RO Service Kit: Your Solution for RO System Maintenance Keep your RO water purifier at its best with the RO Service Kit. It includes everything you need for easy maintenance, ensuring clean and pure water for you and your family. Order now and experience hassle-free RO system care.

Regular RO Servicing in India Helps To

  • Minimize Breakdowns and Reduce Repair Expenses
  • Keep Your Water Purifier as Good as New
  • Ensure Clean, Pure and Healthy Drinking Water

Trusted Water Purifier Service in India for Repairs and Maintenance

  • High-Quality Water Purifier Repairs
  • Experienced Service Engineers
  • 30-day warranty on spare parts
  • Genuine RO Membrane and RO Filters Used
  • Water Purifier AMC (Annual Maintenance) Plans Available
  • 15-day warranty on service
Water Purifier Servicing & Repairs Plans

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RO Routine Service

Thorough inspection and repair of your RO for issues like leakage, less water flow, dirty/smelly water etc.


RO Repair Service

Cleaning of filters, water tank and outer body for smooth functioning of your RO water purifier and changing required spare parts at extra cost.


RO Installation

Water Purifier Installation by Our Expert Technician


RO Uninstallation

Water Purifier Uninstallation by Our Expert Technician


Book AMC Plans

AMC Plan - 1

Annual maintenance plan for your RO covering 3-4 routine services.


AMC Plan - 2

Annual maintenance plan for your RO covering routine services and filters.


AMC Plan - 3

Annual maintenance plan for your RO covering routine services and electrical parts.


AMC Plan - 4

Annual maintenance plan for your RO covering routine services, filters and membrane.


AMC Plan - 5

Annual maintenance plan for your RO covering routine services, filters, membrane and electric parts.


AMC Plan - 6

Annual maintenance plan for your RO covering routine services, filters, membrane, electric parts and faulty parts.


Why Choose RO Care India

Happiness Guarantee

Verified Professionals
Insured Work
Re-work Assurance
On-Time Support
Covid-19 Safety

Choose The Best RO Service Kit For Your Family Today

You do so much for your family every day. You make sure they have good clothes to wear, good food to eat, and a good life at all times. So why should you not care about the water they drink? Well, if you were looking for an "RO service kit near me", your search ends right here. Welcome to†RO Care India, the No. 1 company for RO service kits.

Get in touch with us by calling us at our phone number 9268887770 today. We are the most well-renowned company for Kent RO service kits and we proudly service all RO brands in India.

Quality RO Service Kits on Offer

At RO Care India, we have made it our business to ensure that India gets the best drinking water at all times. That is why our Kent RO service kit price is reasonable so everyone can have access to it. Get your family quality drinking water and your employees the same by choosing us for our service and maintenance as far as your RO machine is concerned. No matter where you are located, contact us at RO Care India today.

No. 1 Kent RO Service Kits

Call us at 9268887770 today for a high-quality Kent RO complete service kit. This is the only kit you will need to be assured that your Kent RO machine is working just fine.

It will include everything, from filters, membranes and other spare parts you need for quality RO machine repair and service. When you choose our Kent RO water filter purifier complete service kit, you get pre-filters that will be needed at the time of service.

Kent RO filter service kit is also going to include 4 free services from us at RO Care India at regular intervals. Our Kent RO Grand Plus service kit is an excellent choice if that is the model of your particular machine. You can get in touch with our customer service representative to know more about the Kent RO repair kit today at 9268887770.

We can assure you that our RO service kit for Kent is the best choice all around if you possess a machine from brand.

Best-in-Class LG water purifier service Kit

LG RO is a top brand in India as far as water purifier systems are concerned. It is a name people trust. That is why Dr LG RO Magna HD RO+UV service kit from RO Care India is the one you must choose for quality service at all times. This includes everything you need to make sure your machine is working in full swing and you donít have anything to worry about.

The world-class LG RO Reviva Nxt RO+UV+MTDS service kit we have on offer ensures that your fantastic LG RO machine keeps working properly by changing filters and more from time to time. Our professional technicians are going to come and do the needful. Their LG RO service kit is top-grade and includes everything you may need for quality repair and service.

Call us at our phone number 9268887770 today for a high-quality LG RO Superb RO+UV+UF+TDS service kit.

Why Choose PureIt RO Service Kit?

If you are wondering whether the PureIt Classic RO+MF service kit is going to be a good idea for you, then the answer is yes. If you have a PureIt RO machine, choosing us as your service provider can be a great idea. This is because not only do we have the PureIt Classic RO+MF service kit available with us, but our professional technicians also know every part of the machines of this brand.

