Excel Water softener Salt Tablets

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Benefit of the Salt Tablet

Purity: for high-capacity regeneration and long softener life

Solubility: No residue in the salt-dissolving container

Shape: No salt clumping in the salt- dissolving container

Stability: No buildup of salt sediment in the brine tank due to a stable form and low ratio of fine particles 

Function of the Salt Tablet

Salt tablets not only are an important operating material for the regeneration of your water softener, but they also have influence on function and service life of the device.

How works in a water softener how well your water softener works does not depend just on the reliability of the technician who advises you.

Your water softener's performance is significantly influenced by the quality of the salt used for regeneration. So make the right decision.


Water softening plants

Cleaning systems 

The manufacture of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics Laundries


Restaurants and Hotels.

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Yes you can use it in all ro , ionexchange plants , water softener available in market.

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