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Commercial Water Purifier & Water Filter System in India

Are you searching for a water purifier for commercial use? Take a Deep Breath! Your search landed you at the perfect place. We are the leading commercial water purifier supplier and service provider. With the increasing demand for commercial RO water purifier, we have also expanded our reach. Now our commercial water purifier services are available in all the cities of India. 

A commercial water purifier is mainly based upon reverse osmosis technology, which removes all types of impurities like TDS and microbial contamination. Your regular water may contain many impurities in it, but the most common are physical impurities, chemical impurities, and microbial impurities. Physical contaminants are easy to remove, but chemical and microbial impurities are not easily removable.

The traditional way of removing water impurities are boiling.  Most of the micro-organisms can't survive at higher concentrations; this is the main concept behind the boiling of water. But there is some micro-organism which can withstand even at a higher temperature. The commercial water purifier plant is also manufactured by using UV-rays technology, which is sufficient to get rid of microbial contamination. Because UV-rays kill all the micro-organisms or suspend the growth of the micro-organisms present in your regular water. But when it comes to the removal of all types of impurities, i.e., physical, chemical, and biological, in that case, the commercial RO water purifier is the best.

The RO i.e., Reverse osmosis technology, is the best way to removes the water impurities, and it is widely accepted since the 1950s. A commercial water purifier removes all the contaminants with the help of the semi-permeable membrane. The semi-permeable membrane has a particular pore size, which doesn't allow any substance in which pore size is more than the RO membrane pore size.

Now you are very much familiar with the word commercial water purifier. But if you still have any confusion about the same, then contact us for more detail information. If you have finally made your decision to buy your commercial RO water purifier, then you can go with this post till the end. Here in this post, you will get complete information about a commercial water purifier likes its benefits and price.

Needs Of A Commercial RO plant

A commercial water purifier is your health sever. Yes, you can say that because of commercial water purifiers, you receive clean & healthy water at your on-demand. The use of pure & healthy water for drinking purposes protects you from many deadly waterborne diseases. The most common waterborne illness which occurs due to the consumption of impure water is Diarrhoea. In this condition, patients experience a substantial loss of water from their bodies, which may be fatal for them.

About 3 million death occurs every year due to waterborne diseases. Your commercial water purifier system removes all those types of impurities from your regular water, which can harm your health. So it better to use a commercial RO water filter instead of paying your hospital bill. A water purifier uses different technology to provide you with contamination of free water whenever you want.

Commercial RO Water Purification As A Business

Commercial water purification machines are being installed for commercial use, establishments like schools, offices, factories, hotels, etc. provide the customers with high-quality pure water so that customer health is not taken for granted. You can get any water purification machine for business as well as a commercial water purification machine from various commercial water purifier machine manufacturers located near you.

Most of the offices and houses don't have access to safe and healthy water for drinking purposes. In this situation, they choose the nearest pure water supplier. Thus if you are looking to start this business, then install a commercial water purifier plant and grow your business by providing healthy and purest drinking water to them. Most of the water purifier is based on the reverse osmosis and UV rays for the elimination of all kinds of contamination present in the water.

The Reverse Osmosis process eliminates up to 99% of the harmful contaminants in water. Also, nowadays, commercial water purifiers are equipped with UV lamps, which further eliminates harmful microorganisms and viruses. Commercial water purifiers are, of course, more expensive, ranging from 50,000 to 1 lakh and higher.

Mineral water purifier machines are the more advanced version of water purifiers. RO+UV technology makes the water clean, but in this process, the essential minerals in the water get lost, and thus the mineral ROTM Technology used by Kent Grand+ leads to the preservation of the vital minerals. This water purification machine cost would be near around 20 K.

Technology Used In Commercial Water Purifiers

The commercial water purifier is divided into the following types of the necessary technology used while manufacturing a water purification system. Although there are various kinds of technology used in commercial water purifier some of the top most used water purifier technologies are

1. Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis (RO) is opposite to the pure osmosis. In reverse osmosis, water is allowed to pass through the semi-permeable membrane. A semi-permeable membrane contains small tiny pores which only allows the liquid part to pass through it. Thus it can remove all kinds of impurities present in the water.

2. Ultra Violate (UV)-Rays

The UV rays used in the water purification process eliminates the microbial contamination present in the water. The UV rays kill or suspend the growth of the microbes present in the water. It doesn't remove other contamination.

