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Zero B Purifiers: the brand that you can trust!

Water Purifier Zero B belongs to Ion Exchange (India) Ltd that has been a reputed name in the industry for break-through innovations of RO technology. In the water purifier industry, Zero B has put forth its excellent range of products. Zero B RO water purifier features nothing but a quality product. All its products are crafted with care and attention that gives an ultimate solution for your kitchen décor and the water centered problems. Apart from purifiers, another quality product of Zero B is water softener. They are highly pocket-friendly and reliable also. The company has facilitated the online purchasing service of its water softer. So you don't need to hit for,  how to recharge Zero B water softener?

How is Zero B water purifier the one that you should trust?

Zero B creates enough transparency for its customers that they can easily judge the product. All of its products come with USEPA/IS standards and tested by several laboratories across the globe. Zero B offers two types of service contracts: AMC and ACMC. In AMC services are free of cost except for the charges for the parts while ACMC is the extended contract that allows customers to provide the charges for consumables after getting a discount of up to 10%.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.          What is the difference between RO UV and Zero B Purifier?

No doubt, Zero B is a brand product. RO stands for reverse osmosis that utilizes RO membrane. The RO membranes physically filter-out all the germs and viruses that affect the quality of water while UV system uses ultraviolet rays to paralyze the bacteria and viruses. But this technique is not fully adequate as it only paralysis the germs. Zero B encourages multi-stage purification systems that not only let the germs to filter out but also maintains the taste of water. Most of its products come with 4-6 purification levels that purify the water to its fullest!

2.  Comparison of zero b water purifier vs Kent

  • Zero B emerald vs Kent pearl

In contrast the latter one, Zero B Emerald possess detachable and automatic tank with level control features. It comes with an LED indicator for water level and tank getting filled. The one-year warranty and seven stages of purification are the best features to count. The Wall-mounted system makes you free from occupying extra space in the kitchen area.

  • Zero B eco RO vs Kent RO

Zero B Eco RO is mostly compared with Kent Supreme. Both utilize RO, UV, pre-filter purification and silver impregnated activated carbon purification techniques. Wall mounted structure of Zero B Eco RO comes with 6 liters of storage and 8 stages of purification level. The zero b purifier is equipped with bacteriostatic activated carbon that prevents bacterial growth, and at a further level, the bacteria are removed.

The best way to have a good deal is to look for the model online and ask for the same on local shops. The things to look for are the model’s features, price, and techniques. The most comparable brands are:

  • zero b vs kent vs aquaguard

Zero B Aquaguard and Kent: all three are top companies dealing with purification systems. Zero B focuses on UV and RO techniques while Aquaguard of Eureka Forbes utilizes the individual technologies like UV, UF, RO or even combinations. Kent RO is another leading company in the row. Its production facilities come with ISO, CE and NSF Certified. Eureka Forbes Zero B, Kent, AO Smith, LG, Pureit, etc. are among the top manufacturers of purification system!

  • zero b vs pureit

HUL Pureit Ultima RO + UV and Zero B Eco RO both are wall mounted and storage type water purifier.  The former one filters water with 6 stages of purification level while the latter one utilizes 8 steps. Both are equipped with UV and RO technology. And the best feature of Zero B Eco RO to count is its capability to keep the tank water fresh for a week.

  • zero b vs aquaguard

Aquaguard comes with big set up in small plastic cylindrical material. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Total Sensa and Zero B Eco RO both involve RO, UV techniques, pre-filter purification and come with 8 stages of purification level. Zero B Eco RO possesses a storage capacity of 6 liters while Aquaguard Total Sensa possesses 9.5 liters of storage capacity.

  • kent grand plus vs zero b pristine
Both are storage type purifiers with pre-filtration purification and RO technology. The product of Zero B uses 7 stages of filtration while Kent grand plus possesses 3 stages of purification. Kent grand plus maintain UV fail alarm and filter change signal with TDS controller during Zero B Pristine coverts salty water to pure water and free excess of microbes and odor.

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