Best Water Purifier In Gurgaon in 2023

With 50+ brands and 1000+ purifier models in Gurgoan's market, finding a water purifier that can meet your expectation is pretty changeling in 2023.

But Don’t worry

Here we have listed the 15 best purifiers for homes in Gurgaon that you can consider buying in 2023.

To bring this list every year, our experts do deep research on Gurgaon’s water quality, purification technology, brands available in Gurgaon, price of the cleaner, and many other factors.

List Of Best Water Purifier In Gurgaon 2023

Our expert team has brought the list of these below-tabulated water purifiers list this year

Water Purifier Name



Kent Grand Star

RO+UV+UF+TDS Control

Rs. 20,400/-

Aquaguard Enhance


Rs. 21,500/-

Doctor Fresh Life Protector Plus

RO+UV+TDS Infuser

Rs. 12,500/-

Livpure Zinger Smart

Copper RO+UV+UF+Mineraliser

Rs. 16,500/-

Pureit Ultima


Rs. 22,999/-

Doctor Fresh Life Star


Rs. 8,000/-

Kent Max


Rs. 9,100/-

Aquaguard Classic


Rs. 11,200/-

PureIt Ultima


Rs. 19,499/-

Livpure Glitz Water Purifier (UV+UF)


Rs. 7,490/-

Kent Gold Plus


Rs. 3,2500/-

Doctor Fresh Essential

Life Essential

Rs. 2,600/-

Livpure Brahma Gravity

Gravity Based

Rs. 1,740/-

Aquasure Amrit

Gravity Based

Rs. 2,350/-

Prestige Copper Tattva

Gravity Based

Rs. 3,750/-


We hope the above-listed purifier will meet your requirements.

Best Water Purifier For Home In Gurgaon 2023

To make your search easy, we have categorized these cleaners based on their features and technology. These categories are

#1. RO Water Purifier

An RO water purifier uses a semi-permeable membrane to eliminate the contamination present in the water. Although this technology-based purifier eliminates all sorts of contamination, it is mostly used in those areas where the TDS concentration is higher than microbial contamination in water.

Here is the list of the 5 best RO water purifiers, you can buy for your home in 2023.

  1. Kent Star
  2. Aquaguard Enhance
  3. Doctor Fresh Life Protector Plus
  4. Livpure Ginger Plus
  5. Pureit Ultima

#2. UV Water Purifier

Ultra Filtration technology-based water purifiers eliminate microbial contamination from the water. The UV rays used in the UV water purifier kill or suspend the growth of the microbes; as a result, water gets free from microbial contamination. This purifier only deals with the microbial contaminant, so mostly used in those are where only microbial contamination is present in water.

  1. Doctor Fresh Life Star
  2. Kent Maxx
  3. Aquaguard Classic
  4. Pureit Mar UV6000L Refresh
  5. Livpure Glitz Water Purifier (UV+UF)

#3. Gravity Water Purifier

A gravity technology-based purifier doesn’t require electricity; thus, it is suitable for those places where people have electricity and power cut issues. Below is a list of the few best gravity-based water purifiers list which you can consider buying for your house in Gurgaon this year.

  1. Kent Gold Plus
  2. Doctor Fresh Essential
  3. Livpure Brahma Gravity
  4. Aquasure Amrit
  5. Prestige Copper Tattva

The above-listed water purifier can meet the requirement of Gurgaon residents. Depending on your regularly used water and your requirement, you can buy any of the above-listed water purifiers. But in case you find any difficulty or need any clarification, then RO Care India’s service center executive will guide you properly.

Community Talks
Mohit Tuesday: 02:59 PM | 03/05/2022
Is Doctor Fresh Life Veda water purifier suitable for water having TDS 400 ppm?
Prakash Tuesday: 03:03 PM | 03/05/2022
Yes, Doctor Fresh Life Veda water purifier is based on the RO+UV+UF+TDS Infuser +ME+AS+Alkaline thus it is suitable for all kinds of water sources.
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