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Best Techniques And Importance of Purified Drinking Water

Water purification is a process of getting rid of unwanted chemicals, solid particles (suspended solids) and, gases from water. Its main goal is to make water suitable for a specific purpose that is drinking water. Water purification not just done for drinking water but many other reasons too. It includes medical, chemical, pharmacological, and, industrial purposes. Substantial metal lead and copper are dangerous if consumed over time, causes brain damage and stomach distress.

In simple words, water purification is a process of removing contaminants from raw water to produce drinking water that is pure enough for drinking and industrial use. Many pollutants are harmful for human consumption such as parasites, bacteria, algae, viruses, etc. Some of the impurities are removed to improve the quality and taste of water. Reverse Osmosis water purification system is also one of the simplified water purification process used in almost every house.

Purified water reduces the risks of getting seriously or frequently ill for the human population. It usually processed through groundwater or tap water. The World Health Organization (WHO) studies that over 2.1 billion lack access to purified drinking water (safe). Some conventional methods to treat water into cleaning are sedimentation, coagulation & flocculation, filtration, and, disinfection. In many countries, tap water is filtered by the government for human consumption.

Some Water Purification Techniques and Importance

Water purification improves water quality for human consumption. The purification process reduces the impurity from water such as suspended solids, fungi, and other pollutants from drinking water. Here are some water purification techniques and importance for such a procedure.

Some Water Purification Techniques

1.       Reverse Osmosis Purification

RO purification is widely known and used technique around the houses. Reverse osmosis water purification unit uses membrane technology to remove dissolved salts, pollutants, and bacteria from drinking water. It creates a sustainable source of drinking water, desalinates salt from ocean water. Countries with a shortage of water can benefit and have water purified by reverse osmosis.

2.       Ultra-Filtration Purification

UF purification devices are used to recycle and reuse water contains no possible physical solids. UF uses a variety of membrane filtration in which pressure and concentration lead to a separation through the semipermeable membrane. It does not require chemicals, its constant product quality, 90-100% removal of the pathogen. Recycled water used in several industrial uses like manufacturing, toilet flushing, concrete mixing, and much more.

3.       Ultraviolet Purification

Ultraviolet purification is also known as e-boiling. This method is most famous for its disinfecting bacteria from water. UV ray destroys harmful pathogens and microorganisms from water that causes illness. It is 99% effective, chemical-free, environment-friendly, reliable, safe, and cost-effective. UV purification process does no longer waste any water. Now UV and reverse osmosis (RO) purification water filters are provided by many purifier companies.

4.       Candle Filter Purification

It's far a system that has been around ages; you can say it is one of the oldest of its kind. These filters use a ceramic exterior to filter out the matter, rust and, sediment from drinking impure water. They now came with an internal activated carbon which helps in removing contaminants from water. This process is similar to Earth’s natural filtration, and similarly, in this procedure, a ceramic filter pushes water through another ceramic filter.

5.       Activated Carbon Filter Purification

Water purifier, which comes with activated carbon filters, can remove chemicals like chlorine, pesticides, sediments and, other contaminants from your drinking water. It also removes taste and odour and produces clean drinking water for your house. It is also not very effective in eliminating microbes from water. Its size is its great benefit, which consists of a single unit.

Importance of Purification in Life

1.       Lower Cancer Risks

We all know contaminated water can be dangerous on many levels. Cancer is one where it creates itself from impure water. Toxic materials in pollutant water increase the possibility of some disease. By using the purification as mentioned above technique, you can prevent it.

2.       Reduction in Chlorine Level

Chlorine in drinking water increases higher range of diseases such as risks of cancer, congenital disabilities, cardiovascular problems, and, asthma. Using purification methods which helps with this issue can help in ridding of chlorine in drinking water.

3.       Lower Bacteria Levels

Bacteria such as E. Colli can cause danger to health. Thinking bacteria might cause slight migraine, but for children, it is much more harmful than it looks. It lowers the immunity level in children and older people, which can be dangerous.

Ask yourself these questions, “how often do you check the purity of your drinking water,” “the importance of purified drinking water.” Purification of water is essential on so many levels. We can see through reports that any uses reverse osmosis water purification procedure, and it helps to on an extent level. Water purification is not a waste of money but an assurance that you can secure your health from contaminated water.

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