Doctor Fresh 1000 LPH RO Plant - Gold (RO+UV+IRON Removal+TDS Infuser+PSS)

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The Doctor Fresh 1000 LPH RO Plant - Gold is a high-performance water purification system that is designed to provide clean and safe drinking water for homes, offices, and commercial spaces. With its advanced filtration technologies and efficient performance, this RO plant is the perfect solution for anyone who wants access to clean and safe drinking water.

The Doctor Fresh 1000 LPH RO Plant - Gold features a 5-stage water purification process that includes RO, UV, Iron Removal, TDS Infuser, and PSS (Pressure Sand Filter). The RO technology removes dissolved impurities and salts, while the UV technology kills bacteria and viruses. The Iron Removal technology removes any iron present in the water, while the TDS Infuser adds essential minerals back into the water, making it healthy and tasty. The PSS technology removes any sand, dirt, or sediment present in the water, ensuring that you get clean and safe drinking water.

This RO plant is designed for efficient and reliable performance, with a capacity of 1000 liters per hour. It is made from high-quality materials and is easy to install and operate. The system also comes with a large storage tank that can hold up to 500 liters of purified water, ensuring that you always have access to clean and safe drinking water.

The Doctor Fresh 1000 LPH RO Plant - Gold also comes with a range of advanced features, including an LED display that shows the status of the purification process, an auto shut-off feature that ensures that the purifier stops working when the storage tank is full, and a filter change alert that notifies you when it’s time to replace the filters.

With its advanced filtration technology and convenient features, the Doctor Fresh 1000 LPH RO Plant - Gold is a reliable and efficient solution for your drinking water needs. Whether you’re looking to provide clean and safe water for your family, office, or commercial space, this RO plant is sure to deliver the performance and quality you need.

Doctor Fresh 1000 LPH RO Plant - Gold (RO+UV+IRON Removal+TDS Infuser+PSS), a 7 stage water purification RO plant that is made to deliver a 1000 LPH in an automatic operation. The RO plant model is available in wall mount and counter top models and has anti-bacteria, silver dose, taste enhancer, and activated carbon filter for the post water treatment. We also offer an inexpensive and affordable 1000 LPH RO Plant cost of Rs. 2,25,000/- only with an assured after-installation warranty.

Item Quantity
Technology RO, UV, IRON Removal, TDS Infuser, PSS
SS Skid (Horizontal Box Frame )  1
RWP Pump 1
Vessel 13 x 54 FRP 2
Sand As Per Requirement
Carbon As Per Requirement
Big Blue Filter 2
20" 4.5 DIA Housing 2
High-Pressure Pump 1
MEM Housing 8 x 40” FRP 2
Flow Meter 2
Pressure Gauge 2
Low-pressure Switch & High-Pressure Switch  1
LCD Control Panel Yes
RO Membrane 40 × 40 4
Dosing Pump 1
Piping for Complete Plant (SS) 1 Set

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