LOGICWATER INDIA Water Cooler 60/120 Purifier, Electronic Water-Purifier

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Introducing the LOGICWATER INDIA Water Cooler 60/120 Purifier, an advanced water purification system designed to provide you with clean and refreshing drinking water. This high-performance water cooler is equipped with a powerful purification technology that effectively removes impurities, contaminants, and harmful chemicals from your tap water, ensuring that you and your family enjoy only the purest and freshest drinking water.

The LOGICWATER INDIA Water Cooler 60/120 Purifier features a sleek and modern design that seamlessly blends in with any office or home decor. With its easy-to-use interface, you can choose between different water dispensing options, including hot, cold, and room temperature water, perfect for making your favorite beverages or enjoying a refreshing glass of water on a hot summer day.

This innovative water cooler is designed to be energy-efficient, with a low power consumption of just 80 watts, making it an eco-friendly option for your home or office. It also features a noiseless operation, ensuring that you can enjoy pure, clean water without any disturbance.

The LOGICWATER INDIA Water Cooler 60/120 Purifier comes with a range of advanced features, including a smart LED display that shows the filter replacement status and alerts you when it's time to replace the filters. The purifier also has a high-capacity storage tank that can hold up to 60 or 120 liters of water, ensuring that you never run out of clean and refreshing drinking water.

Invest in the LOGICWATER INDIA Water Cooler 60/120 Purifier today and experience the convenience, efficiency, and purity of this advanced water purification system. Say goodbye to impurities and contaminants in your drinking water and hello to pure, fresh, and clean drinking water for you, your employees, or your loved ones. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your water is pure, safe, and healthy.

Water coolar purifier (ewp)electronic water purifier, cdi, the most advanced technology for water purification. Water recovery rate of 70-80% and tds reduction up to 80%. An eco-friendly next generation product.

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