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Doctor Fresh - Life Go

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The Doctor Fresh - Life Go water purifier is a Table top/ wall mount specially made for homely purpose as it is available in an electric model with below 7 LTR storage capacity, and maximum 12-15 LTR/HR water purification capacity. The RO model is made from food grade plastic and provides all-purpose water within a considerable pH range. The Doctor Fresh - Life Go water purifier cost is just Rs. 1,750/-, whether you can get it from online or offline mode.

Doctor Fresh alkaline water Bottle replenishes the purified water with additional minerals like calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium that helps to run the heart, brain and body to their fullest.

Technology Carbon + Alkaline Media
Purification Stage 4 Stage
Purification Capacity 16 L/Hour*
Storage Capacity 3.5 LTR
Tank Material Plastic Food Graded
Suitable for Water Source Tanker, Municipal Tap
Base Color Pink
Hight | Width | Depth 100 mm | 35 mm | 35 mm
Installation Type Handy
Products Certification ISO, NSF, WQA
Warranty Self
ITDS controller  
IOT (Internet of Things)  
Indicators for filter change  
Retains Essential Minerals - Yes/No  
Digital Display - Yes/No  
Advanced UV lamp  
Weight -
Power Consumption -
UV Lamp Power -

Attribute :
  • Technology
    • RO
  • Purification Type
    • Non-Electrical
  • Capacity
    • Below 7 LTR
  • Power Consumption
  • UV Lamp Power
  • Height
  • Width
  • Depth
  • Item Weight
  • Features
  • Installation Type
    • Table Top
  • Tank Material
    • ABS Plastic
  • Base Color
    • Pink
  • No. of Stage Purification
    • 4 Stage
  • Purification Capacity (L/H*- L/M*)
    • 12-15 L/Hour*
  • Water Source
    • Municipal Water
    • Multiple Sources
    • Ground Water
    • Tanker Water
  • Country of Origin
    • India
  • Warranty
  • Certification
    • ISO
    • NSF
    • WAQ

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