3. Ultra-Filtration (UF)

The Ultrafiltration technology comes in combination with the RO or UV. It only removes the larges sized molecules and protects the RO membrane as well.

Which Water Purifier Is Suitable For Commercial Use?

A commercial water purification system has become a necessity in today's world and is essential to every living being. Access to safe drinking water has improved over the years, but still, approximately one billion people do not have access to clean and safe drinking water. Water purifiers are a blessing to many as nowadays, metro cities like Delhi do not have access to clean water, and people are thus either forced to buy purified water from outside or install a water purifier.

A lot of minerals are naturally found in water and are essential for the human body, but excess consumptive of such minerals can lead to diseases. An excellent commercial water purifier thus removes excess salt, suspended particles and microbes and retains the essential vitamins and minerals.

A commercial water purifier helps you to get pure and healthy water, which not only protects you from the various kinds of water-related diseases but also improves your immunity. But if you are concerned about your drinking water, then you need to choose the perfect commercial RO water purifier. As a commercial water purifier plant is based on the various technology and different water purifier is suitable for different water impurities present in the water. Thus to get the best and purest water for drinking purposes, you need to know your regular used water.

Components of Commercial RO Water Purifiers

Most water purifiers use the reverse osmosis method of purifying water. This water treatment process uses water pressure for water filtration. A semipermeable membrane removes impurities. Through this, inorganic solids get removed from the water. You may need to do at least 3-4 stages of purification to get right, clean water. This system is used for all commercial RO system units as well. Here is the breakdown of all components we use in a water reverse osmosis filtration unit.

  1. Coldwater inlet valve: This valve takes cold water from an outside source. It has a pipe that attaches to the inlet side of the RO pre-filter. This is how water is sourced for filtration.
  2. Pre-filter: You may have more than one pre-filter. This is the first chamber water enters in this Reverse Osmosis (RO) system. Extra pre-filters may be sediment pre-filter or a carbon filter. These pre-filters protect RO membranes from damage. In addition to sediments, it removes sand, silt, and dirt that could clog up the system. Carbon filters help remove chlorine.
  3. Reverse Osmosis Membrane: This is the central part of this system. This removes an entire range of components that are in the water. Water goes from here to a storage tank.
  4. Post filters: This is usually a carbon filter. Water from the storage tank goes through this post-filter. Remaining tastes and odors get removed here. When the tank is full, an automatic valve cuts off the water. When water is taken from here, the pressure drops, and the valve opens, allowing water to enter the chamber. The stream is also blocked from flowing to the drain. Wastewater is emptied down the drain.
  5. Check valve: This is located at the outlet end near the membrane housing. The check valve prevents backward flow. Backflow pressure could tear the RO membrane of the commercial water purifier.
  6. Flow restrictor: Water flow is regulated using a flow restrictor. By maintaining velocity at a constant rate, it is possible to get water of the highest purity. This flow restrictor helps keep the pressure up in the water on the inlet side.
  7. Storage tank: This will usually hold 2-4 gallons of water. It has a bladder on the inside to keep the water up to pressure.
  8. Faucet: You have a separate faucet to install on the kitchen sink. Sometimes you may need an air gap faucet, but it is only in some regions.
  9. Drainpipe: This is to let out the impurities collected from the RO membrane.

Commercial Water Purifier Plant Brands

Different brands achieve varying degrees of efficiency in cleaning water. Since you have a choice of brands, it will be wise to choose a brand that has the excellent capability and does not cost the earth. Here is a look at the leading brands available:

  • Doctor Fresh
  • Zero B
  • Livpure
  • Eureka Forbes
  • Hitech
  • Delta
  • Wave
  • Lynna
  • Pureit
  • Nasaka

There are more than 30 models of commercial RO systems present on our website. The specifications and price of each model are clearly stated, such as mentioned below for two brands. 

Benefits Of Commercial RO Water Purifier

Commercial RO possesses various kinds of benefits. Here we have listed a few advantages of using RO water purifier for commercial use.

