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MF in water purifier stands for Micro-filtration, and it is a membrane-based technology used to purify the water. MF technology-based purifier is as similar as UF water purifier and RO water purifier in function.

So, now you know the full form of MF in a water purifier. Right?

If you are searching for the full form of MF in a water purifier, then it is Micro Filtration, as we have discussed in the above section, but if you're here to learn what is MF in a water purifier in detail, then guys, read this article till the end.

Yes, because here in this article, we will be discussing the basics to advance the concept of what is MF in a water purifier. Moreover, discussing basic concepts, we will elaborate on the difference between MF, UF, and RO technology. And in the end, we will list a few best water purifiers based on the MF technology.

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A Water Purifier Is An Advance Water Purification System That Smoothly Eliminate The Contamination Present In The Water. To Provide The Clean Drinking Water, Various, Technology-Based Purifiers Are Available In The Indian Market.

In the Indian market, RO, UV, and UF technology-based purifier is much popular. And the reason is that these purifiers eliminate all the contamination. If your regular used water is highly contaminated, then CLICK ON RO water purifier, UV water purifier and UF water purifier, depending upon your needs.

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So, now without wasting a single second, Let’s discuss MF or Micro-Filtration.

MF Is Water Purification Technology That Stands For Micro-Filtration. Like RO & UF, It Is Also A Membrane Based Purification Technology That's Pore Size Is 0.1µm. MF Technology-Based Purifier Eliminates Bacteria, Dirt, Mud, & Other Visible Contaminant From The Water.

The information mentioned above is the basic information about the MF in a water purifier. Now we will be discussing the working of MF in a water purifier.

How Does MF Water Purifier Work?

In the MF based purifier, water is allowed to move through a semi-permeable membrane with several pores of size 0.1 µm. However, these pores are slightly bigger. Thus, it only eliminates bacteria, dust, and other visible contamination from the water.

When the water flows through the MF membrane, it traps the contaminant and only allows water to pass through it. This is how MF technology-based purifier eliminates contamination from the water and brings clean water.

We hope this information will work for you. Here is the complete information about the MF in a water purifier. Now let's surmise the whole information about What Is MF In a Water purifier. Below we have tabulated the complete information regarding MF in a water purifier.

The pore size of the membrane used in MF water purifier is 0.1 µm

An MF technology-based purifier does not require electricity

It eliminates the bacteria from the water

An MF technology-based purifier can work at a normal tap water pressure

It doesn't eliminate dissolved salts & harmful metals

An MF technology-based purifier don't wastewater

We hope this information has clear all your doubts about what is MF in a water purifier, but you still need any help, do contact our specialist @92-688-87770. The service executive available here always help you with the proper solution regarding all kinds of water purifier needs and quires.

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