PureIt RO machines are known for their affordable pricing and good quality, and hence they find pride of place in many homes and businesses across India. Make sure yours serves you for many years by choosing the best service from us. Do give us a call at 9268887770 today and learn more about it. You will be surprised by how wonderful our customer support executives are.

Excellent Livpure RO Service Kit in India

Livpure is a fantastic brand in India known for its great products at great price points. Many Indians opt for this company after seeing ads on television and in the online space. If you too have made the choice and got a Livpure RO machine for your home, then getting assured service, repair, and maintenance of your product must be crucial to you.

Call us today for the Livpure RO service kit price on our phone number. At RO Care India, this is what we give you when you buy a service kit of the brand from us:

  • Pre-filters and membranes
  • All spare parts
  • Completion of service requests

Quality Service and Repair in India are a Call Away

Now you donít need to wait to call us. At RO Care India, we are available at our phone number 9268887770 today and we can make sure that the work gets done on time. Hereís what a well-maintained RO machine is going to bring to you:

  • Good Health: There should be no compromise with drinking water when it comes to you and your family. Good drinking water is needed to ensure that your familyís health is not affected negatively. Water is such an important element that needs to go into our bodies and if it is not of good quality, then it will start affecting the internal organs in no time.

Protect yourself and your family by giving it an RO service kit for Kent today. Call us at RO Care India at 9268887770 today and book yourself a service kit.

  • Worry-Free Living: Every day you wake up, you need water to hydrate your body. You donít want to be worried about the quality of water that goes inside you! That is why you need an RO service kit near me to make sure that you get the best water money can buy. Once you have got an RO machine, a service kit will ensure that you get clean drinking water at all times throughout the day.
  • Best for Babies: Has your family welcomed a new member recently? Well, newborns, babies, and toddlers need high-quality water at all times. If they are not given that, it can cause serious health ailments you donít want to think about. Protect the health of the young ones in your family by getting the Kent RO service kit today by calling on 9268887770!
  • No Breakdowns: Can you imagine your water purifier breaking down one fine day without any hint beforehand? That could mean everyone having to do without clean drinking water. That is why we recommend getting the LG RO service kit today and ensuring that you never have to face any breakdowns. Your RO machine will keep working because our professional technicians are going to ensure it.

Why Should You Choose Our Ro Service Kit for KJent?

Many things are great about RO Care India and the most important ones are mentioned below:

All Brands: We not just provide Havells water purifier service kit, but all other brands too. No matter what the make and model of your RO machine is, you can be assured that our technicians have the expertise and know-how to service and repair it. We deal with and handle all brands available in India so there is nothing for you to worry about!

Pan-India Service: With an affordable LG RO service kit price, our pan-India services are certainly worth a look. Whether you are getting relocated to a different place due to a new job or you are going into a new house in the same city, our pan-India services mean there is nothing for you to worry about as far as RO machine repairing and servicing are concerned. Just call our customer support executive at 9268887770 to set up your scheduled service appointment. Our professional technician will reach your property at the time allotted and do the work.

Best Workmanship and Professionalism: Our technicians are fully trained and educated about all brands and make of RO machines and hence they are wonderful at what they do. You can expect excellent workmanship from them at all times. When you book a PureIt RO service kit from us at RO Care India, you get excellent work as well.

Affordable Service†Kits in India: As you know very well, India is a price-conscious nation. Indians know the value of money and would rather not spend more than is necessary. That is another reason why you should choose our very affordable Livpure RO service kit. It is made available to you at a great price point and has everything you need to get started. Choose us and you will never go anywhere else.

We are waiting for your call on our phone number 9268887770 today!

Your RO machine is something that gives you clean drinking water, whether it is in your home or elsewhere. Donít ignore its service and maintenance at all. Instead, always choose RO Care India for service excellence every time. We are the ones to trust for Dr LG RO Magna HD RO+UV service kit and everything else regarding water purifier systems in India. Get in touch with our customer support executive today by calling on 9268887770. RO Care India truly cares!

Frequently Asked Questions

An RO service kit is a set of essential components and consumables required for the regular maintenance and servicing of a Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifier system.

An RO service kit usually includes replacement filters, such as sediment filter, carbon filter, and membrane, along with O-rings, lubricants, and other necessary accessories needed for the maintenance of the RO system.

It is recommended to use an RO service kit at least once a year or as per the manufacturer's guidelines. However, the frequency may vary depending on the quality of the water and the usage of the RO system.

Regular maintenance and replacement of filters are crucial for the proper functioning and efficiency of an RO system. An RO service kit ensures that you have all the necessary components to keep your RO system in optimal condition, resulting in clean and healthy drinking water.

It is recommended to purchase an RO service kit from the same brand or authorized suppliers of your RO system. This ensures that you receive genuine and compatible components for your specific model, maintaining the warranty and performance of your system.

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