  • Converts hard water into soft water
  • Removes harmful impurities & microorganisms
  • Good quality water for workers
  • Enhances the taste of water
  • Huge savings from bottle water usage
  • Beverages & Food tastes better due to the purity of water

Install Commercial water purifier plant for commercial use at best price

If you are looking for the installation of a commercial RO water purifier system, then without hesitation, go for it. Because your commercial water purifier system is the never-ending solution for the purest water at your place. If you are worried about its price list, then we would like to tell you that nothing is more important than you and your loved one health.

If you are running a business where masses of people work, then purified plastic bottle water is very costly if you calculate the price of both. So the commercial RO system not only protects your health but also save you lots of money along with the environment. If you worried about the capacity of the water purifier machine for commercial purposes, then don't worry because the commercial RO plant manufacturers especially take care of RO system capacity. So install your water purifier for commercial use without having any doubt regarding purity and capacity.

The commercial RO system price list varies according to your requirements like its type and the city in which you live. To get more information about the commercial RO system, you can call at RO care India customer care number. Our customer care executive will always ready to help you. Now you can book your commercial RO water purifier installation and repair services from anywhere in India. Hurry up your health is at risk.

Commercial Water purification machine cost in India

Commercial water purifier machines are available at various prices. The price of the water purification machine system in India depends upon the type of machine and the place as well. Prices vary from as low as Rs. 1000 to as high as 65,000. Water purifiers are extremely affordable. Thus always looks for trusted brands like Kent, Aquasure, Aquaguard, Pureit, Eureka Forbes, etc.

Eureka Forbes manufactures various kinds of water purifiers such as Aquasure Xtra Tuff 15L RO Water Purifier, which is Non-electrical water purifiers cost only Rs. 1500. Prices thus vary with technology and the features available.

With so many manufacturers in the water purification machine industry, it is difficult to understand which one is good and which is not. Nowadays, most of the drinking water purification machines use Reverse Osmosis to eliminates the contaminants and improve the taste of the water and the U.V., i.e., Ultraviolet filters to kill the bacteria and other microbes by attacking the DNA in cells. This removes 99% of the germs.

Companies like Kent, Havells, Eureka Forbes, and Blue Star are some renowned Water Purifier Companies in India. Simple procedures like boiling water or homemade charcoal are not sufficient for treating water from an unknown source. Hence, technologies like Reverse Osmosis, i.e., R.O. purification technique, is used. Due to the presence of these technologies ensures proper purification of foreign substances present in water.

Manufacturers like Kent, Tata, Blue Star are some of the oldest manufacturers of commercial RO water purifiers. Kent is one of the leading manufacturers. It enjoyed a 35% market share in the RO space and sold a whopping 1 million Purifiers in a year in 2017 and expects a 22% growth in its business.

The fact that they have been running their business successfully over the last decade proves that water purifiers are increasingly in demand now. Increase in Population, and with the growing rate of water pollution, every household considers it a necessity to install water purifiers because nobody wants to compromise with their health.

Compare & Purchase Best Commercial RO Water Purifier At The Lowest Price

The commercial water purifier is based on various technology; some of these are reverse osmosis, Ultra-violate rays, Ultra-filtration, and many others. The reverse osmosis commercial water purifier removes all kinds of dissolved water impurities from the water, whereas the UV commercial water purifier mainly eliminates the biological impurities. Although there is various water purification technology in India, the water purifier is the best among all. There are different commercial RO in India; in that case, the selection of the best commercial RO in India is very tough. Getting the best water purifier at the best commercial water purifier price in India can be made accessible only when you get in touch with us.

The commercial RO system price in India has been created by keeping in mind the customer budget and requirements. However, the commercial RO water plant price depends on several factors. Some of the key elements are given below:

  • The cities in which you live

This is one of the crucial factors for the water purifier commercial RO plant price. But to install a commercial RO water purifier at the best price at your place, contact us.   

  • The capacity of the commercial RO

The water purifier commercial RO plant price in India also depends upon the capacity of the water purifier, the different capacity of the water purifier the varying amount.

  • The water quality of your area

The water purifier price for commercial use also depends upon the water quality of your area because the water of different is contained different kinds of water impurities. Hence it demands the water purifier with various technology. For example, if your regular use of water includes a high concentration of the dissolved water impurities, then you need to install an RO water purifier. If your regular use of water includes a high level of biological contaminants, then you need to install a UV water purifier. In that situation, the water purifier machine for commercial purposes price also various.

