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The new NF-370-Nano PLUS Mineral Water Filtration System

In Alkaline Water Ionizer Nano filtration provides great quality of filtration for drinking water at home leaving a good amount of the minerals that are naturally present in the water while addressing harmful substances and it has been redesigned to provide you not only with the same great filtration as our previous model but also it has been improved with all quick connect water connections for easier installation and the new twist lock technology for simpler service allowing just about anyone to replace the filters leaving little to no mess in the process.

There are hundreds of toxins and poisons in the water that standard water filters cannot address and until now health conscious people were left with only two choices: distillation and reverse osmosis (RO). RO is by far the most common choice of filtration out of the two but there are problems with the process and resulting water such as excessive waste of water and the fact that the water is completely free of minerals (that help keep the water with a neutral or slightly alkaline pH) causing the water to become acid. The Chanson Alkaline water Ionizer Nano Plus provides a solution to this filtration dilemma wasting much less water than the RO system in the process and allowing a good amount of the good to remain in the water (pH and mineral content left will depend on the initial pH and initial amount of minerals in the source water).

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