Sintex 375 Ltrs Loft Water Tank

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Introducing the Sintex 375 Ltrs Loft Water Tank, an innovative solution to store water in your home. This water tank is designed to be placed on the loft or overhead to utilize the space efficiently and to provide easy access to the water.

The Sintex 375 Ltrs Loft Water Tank is made of high-quality, food-grade plastic that is durable and long-lasting. The plastic is also UV stabilized, which ensures that the tank does not get damaged by the harmful rays of the sun.

This water tank has a capacity of 375 liters, making it perfect for small to medium-sized families. It is also lightweight, which makes it easy to install and relocate if needed. The compact design of the tank ensures that it does not take up too much space, making it ideal for homes with limited space.

The Sintex 375 Ltrs Loft Water Tank is designed to be leak-proof and comes with a secure lid to prevent any contamination of the stored water. The tank also has a threaded lid that allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

One of the unique features of this water tank is that it comes with a water level indicator that shows you exactly how much water is in the tank at any given time. This is a convenient feature that eliminates the need to climb up to the loft to check the water level manually.

Overall, the Sintex 375 Ltrs Loft Water Tank is a top-of-the-line water storage solution that provides exceptional quality, convenience, and durability. It's the perfect solution for those who want to store water efficiently and safely in their home.

Model IWS 37.01
Storage Capacity(LTRs) 375
Length (Inch) 49.6
Width (Inch) 37.7
Height (Inch) 13.9

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