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An Overview About R. K Aquafresh

RK Aquafresh or R.K Aquafresh is a fast emerging brand of water purifiers. R K Aquafresh is slowly identifying the market here in India and setting up their significance. The price of R K Aquafresh India has been set up to suit the needs of the middle-class Indian family. Thus, the company is finding it easier to sell its products here. RK Aquafresh India Delhi is one of the leading centers of this company, and a massive chunk of it operates from there.

RK aqua fresh or R.K. Aquafresh India swift can also be check online and is available at the best price at our e-commerce site.

Why buy R. K. R O aqua fresh online?

Buying R.K. Aquafresh India zx14 stage offline is fine but buying it online has its own added advantages. Buying anything online reduces the price of the product because of the deduction of the cost of the showroom and other additional expenses from the price of the product. These overheads are usually added to the amount of the product by the shopkeeper. When we buy an R.K. Aqua fresh india az-14 stage transparent storage ro uv uf minerals ro water purifier online, we are usually paying lesser than we have if we would have bought it from a physical shop.

Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) Water Purifier

We have talked about R.K. aqua fresh India swiftss and R O Aquafresh, but we are yet to understand what it is all about. There are a few terms that we must know before delving deep into water purifiers. These are terms like RO, UV, UF, TDS, etc. The table given below explains these terms.

S.L. No.

Short form

Full form

RK Aquafresh RO system Description



Total Dissolved Solids

TDS or Total Dissolved Solids indicate the number of dissolved impurities that are present in tap water. The pollutants can be anything from salts to chloride. These tiny solid particles dissolve seamlessly in water and can prove to be quite harmful to babies, infants, children, old people, and pregnant women. This can be quite harmful to everyone drinking this water.



Reverse Osmosis

RO or Reverse Osmosis is probably the term that we will be using the most often. Reverse osmosis is the modern technology that uses partially permeable membranes to filter the impurities. This technology uses high pressure to separate the dissolved contaminants from water. Almost all water purifiers use this technology today.




This technology uses ultraviolet radiations to purify water. It removes the particles in water that cannot be seen or dissolve in water and cannot be separated in any other ways.




Another technology that is being used regularly in the world of water purifiers. UF or ultrafiltration membranes have pores that filter out the impurities from water. It can remove the smallest of the microorganisms from water and can also work without electricity.

Since we know now what these terms mean, we can safely proceed with RK Aqua fresh India.

More about U.F. water purifiers:

  • UF, as mentioned above in the table, stands for ultrafiltration. This technology is becoming popular with every passing day. R.K. aqua fresh India has also incorporated this ultrafiltration technology in its domain of water purifiers. We already know what it is, but to proceed, we must even know a few of its advantages.
  • UF can remove the tiniest impurity: Well, this is true. You can throw in some muddy water into a UF water purifier, and it will come off as perfectly drinkable. Such is the power of ultrafiltration.
  • UF can work without electricity: The pores govern the work of UF in an ultrafiltration membrane. Thus, unlike a lot of other water purifiers, it does not require power to work.

RK aquafresh ro system in India is increasingly incorporating this technology into their products, while still keeping the average cost low.

Gravity-based water purifiers

The technology of gravity-based water purifiers facilitates ultrafiltration. Instead, UF incorporates the usage of gravity based technology to work. The impurities settle down due to gravity and then they are extracted using the pores in the filters. RK aqua fresh RO is now using these techniques to manufacture their products, thus pulling in people to their brand.

What is R.K. Aquafresh Swift?

R.K. Aqua fresh India swiftss is a water purifier model from the R. K. Group of companies dealing in water purifiers. This purifier uses the RO or the reverse osmosis technology, alongside the UV and UF or the ultraviolet and ultrafiltration technologies, respectively. The company gives its customers a warranty on RK Aquafresh India swift plus. This RK aquafresh RO is available online on all the leading e-commerce sites several e-commerce. This storage RO, UV, UF minerals RO water purifier is priced in a way to help customers who have a low budget. RK aquafresh swift is gaining a firm footing here in India with its average price around 4,500 rupees online.

R.K Aquafresh India Swift Plus

R.K. Aquafresh R.O. keeps getting better and better at manufacturing their products. This one, too, has RO, UV, UF technologies running in the background. This is one of RK aqua fresh India AZ- 14 stage transparent water purifiers. This is yet another series of products from RK enterprises aquafresh that is in high demand in the market. It is considered to be the big brother of the previous model and is one of the best models to be a part of R.K. aqua fresh India.

The price point of R.K. Aquafresh R.O. system is not too much and is within the standard range. However, there are additional charges with this also as is with other water purifiers in the market. The customer will have to purchase an AMC or an Annual Maintenance Contract that states the terms and conditions for the repair and replacement of the purifier. However, RK aquafresh installation charges are to be paid by the customer separately.

R. K. Aquafresh India zx14 stage Water Purifier

Here is yet another model of water purifiers from the R.K. Enterprises. This one uses RO + UV + UF + TDS. technology. Thus, it is one of the most popular ranges of water purifiers from this company. RK Aquafresh India zx14 stage is taking a stronghold in the Indian market and is setting up its roots here. R K Aqua fresh or RK Aquafresh India zx14stage is increasingly becoming popular with the Indian crowds.

RK Enterprises is known to have a wide variety of products including variants of RK Aquafresh India 16ltrs Gravity Based water purifiers. Another product of the company is the RK aquafresh India novo advanced. This one is a little more expensive than the other water purifiers we have discussed above. However, it is also a better option to buy since it provides better purification and value for money.  The RK Aquafresh net price that the customer pays is not much, and that is a factor that has made it one of the leading water purifier brands in the country.

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