Industrial development and environmental degradation are responsible for the poor quality of water. Rather than drinking contaminated water, people use a water purifier to get drinking grade water. Worrying about your water supply will keep you on edge right through the day? If you have a good, reliable water source, you will have no worries regarding your health. Indeed, most of the infections spread through air or water. The best safeguard one can have in one’s commercial and office space is a good water softener or water purifier. This is the last wall of defence that protects you and your employees from the terrible world of viruses and germs.

Types of Water Purifiers

While we investigate our options in this field, one must know how to select a good water purifier for one’s use. Primarily, there are three groupings for purifiers - industrial, commercial and domestic. Domestic water purifiers have a capacity of 8-18 litres and cost 8500-17,990 INR. Commercial units have a capacity of 25-100 litres and cost 26,990-90,000 INR. Industrial water purifying units are the biggest. Their capacity ranges from 100-3,000 litres, and the cost will be 110,000-740,000 INR.

How do they work?

A water purifier helps remove suspended and dissolved impurities and also stops germs from getting through. These germs and microbes have the potential to cause diseases and illnesses. Vitamins and minerals are left untouched, and so water quality is preserved in pristine condition. So, first, the water purifiers take in water, and then, they filter all impurities ranging from small microorganisms to big sediments and let out good, clean water.

Components of Water Purifiers

Most water purifiers use the reverse osmosis method of purifying water. This water treatment process uses water pressure for water filtration. A semipermeable membrane removes impurities. Through this, inorganic solids get removed from the water. You may need to do at least 3-4 stages of purification to get good, clean water. This system is used for all commercial ro system units as well. Here is the breakdown of all components we use in a water reverse osmosis filtration unit.

  1. Cold water inlet valve: This valve takes cold water from an outside source. It has a pipe that attaches to the inlet side of the RO pre-filter. This is how water is sourced for filtration.
  2. Pre-filter: You may have more than one pre-filter. This is the first chamber water enters in this Reverse Osmosis (RO) system. Other pre-filters may be sediment pre-filter or a carbon filter. These pre-filters protect RO membranes from damage. In addition to sediments, it removes sand, silt, and dirt that could clog up the system. Carbon filters help remove chlorine.
  3. Reverse Osmosis Membrane: This is the main part of this system. This removes an entire range of components that are in the water. Water goes from here to a storage tank.
  4. Post filters: This is usually a carbon filter. Water from the storage tank goes through this post-filter. Remaining tastes and odours get removed here. When the tank is full, an automatic valve cuts off the water. When water is taken from here, the pressure drops and the valve opens allowing water to enter the chamber. Water is also blocked from flowing to the drain. Wastewater is emptied down the drain.
  5. Check valve: This is located at the outlet end near the membrane housing. The check valve prevents backward flow. Backflow pressure could tear the RO membrane of the commercial water purifier.
  6. Flow restrictor: Water flow is regulated using a flow restrictor. By maintaining velocity at a constant rate, it is possible to get water of the highest purity. This flow restrictor helps keep the pressure up in the water on the inlet side.
  7. Storage tank: This will usually hold 2-4 gallons of water. It has a bladder on the inside to keep the water up to pressure.
  8. Faucet: You have a separate faucet to install on the kitchen sink. Sometimes you may need an air gap faucet, but it is only in some regions.
  9. Drain pipe: This is to let out the impurities collected from the RO membrane.

Commercial Water Purifier Plant Brands

Different brands achieve varying degrees of efficiency in cleaning water. Since you have a choice of brands, it will be wise to choose a brand that has good efficiency and does not cost the earth. Here is a look at the leading brands available:

There are more than 30 models of commercial ro systems present on our website. The specifications and price of each model are clearly stated such as mentioned below for two brands. 

Lynna Commercial Water Purifier Unit 

Suitable for big establishments and community halls, this commercial water purification unit has a capacity of 25 litres per hour and costs 27,000 INR. The unit has a stainless steel body and is fixed in a hanging or standing position. It comes with an optional extra storage tank. It has an RO membrane and activated carbon filter. It has three chambers to facilitate continuous filtering of water. This unit has an aesthetically pleasing design.

ZERO-B Commercial Water Purifier Unit

Available in 15 LPH and 25 LPH capacities, this commercial water purification unit costs 39,950 for the

15 LPH version. This unit has a flow rate of 30 litres per hour and consumes 80 watts of power. It can filter at the most 150 litres in a day. Sediment filter size is 10 micron. It has 7 stages of purification-removes pesticides, viruses, excess salts, and heavy metals from the water.

You need to know the level of contamination in the water before you buy a water purifier or water softener. Do the water analysis test done at a nearby laboratory. They will test for TDS, industrial wastes, organic carbon contaminants, fluorides, bacteria, and pH. By knowing the type of contamination present, one is able to buy the most suitable water filter for their house or office. Pure and safe drinking water is not easily available at all places in India. Investing in a good water purification system allows you peace of mind.

Installation Repair and Maintenance

For new customers, we provide installation services. Our team of experts will visit your office and do the needful. We do same day delivery, so you will begin to use it without any delay. Or, if you have water purifier installed and need to have it repaired, our team of technicians will take care of this. Call them up, and they will attend to your complaint.

Get the best brand at our store. You can buy a commercial ro plant at good rates. We are in this business for a long time and will only give you good, reliable products. 

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