  • The brands of the water purifier

The water purifier for commercial use price list also varies according to the brand of the water purifier. Many brands use the different spare part, which has different durability and different price. Hence the commercial RO spare parts price list also plays an essential role in the cost of the water purifier.

We deal with all kinds of commercial RO water purifiers in all the cities of India. You can also get in touch with us for the installation and other services of the water softener. The water softeners are available at the best commercial water softener price India.

Price of water purifier machine for commercial purposes

Sl. No.

Name of the commercial RO water system


Size(in litres)

Price(in Rs.)


Kent Pride RO+UF with TDS controller

Electrical purifier




HUL Pureit Advanced RO MF water purifier

Electrical purifier




Eureka Forbes Aquasure Xtra Tuff RO water purifier

Non-electrical purifier




Aquafresh Dolphin J14 RO water purifier

Electrical purifier




Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Enhance Green RO water purifier

Electrical purifier




Kent Ace RO water purifier

Electrical purifier




LG WW160EP RO water purifier

Electrical purifier




Kent Supreme RO water purifier

Electrical purifier




Kent Pearl Mineral RO+UV water purifier

Electrical purifier




AO Smith Z8 Green RO water purifier

Electrical purifier




Livpure Brahma Offline water purifier

Electrical purifier




Kent Diaphragm 100 RO water purifier

Electrical purifier




Midea MWPRO080AI6 RO water purifier

Electrical purifier




Kent Mini RO water purifier

Electrical purifier




Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Superb water purifier

Electrical purifier




Doctor Fresh Commercial RO Water Purifier Plant

Electrical purifier




Zero-B Intello Commercial RO Water Purifier

Electrical purifier




Wave Commercial RO Water Purifier Plant

Electrical purifier




Commercial RO

Electrical purifier




Commercial RO

Electrical purifier




Commercial Intello Zero-B RO

Electrical purifier




Commercial Skid Zero-B RO

Electrical purifier




Commercial RO

Electrical purifier




Commercial RO

Electrical purifier




Doctor Fresh Commercial RO Water Purifier Plant

Electrical purifier




Doctor Fresh Commercial RO Water Purifier Plant

Electrical purifier




Livpure i25 Commercial RO Water Purifier*

Electrical purifier




Livpure i25 Commercial RO Water Purifier*

Electrical purifier



Final Thoughts 

Water is one of the most vital elements which sustains life on this planet. Earth is the only planet where human and plant life exists, and the reason behind it is the presence of water. Water is required for every purpose, from drinking to bathing, we need water to perform every task of day-to-day life.

The maximum cover of the earth's total surface is occupied by water, but ironically humans have started facing the scarcity of water. Many countries suffer from massive water crises. The main reason behind this is the advancement in the life of human beings, which has affected the water quality severely. To meet the needs of clean drinking water, the idea of a water purifier is put to implementation. The commercial water purifier is used in huge industries, and compact water purifiers are used in households. Drinking healthy water is required to stay healthy.

Commercial water purifier plant is mainly used in the commercial sector to make the cleaning process of water convenient. As the commercial has a higher consumption of water, it becomes tough to treat the contaminated water with any other machine. To resolve this problem of large and small offices, the idea of a commercial water purifier machine is taken into practice.

The commercial water purifier systems are used in schools, hostels, offices, and various other places where there is a large number of people, and their high-volume drinking water demand is to be met. The commercial water plants are also used in hotels and restaurants as people visit these places frequently, and the concerned authority must provide clean and healthy drinking water to their customers.

Nowadays, there is a massive demand for commercial water purifiers from the schools as the number of students is high, and the school authorities take special care that the water students' drink from the water cooler is devoid of any contaminants.

Banks also use water purifiers to meet the demand for drinking water of the members working in the bank area. No doubt, people now have become more vigilant in context with the water they drink as there are lots of diseases that develop in human bodies due to the consumption of contaminated water.

The commercial water purifier cost a little bit higher as compared to the household water purifiers, but it is a kind of one-time investment, once the commercial water purifier is purchased then the authorities have to look to the proper, timely cleaning of the system to get the best results.

The commercial water purifier price list can be checked on the internet by visiting our website; it is always suggested to read the commercial water purifier systems reviews before you decide to purchase it. As you are going to make a significant investment, it is better to know about the working of the system in depth so that you don't regret your purchase afterward. You can also visit our website or can visit our office also to know the commercial water purifier price.


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